And the Praying Sense becomes Universe when it expresses itself beyond the practitioner; when the prayer one contemplates itself in... its special position, but referring to all the other positions that it can imagine, that it can know.

It is not exactly about comparison, but... rather –in the Prayerful Sense- to situate ourselves in reference to all living things... so that the individual consciousness thus feels in communion... with the environment; it does not claim positions of privilege; it sets aside the demands... for power, influence and domination.

Today, the human species transits in the Mystery of Life, with an infinite plurality of attitudes, gestures, promotions, provocations, ignorance, achievements and... forgetfulness;  if we had –under the Praying Sense-... if we had to unify all this infinite complex of living, we would say that we are kidnapped by habits, customs, obligations, impositions, abductions, persecutions...; in this halo of justice that pursues us with a constant threat; in this responding with lies, holding out information when telling something... under the individual criteria; kidnapped by a selfish, partisan, sectarian evolution.

And it is not a question of describing all of this as "bad", since that would force us to look for "good". And in proportion, the good would be very scarce.

Overcoming dichotomy, overcoming duality, the being must position itself  based on recognising its resources... its capabilities... its sincere alliances.

And to contemplate... to contemplate that environment of which we are not strangers, but we also form an environment in relation to others.

 This is usually forgotten.

And with its oblivion, it extols self-prominence, individualism, demands, and provocation.

Knowing that we are an environment, we need to express our potential, our possibilities, our resources...; so that, to that extent, we can be a reference for others. And we could be a facilitating, supportive, caring, generous environment...

And in this kidnaping in which the environment and evolution have placed us... we look at those in pain: at those in pain who have been arrested, at those in pain who are hospitalised, at those in pain who have been treated; at those who have painfully passed away…; at the painfully persecuted, at the criticised, at the... punished.

And these multitude of images appear... in which living is identified with pain.

And we are not exempt from it...

And since we are not exempt, we must be permanent reasons –as an environment- not to be inducers, provocateurs and generators of pain...

However, one must never fall... into the blackmail of those who claim, ask and demand... and if they do not receive, they grieve, feel hurt, and grumble... and thus the being is prevented from projecting its identity.

And that pain of clamour that sounds... that sounds with silences, with news, with stories... must have a priority in our prayerful listening, in our Prayerful Call.

And in that sense, the prayer one becomes an offering, a resource and a means, an environment... in order –as an offering- to gratify, position and show itself without pain, without sorrow. But in order to do so, each being must purify himself, be sincere in what comes, knowing that each insincerity or concealment means a darkening of the light, an incipient blindness.

When the being is promoted in this way, it becomes transparent, it becomes calm, it becomes serenity, it becomes relief…

Otherwise, it becomes dark, grey, brown... It loses its transparency. And it becomes hidden, taking advantage of the Mystery.

The consciousness of Universe turns us into prisons, hospitals, armies, battles, persecutions, interrogations, punishments, and judges... And feeling ourselves in all these, we promote our resource; we announce our filiation with the Creator Mystery; we develop the right attitude... for relief, consolation, calmness, the dissolution of the pain.

Yes; perhaps it may seem bizarre, exaggerated... or even paranoid, to propose, as a unit of life, to be an intention and a vector that prayerfully intends towards relief, consolation and dissolution of pain. Of that pain that envelops us, in which we are in. The one that seems to be distributed by chance, coincidences, attitudes, names, countries…

If in each Prayerful Call, we gather ourselves into being intentional and offering-like beings of life, in that transparency of permanent sincerity, undoubtedly, that emanation will generate relief, consolation, protection... and will actively contribute to the dissolution of pain... –as an expression of all the vicissitudes we have mentioned-.

To propose oneself as an offering... makes us dilute our personal importance, our individual demands. But our identity does not disappear… –no, it doesn’t-.

Often it seems the offering is presented as a denial... of oneself! No. Each offering has different colours, different scents, but they are all comforting.

In that panorama of pain, we were told that we had to deny ourselves. How can we deny ourselves? How are we going to refuse it? How are we going to refuse a proposal from the Creator Mystery –which is what we are-...? How can we deny that exceptionality?

But yes, to the extent that we are aware of it, we have to purify it. So, when an offering is made, it does not create discomfort. It is a source of fresh water. Not the continual and permanent complaining...

Those complaints that accuse everyone... Those complaints that condemn everyone...

It is not... it's not that attitude that life gives us.

Life gives us gratitude, it gives us poignancy, it gives us surprises, it gives us imaginings... and capacities to not increase the pains even more.

Hence, when praying in the offering in the face of pain, to mitigate, soothe, protect, alleviate, dissolve the suffering... it is undoubtedly necessary to have and be in a... believer attitude!...

And knowing that what we call "the whole" is in us. We are "the whole", and at the same time we are "the part".

The believing conscience does not doubt..., does not despise itself..., it does not renounce or accuse...

Each being is an offering that Creation offers to Life. Hence... to offer oneself towards the dissolution of pain, is not a chimera, is not a fantasy...; a fantasy of impossible illusions.

In the quotidian life of every day, if we feel we are an offering, if we believe... in the resources and gifts we have received, we will be in permanent availability, with the joy of what has been served, with the enjoyment of what has been achieved.

It is time to feel liberated through the consciousness of the Universe... Through feeling myself beyond the known, with the consciousness ready for "what is to be known", with the growing sigh of being creative in any action... and being the constant offering that liberation supposes: which is the state of consciousness that gives us the belief of belonging to a Creation sustained and maintained by a Mystery, of which we are part... and at the same time we are the Whole with it.

It is a way of expressing the Mystery, so that it becomes operative!... and does not remain a theory, a hypothesis.

If I emanate from the Eternal, I am eternal, because no other position can emanate from it. But I will be so in my proportion, in my disposition, in my situation.

Witnessing this... situation places us in constant prayer as an expression of where we come from.

This is how the exercise of the Mystery, the constant and permanent presence of Creation, is born.

Thus, every moment we are becoming worthy... of being an offering..., of being a light that clears the darkness..., of being resources that dissolve the blockages; that serve!... serve... serve.



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