The currents of life


Infinite currents invite us to go in their direction. From the small currents of everyday...  of customs, habits, up to the grand customs of thoughts, philosophy...

To put two extremes that are easily understandable.

Currents in… “the current of life”.

No, we don’t..., we don’t know with “naturalness”, which is the current that gestates, promotes –and nor to where goes- life. We have intuition of it!, it seems to us, we believe...

But, our own wisdom and knowledge… shows us that the current of… olive oil, was not the same -some years ago- as it is now; the current of eating cereals or vegetables, used to be a current for the animals, and now it is something of the elaborate beings that oxidise, but they don’t want to oxidize; but if they don’t oxidize they suffocate. That’s to say… that we can find ourselves in a multitude of currents –in whirlwinds!- that take us out of one place and make us appear in another; currents like the maritime, where it seems as if the sea is calm, and when we enter... not so far out, we notice that it takes us. And –sometimes- we need one fright or another to be able to evade this situation.

On the other hand, socially, the human societies have their currents: of fashion, of now, of popularity... There are currents where everyone enrols, and some go in one direction and others in another.

The economic currents –for example-, in some places produce prosperity and abundance; and in others, the currents produce poverty, misery, drama...


The currents of consciousness take us, very often, to have ideas and thoughts that belong to an ideology, a theory… that more or less convinces us, or more or less impulses us sufficiently.


Meanwhile, while this disenchantment occurs, the Creation follows its... its march!, follows its current... expansive, creative, novel, surprising, to which we are usually alien to, but in which we are included.


And in this “state of consciousness”, a model has been created that is there, in whatever place of humanity: the model of the “vessel”, the model of swimming or floating that... rows in favour of the current or against the current!

When it is rowed in favour of the current, you go very fast. One doesn’t even have to row. There is no special effort, addiction and tenacity. The current takes us.

When, on the other hand, you go against the current in whatever prospection, the effort is difficult!, laborious, draining, destabilising!...


It is certain that… many powerful currents take us to the “abyss”. That’s to say that… to put ourselves in favour or against a current, does not mean that we are -if we are in favour- in the adequate ground, or -if we go against- that we could reach a position, if not privileged, favourable.

Everything, because of what we said in the beginning:

In not knowing -concerning the current of life- which will be the best direction, there have been generations that have moved, -that have been moved-, and have sacrificed without will, without design; there have been others that have achieved objectives –in principle, those suggested- and, it “looks like”, they have enjoyed it.

But yes, -what history shows-, is that, those who have rowed towards a current, they have tumbled or they have eased off in their force; and other currents ended… the “empires” –for example-.

Who would have thought, in those times of the “empires” that they would succumb… dramatically and terribly…?


The prayer of today warns us about what should be –in consciousness of each being- the current in which we should vibrate; with whom…!


The currents of the rush, of production, of gaining, of achievement, of saving, of property, of belonging… seem to overwhelm us from all places.


And it seems as if we have to fight against dragons, against infernal beasts that try to take us into their current.

And we say, “it seems like”, because although this happens, it is not an inevitable event. It is not a flood that has caught me by surprise in my house and has flooded me and has uprooted me. No!

If I am and I am… vibrating in the life of the Mystery, in full “being” of the Universe!, I will be capable of seeing other close by currents, or far away ones, that try to trap me. But I am uncatchable when I am, when I am… consciousness of the Universe; when I am!, when I am!... in the consciousness of the Presence!

There is no fear that they drag me along. There is no worry as to “where to”.

It is shown to me. It is given to me.

Don’t make of life a permanent effort and penitent work! Least of all, fall into offers and demands to be competitive or… productive, as a source of current to which has to be aspired.

When you “are”, and in the bosom of the Creation, what has to be looked after, generated, promoted, developed!... will be given based on surprises, chance, coincidences, circumstances: a courting of intuitions, sensations and perceptions that become Mystery, but they show enough to take us!


The rowing of our “wills”… is appreciated!, but it is not the reference towards which current…

If it is only will, the oar breaks; if it is occasional, the advance is intermittent.

If instead of will, there is vocation of desire, of necessity!, of curiosity… to know, to develop!, then it is advanced in the direction of a current that doesn’t… that doesn’t go against us!, that doesn’t make us zigzag; that we notice how we are led.


We are mist that a simple breath, moves.

Mist that, simple heat, modifies; that, the soft coldness, varies.

Mist, for moments thick; in others… transparent!; in other moments it disappears; in other moments it appears!

It seems unconnected; without… a plot!, without thickness!; without body.

Maybe, like this it is… in the immenseness of the Creation.

Maybe like this it is!… in the immersed “without end”.

And maybe like this we sense it and we feel it, when we are, in the immensity of the Mystery. On the other hand!, when we kidnap our space of presence, when we kidnap our… motor alliance… and we become “species”, “reason”, “will”, “knowledge”, “power”…, we retreat to the destructive, the combat, the powerful.


In consciousness of mist, the pores open, the senses amplify, the sensations become unlimited.

The ideas flow and the actions are given… as if “fallen from heaven”.

Like this we can know that we are in the adequate passing.   



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