Every being is an inspired and potential excepetionality


The Great Creative Mystery… brings us to ask ourselves something, to which we do not have… an answer; like, for example: Why? What necessity -necessity?- had the Creation to gestate life? Why? What for? 

Questions, from a less evolved consciousness, true, but… necessary.

When contemplating the nearby Universe -or up to where we can see, because of our capacity-, we find a multitude of manifestations, which are luminous or dark.

They say… -precisely- the astronomer’s said, in a recent publication, that each time we will be more alone in the Universe.

Yes. They affirm that the expansion is all the time larger and that the speed with which it expands is increasing. And, in this way we separate ourselves more and more from the other celestial elements, of light -be they, summarizing, “stars”-. And that, at this pace, within 200.000 years –or something like that -a few!-… we will be here, or there, simply surrounded -simply?- by dark energy and material.


This vision or consideration could be, a story, a tale; now that we worry so much about solitude, and now that it has become as important as the stress, the obesity, smoking, alcoholism… -the “hit parade” of the human health-.

Could it be… could it be that the solitude is the product of the precipitated fleeing from the Creation in its expansion…? Or this has nothing to do with it?

Lets return to our praying question:

What for…? Why was this complex and unknown system called “Life” gestated? In which we find ourselves. 

A life that, consciously, we have the capacity to maltreat, break, manipulate, manage, control, to…  “transvestite it”…

I don’t know how this word will be applied, but… it is not a surname of condemnation or evil, no. The “transvestite” life should be something like “the mistaken life”, for example: that doesn’t even know that it is alive; or if it knows, it doesn’t dare to live it.

Well! But this is one more incident, nothing more.

What is certain is that perhaps -perhaps, lacking more details- the human species is an especially dramatic, chaotic and tragic species; with signs of desperation, and very little -all the time less- sense of humour and, of course, of playfulness.

What need did the Creation have to complicate itself so much? We could have been like so many others, just another planet. But why?

And later -at this stage of the game- societies and structures are created that are demolishing, very potent, that make of whatever attempt of originality -except exceptions!- to be, sooner or later, absorbed… and returns to imposed cannons that are generated to manage, control and manipulate, the man, towards the man itself.

Simple slogans like “Go home for Christmas”or “The holidays have arrived”,or whatever other banality, mobilizes millions and millions of beings.

Whatever minimal originality or exception is persecuted, criticised, condemned…

And it is criticized and persecuted and observed, by the same ones who constitute this “exceptionality”. Without doubt, they are very infected by the force of… the actual life.

The Praying Sense asks us: Does an exceptional rebellion make sense, faced withthe monumental disaster in which the species gravitates?

Yes! Yes it has it; although you have to count on the infection, with Easter, the equinox, summer, Christmas… and vacations, of course! 

Did it start –as a footnote- did the vacations start, as a consequence of the day of rest of God? Like the rest on the seventh day… Do the needs to rest come from there? So, what it has done up to know has been very tiring, very laborious, very… very hard!

Do you really believe… -can you believe- that the Creation tires? Works hard… and needs to rest?

Or, rather, because of this exceptional idea to Create Life, the Mystery of the Mysteries situates in a different position…?

It does not go on holidays. “It hides”. 

It does not rest… because it doesn’t tire. 

It stays quiet.

It maintains its Mysterious Presence… as if waiting for the exception.

Certainly, it is implacable with the vulgarity.

And the fact is that… whatever expression of Life has this potential of exceptionality. Which is like saying that, in the Creation, the Creator implicates!... and contributes! –Let’s say, “at least”- its Inspiration. 

And we say “at least”, to find the word that can be at this level. And like this, we could say that each being of the humanity is a being inspired by the Creative Mystery

And we have this inspiration in us. And this converts us potentially in “exceptional”. 

And this gives us the opportunity to exercise as such! But beneath the point of view of the Mysterious Creation!

But what happens?  Ah!, no. The human being has collected this Divine -to summarize- Inspiration and uses it for its own consciousness of benefit and gain…

It believes -based on its reason- that this inspiration that it possess to be exceptional is its OWN! And based on it, acts as a deity, it proclaims, it assures. And has things clear…

In the depths –and on the surface- it is a challenge to the Creation. 

Perhaps…you or you or you, believe that your inspired verb, or beauty, or ability or possibility… is a product of your faculty, of your effort, of your work?”

Well yes. The majority believe that it is. 

Although an easy reason could take us to say: “Well if it really is like that, how is it that your potential exceptionality is so poor that… it is no viable? It trips, it falls, it is mistaken…Cheats, lies, hides!...”.

Of course! All of this possibly happens because of the usurpation that the being makes of its inspired and potential exceptionality. It does not let that this inspiration is promoted as such beneath the Divine reference… rather it takes it as a possession. From that which they invented, like the “destiny” or “the free willed decision”…

Maybe, this inspired exceptional potential that each being has is the expression of the Creative Mystery, that is shown –and for that reason life- in each being, as the expression of HIM. And like this, the same as is shown in the galaxies, in the cumulus, in the fantastic and spectacular demonstration of the Universe, also is shown in the unusual event of Life.

And it shows itself inspiring it… and inspiring the beings, so that they contemplate the Creation’s actions. So that they create!... in the creative sense, and believe!... in the animistic sense; as souls. 

To stop wanting yourself as a disposable material, and to agree to love itself… as an exceptional inspiring flow!!

Stop fooling yourself with words and elusive, unclear postures.

And assume your presence in the Universe!... knowing that the “praying event” is the resource par excellence to find oneself with the essence of the Inspiration, and the potential that this gives us to contemplate the Creation.

In this sense, with these elements, it is possible that, when praying, it will be the own inspiration –“the own inspiration”- that tells itself, that contacts  -without asking-, so that we really feel as an exception and exercise as such!

Like this we could see that, when we put ourselves in the position to pray, it is our inspired potential that references, that comes into harmony with its origin. 

Said simpler: God understands very well with God. They get along. They don’t discuss. They don’t provoke, they have no envy.

Whatever be the form in which the Divine presents itself, when this form searches to harmonize with the Mystery, they don’t discuss. It is curious! They don’t cheat, they don’t lie!

When God faces with God, its face shines; it fuses; it becomes permanent inspiration.

And it inspires us!... And takes us away from the vulgar, separates us from giving up, situates us in the beauty. 

It impulses us to art so that, in its vibration, we assume Love as the most evident expression of its permanent inspiration and as the most blunt form of the communion of the beings. 

Each human being, because of its inspired contents –exceptional-, when it exercises in this feeling, it finds the motive to live… in the references of other inspirations that aspire to be really an exception.  

So Love… would be something like discovering, the Inspired Presence, in the other.

And “loving oneself” would correspond with noticing that, the other one notices our inspired potential. 

In whatever case, if it was like this, -or if it is like this-, the hedonism of “loving oneself” is only a hedonistic, personal, individual challenge, to fall into the every day and consumed tragedy, drama, desperation and permanent unrest. 

-Yes. But, where is the self-esteem left? That is so fashionable! To love oneself, as a sign of care and of…

-It will stay in the consumption from where it arose.

Life discovers its sense of love when it LOVES, not when IT LOVES itself.

If we exercise in this position, there will be no doubts, indecisions and continual changes, typical of having lost yourself; typical, maybe, of the solitude   -that we spoke about in the beginning-.

When the being feels lost, it becomes confused, contradicts, insinuates –or not- or thinks that yes, that maybe… 

When you are in LOVE and know that they love you… there is no space for disturbance.

The only income… is the complaisance.




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