A Kidnapped Consciousness Of Our Presence In Creation


And to the extent that the being of humanity goes… discovering?, learning?..., in whatever case, having a version of… the passing of life, it progressively goes towards an autonomous consciousness, towards a consciousness of abduction towards what it knows, what it learns, what it discovers. And this tends to fill the passing of its days; although –although- with criteria of evolution, it realizes that its discoveries, its successes… do not have a permanent character, rather that they change. Or perhaps it was never like that, as it was seen. But every time that you see in another way, it is that which prevails and that kidnaps; in such a way that the everyday consciousness becomes a ghetto of alien relations, norms, laws, customs, habits, manias!... -a faraway ghetto- to its presence as… a living entity in the Universe.

We could put the simile or the image similar to… to the observation in a lab: when a sample is taken, or when an animal is subjected to an experiment, it is not taken into account -because they do not know how to quantify- the influence of taking the observed, the investigated, out of its place, and that, consequently, its authentic structure is going to change and to modify. 

However, the being feels conformed, happy and a discoverer. 

So you might say that we are inhabitants of a laboratory, in which we ourselves kidnap the life that would correspond to us, that corresponds to us, what would be our own, and we submit ourselves to conditions, sometimes capricious, and others… of pure curiosity, but without the necessarily loving intention that should have that faculty: the curious.

The Prayerful Sense warns us of how the being abducts, kidnaps… from a capacitatingfacilitatinggenerating Universe, origin of itself. And as a result, in being separated, all deductions that in principle are obtained…  are erroneous.

But the situation becomes serious when the majority of the majority are in that position, and do not become conscious, do not take a position and alertness to an erroneous experience, rather it manages with that error; it structures with the error.

The Prayerful Sense warns of this disconnection. And it is the function -one of them-, of the Prayer, to bring the being into unison with its Creation, with the Creation, with the created; and that, like this, it will be capable to investigate its being, its doing, its development, in the context… in the context of that universality!… and not in the kidnapping of a laboratory.

And this is how we could really get out of the error and, at the same time, the terror, the horror, the fear, the ‘bad mood’... and enter into the vision of an ignorant believer, in which what you learn, discover, browse and inspect… is no more than a reflection of what in truth it is. 

And as a result, in our lives -under the influence of what communicates us with the Creation: The Prayer-, let us make of this living a development in which always… -a word too eternal- we apply the memory, at least, that our usual parameters -in which we live- are not certain, rather they are managed, manipulated parameters and are obtained from the hijacking of the idea of the presence of man in the bosom of a Creation.

Thus, the prayer uncovers our petulance, our vanity, our self-centeredness, our haughtiness… And to the extent that these factors are diluted, although undoubtedly increases our ignorance, it situates us in the capacity to recreate and interpret in a universal manner, in a creative way, with an attitude of mystery, with the subsequent surprise, with the unforeseen events and the need for its interpretation!

Start learning the language of chance, luck, fortune, of the unpredictable: languages of Creation!... on which we have a capacity to listen to and discover.

Of course! We cannot put it in the laboratory. We cannot hijack the language of Mystery. But we can live it and interpret it.

Usually, in the face of this prayerful approach, the being soon refuses to learn that language, that call that is made… because it cannot dominate it, because it cannot control it, because it does not agree with it.

Sometimes it is not even in agreement, with the sunrise and sunset.  Sometimes not even in agreement that the soul calms its thirst… with a smile.

It is like a battle of the permanent disagreements, where the power of the kidnapping ends up by convincing -because it dominates-, and the libertarian fear of ignorance -from the viewpoint of the knowledgeable power- does not allow it to be open to other perspectives. So usually it is abandoned.

But, if we are called to pray, -and in that we are, and we discover ourselves in a position-, it is so that, usually, -usually, usually, usually-, in every situation in which we handle certainty, security, law, order, truth –faced with every one of these situations-, we rethink what would be the real version of the opinion I have… about my daughter, about my dog…

In the habit of "re-vising" -in the sense of viewing again any position that has been programed, studied, inherited, imposed or is theoretically our own-, as soon as we see that we belong to a Creation, the conclusions and the behaviour will change.

Yes, because the perspective from which we observe gives us another version. Perhaps not very understandable; perhaps something fuzzy. Surely. But we will be getting out of the anchoring of the kidnapping. No longer we will consider our kidnapper as "good", as "intelligent", as "capable", "In the end I live thanks to Him", etc., etc., rather I will begin to notice my ties; and how I have made them pleasurable, how I admire my kidnapper -which is myself, which is my society, that is my culture, which is my… "my""my"- and how little I have let in the light of dawn, and I have remained in the shadows… saying that, that is what you should see!

Exercising the prayer in the daily doings… is the true essence of the believer.




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