Being a magician, being a surprise, being a gift


It’s sunrise under the sign of magic, with the vehicle of surprise. And human communities celebrate that moment, as if it were... different from other moments. And it is in experience, because consciousness has been in charge of showing it, of assuming it in that way.

But if we amplify our punctual consciousness a little more, it could be a good time -the day of celebration- to realize that every sunrise is magical, and with it gives us as a gift... and they give us surprises.

That attitude of consciousness enables us, qualifies us to make each vigil, each night, a magical event. That has no tricks. That has mystery. That has secrets to discover. That if -in consciousness- we become alert, we can perceive coincidences, as language, and intuitively interpret unforeseen, unpredictable circumstances...

Logic, reason, productivity, profit, personal importance and other small details, do not facilitate -exactly- that magic postulate of surprise, of gift.

The senses, with their minimum benefits, have become owners -through the tool of reason- of calculations, percentages, statistics; domains and control and systematic management of fear.

Like that it's hard to be a magician, to be surprise, to be gift.

Yes. Because that is today’s Prayer Sense.

The Universe offers us a magical unfathomable expression. That is evident from any point of view. But we are in that Universe; and following assumed words as string:   “in the image and likeness of that Universe." And each being, consequently, has its magic. It's a gift. It's a surprise.

 If we remove the moral, social, political, economic, cultural prejudices... we will be able to see in the other, in the others, their magic, their surprises, the gift they are.

Are we not perhaps, in need of the magic of love? Are we not... awaiting the gratifying surprise? Don’t we expect a need or a whim to be given as a gift? To be valued? To be appreciated…?

Isn't it true that all these –as humanity- all beings need it?

But, evidently, for all this to happen, our consciousness must be set, with the attitude of being inheritance of a permanent Creation.

And if each being knows itself a little, it knows it is a gift for someone, it knows it is a surprise for others, it knows it is magic for someone, for something.

And immediately cultivation of that magical happening surprising, gift will come.

That cultivation is not in possessions, in wants, in ambitions, in profits. It is in the intention, it is in the service, it is in the disposition, it is in the grace that each being emanates and it must be shown.

Without a doubt, our culture, society, etc., has filled us with disappointing messages. It has disabled us as a gift or as a present. It has incapacitated us as magicians! It has limited magic, to... secrets, lies, tricks. It has made, of the surprise, a power robbery. It has made, a bribe of the gift.

And from that perspective, every being -in general; in the great majority- feels frustrated, fearful!, distrustful, doubtful!, indecisive!; with a level of latent despair, which one minute tries to flee, next is crying or in despair or blaming itself; or declaring others incapable, malicious or incompetent.

It is a profitable, lucrative, speculative culture, the one that quickly standardizes beings before they perceive their nature, and thus being manageable, and... easily exploited.

The Prayer Sense reminds us, simply, that we are not that: strata, levels... rentier, profitable, dominators, controllers... And that they not only receive us and court us under those parameters!, but they also make beings become handlers, manipulators, controllers, liars.

When we contemplate life -of which we know almost nothing- and we see a trail of ants going to a lump of sugar, or we see how a sprout seed is growing, and day by day we find... a change, a surprise, a magical transformation; when we see that -as far as we are able to see- life does not deceive, does not lie, it shows itself, it offers, gives itself... and human being is able to interpret it, see it and realize how some mechanisms and functions support, organize, decide -in the tiny science that the being is capable of developing- it is possible to see that amazing impeccability of living: magic.

Oh! Oh, what a pity and regret!, when the being is subjected to routine, comfort, demand, request, protest, complaint...

Like that it is so difficult, to see the magic of others; to perceive one’s own magic.

Too busy in complaint and prejudice!

Yes. A humanity that, time after time, proves its failure in cohabitation; shows its inability to dialogue; shows its punishments and condemnations, as if a few of them had not already happened. But, based on them, it is revived in revenge, in rage, in condemnation. They culminate in wars, yes: in shooting, in deaths with medals, in challenges and threats.

 But, while that is the demonstration of an incapacity improper of a sapiens, of a knowledge -what kind of knowledge is that...?-, the serious thing is not the conflict itself, which is loaded with bombs. No! The serious thing is that the reservoir, the raw material for that tragedy to occur -like a war-... the raw material is in everyday life: war on diseases is declared, war on poverty, war on speculation, the war... None of them is won.

Trade... coexistence... becomes war, because everyone tries to win their place. And that inability to dialogue, to live together, is the breeding ground for any war. Because it's a war!; without bombs and without guns, but it is ready to use them at any time.

Perhaps the appearance of the hunter man, contrary to the pilgrim gatherer, was the beginning of a domain, of a profit... that was transmitted to domestication and...     -and of course- to the hunter's hunt; and thus, the war continues.

In that magma, when talking about peace, it is the worst offense that can be said. In that magma, and under those premises, not a single verse lasts. Not a single illusion remains. There is no ideal able to defend itself.

And the “real” magic is persecuted! Hope and fantasy is a condemnation or... an important drug to control.

Yes. It is necessary...

Yes. It is necessary these clarifications of... discomfort –as minimum- of sorrows and pains -as medium- of failure -as a maximum- when... -and it is necessary- when, by an invisible, imaginative tradition, the magical representation is made, the surprise is made, the unexpected, and gift is what culminates that need; that it is not the object itself, but knowing that there is that intention of imagining the day, fantasizing about it, becoming magicians for a day.

 It is little profit, no doubt, for Creation. That is why it is important to remember in what magma we move ourselves, so that we can incorporate... with elegance, with kindness and rigor, our magical presence, our creative surprise, our gift as an expression of our gifts.

The fact of continuing, the fact of persevering as life shows, is... not only a hope, but also evidence that an extraordinary, incredible magic makes us remain in the void of Creation.

It makes us dawn... to be born again!

It gives us the magical opportunity to imagine who we are.

Of realizing the surprise and the gift that we can represent by our doing, by our development, by our form.

To place ourselves in the right space.

To witness an eternal act of Love!... giving the word all its content, all its magical expression.




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