In the era of the 21st century, of the economic man, certainly, the slogan “everything has its price” is very much exaggerated.

And “exaggerated” means that... it is in all of the human actions. But, curiously, at the same time –at the same time-, in more and more spaces... there is, and it is there, the concept of “without value”.


But a “without value”, not that it is cheap, no! It is that it is not valued.

The sensitivity and the evaluation have been diluted to such a point that... more often less situations, less things, less realizations have a value; but at the same time –at the same time- everything has a price.

From the praying sense, in this situation, we are called upon to have “appreciation”.

“Appreciation” being this attitude, –shared or not- that the individual or collective has concerning something which they... value, they care about, and they have affection for...

This is why the word “appreciation” wants to, in a certain way, transform – and so comes the praying sense- everything that has a price, and what does not have any value –like the word, the promise, what is said-, and give it a valuation. And there, humbly, the appreciation is shown to us as an element to employ, to use, to propose as a form of social, living-together, affective, emotional, evaluation... that doesn’t pretend to substitute anything, but pretends to “value”...; to value everything that has a price, and everything that has lost its price.



If you take a look, the appreciation is like an invalid with reference to the adoration, the idol, the lover, the loved one, the desired... –puff!- it is light years away. It seems as if it is the first step to situate oneself in the “value” –for bravery and for what it represents- of our environment, our relations, our feelings.

The expression of appreciation, because of its small proportion with respect to similar situations, permits us to create an atmosphere of relations, respect and admiration, towards those who share, live-together and... co-exist with us.

This is the contribution of the appreciation.

And we could begin to put the details that each being, in its doings has, -that are appreciable-.

And this is another important element that the appreciation gives us: it permits us to appreciate!, to notice “something”... which has always been there, and that we haven’t valued, we haven’t considered, we haven’t taken into account.

To appreciate permits us to enter into the “detail!”. The gesture that gives us the expression... or the most intimate, instinctual expressions of the being; whereupon, as well as appreciating these situations, we generate appreciation for the individual characteristics and the support that this supposes.


And despite the humble and smallness of the appreciation, as the saying says: “there is no greater contempt than to not appreciate”.

That is to say -that is to say- in the way that we don’t notice our environment, our individual or collective environment feels neglected.

In the way that we appreciate... because we notice, and we appreciate... because of what it supposes for our environment –in the amplified sense of the word-, we are in condition to make our relations better, to amplify our perspectives, to recreate ourselves in what there is... and to be creative in the moment of sharing; getting along.


If we appreciate from the point of view of the prayer...

Firstly: we appreciate!... our relation, our communication, our communion with the Creative Mystery.

Secondly: what level of appreciation... –“what level of appreciation”- does this closeness provide to us –in case we appreciate-?

Without doubt!, it could be that the appreciation is very short, but it also could be that days pass by, in where there is not even any appreciation!


The creation has over us something more than “appreciation!”, but the appreciation... is constant and evident!

From there, as praying ones, is from where we have to begin, to perceive this value that, with independence of what we give, surrounds us.


The cultivating of appreciation pushes away the disdain and brings us closer to the virtues.

It permits us to -at least- perceive... the minimum expression of the Divine; it permits us to increase it and to take daily consciousness of it.





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