The Prayer Call: the heartbeat of the permanent miracle


And the processes of life and of living, were gestated in progressive meetings, communions, fusions proximities...

And so, life –among other things- became "big". 

Each being, by sharing, became another being. Like the flock of birds when they form an image: it is not for the luxury of looking good, but for the elegance of showing themselves as a new formation. This makes it seem like something else to those who see them, and not like a flock of birds.

The same is true for certain fish, which generate formations that impress.

The communion of interests –but interests of need, of attraction- generates new forms, new perspectives.

This has led to the creation of empires in the human community. There was "a communion of"...

And when these became very powerful, and did not admit any other management than their own, those who were not in favour resorted to division. Hence the phrase "Divide and rule".

If, for example, one takes a social body and divides it up, fractionates it, locks it up... what force can that fractionated, fractured, divided, kidnapped body generate?

If the components –so diverse!- of what we call "matter" had not been integrated, life, as we perceive it in its biodiversity, would never have been produced. Some elements are integrated with others and with others, and complex, very complex communions are made. And when they become curious... and babble in their Universe, they discover that this integration makes them great, and increases their capacities.

And when we look a little further out, we see that this integrative capacity for communion, for conjunction, is offered to us in this Cosmos-Universe, incomparable, without doubt, with our small nucleus of life. But... not a single particle disobeys its integration into a complex and intricate set of communions of light and darkness.

In the times when the conscience of humanity knew a simple version –yes, simple- of events, any variable and surprise or unexpected event was attributable to the gods. 

We had to... create?

No. Man does not create. He ‘creativizes' and procreates. 

But the images –images, moreover- of –"responsible"?-… responsible, punishing, rewarding... All this constituted a "will of God". 

And behold, that which seemed indissoluble became fragmented. The progressive 'knowledge' of the processes, and its interested, manageable and beneficial interpretation only for the human species, made this species to fracture, to separate, to fractionate from the rest of the bio diversities. It became what they used to worship –gods, images...- and it became powerful.

Yes. To some extent, like what he imagined would happen before. He became self-centred, set himself up, and subjected everything he found. 

And so he separated himself –out of self-sufficiency, out of egocentricity, out of idolatry towards himself- from Creation. It seems a very sudden leap. And, in time, not long ago it happened. At least in history. Perhaps around the middle of the 19th century. And we are only in the 21st century –starting. But the vertiginous self-listening and self-esteem, demanding of the environment and of the species itself, disfigured, behead any other influence than its own.

He gave –as a species- an end to the divine stage, and began the human stage.

One question remains in this story: 

Was the need for communion with "something" really a product of his ignorance of what he "knows" –in quotes- now? Or was it –or is it- a "vital" communion of call, of contact?

Yes, the easiest thing –from today's point of view- is to say that, certainly, our ignorance made us believe in figures, images, hypotheses... But it happened and still happens that this method of supplanting, this way of hegemony as a species above all others, deteriorates, enslaves, punishes, envies, condemns...

What seemed to be a step forward in 'knowledge' became an infinite war of fictitious gods, reaching a personal combat with oneself. And, obviously, with the closest ones.

The new gods divided and fought. And still they fight. They confront daily their designs, their proposals, their securities, their punishments, their fears, their despair, their impositions –those they receive and those they give, of course!-.

It disintegrates. It stops connecting, making communion, coming to life. It seems to have forgotten the whole process that led him to be what he is, until the moment he decided to be something else; what he is today: a disruptor of life; a permanent interferer with himself and his surroundings; an emotional, perceptive, sensitive deaf man... who, imbued with his twisted criteria, ends up devouring himself.

Oh! And at the same time, in all that process, he was called and called. And yes, various conglomerates of religions picked up these calls to some extent, but they made them their own to impose, to moralize, to order, to sin.

And no, those instances did not disappear; they diminished, reduced, sold out. In the new world where everything is bought and sold, the sacred messages were adulterated; they are adulterate and interpreted according to the buying and selling.

But it is curious: throughout this whole chain of slavery, one did not completely lose the feeling of being bonded, of being related, of being in tune, at least, with something more than oneself, or others and others.

The Sense, the Prayerful Call, echoes that tune. It is the issuer that emits a vision, a perception, a set of interpretations like the ones we have heard. But it also shows us that... as much a being insists on its dominion of power, when deterioration consumes him –oh!-… he wakes up to that tune. Yes, he wakes up to the tune of What is Calling.

 Perhaps you could say "too late". For mankind, yes. For Creation there is no "late", there is no "early".

The Prayer Sense shows us how, without interfering in our hegemonies, there is the heartbeat of the permanent miracle. There is the voice that cries out in the desert. There is the envelope that makes life possible. 

"There is the sheath that makes life possible”.

And it's not difficult to see the achieved deterioration...

And generated fears...

How could God, and the gods, be afraid!?

The Prayer Call… activates us. Yes. It activates every pore of our bewildered coating –skin-. It makes of each one of them a receiver that picks up an emission that, through subtle threads, is linked to a mysterious, creator emitter. And so, with infinite filaments, we become communion, we become life of perception and perfection towards the impeccable, the exceptional; towards communion with that nature of filaments, which are loves without profit, without demands: they are given to us... as infinite generosity. And so we become a body of communion with Creation. And so we respond in love for everything, for everyone. And in this way we prioritize and select what corresponds to us... and we offer it to the communion with the infinite aspects of life.

Dissolved and fused at the same time, makes, each being, a Mystery in the communion with Creation, and it becomes testimony with the others, with everything. 

With everything.




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