Creation invents us daily


The Prayer Call sighs to us from the Creator Mystery, and inspires us, to our human condition, the suggestions on which we exercise our solutions in the face of difficulties, setbacks, impediments...; although each being will have his own, and this makes "apparently" more complex or complicated to assume that Prayer Call. But if our consciousness is open to listening without conditions, we will be able to gather from that inspiration, from that sigh of the Creative Mystery, what we need most, what is most urgent; what, moreover, reaches our sensitivity.

And so we will perceive, as we share it, that the Prayerful Call was for each one in particular, and for all at the same time, in general. 

It is obvious, from the path that life has followed in humanity, that solutions have had to be applied to... hunger, to torrential rains, to imposed droughts, to the lack of harvests, to the impossible expressions –due to repression and prohibitions- of songs, of expressions of art...

It seems as if throughout "the human journey", this -the human- has been...        –maybe is like that- the main obstacle to our development, evolution and creativity.

And so we can say that the greatest hostility that the human has found has been in humans; it has not been in beasts, in insects, in landslides, in volcanoes... No.

It's perhaps the only species whose predator is itself. It thus challenges the "laws" -in quotes- of nature. And this self-predating is devastating for everyone. It is enough for one to depredate oneself, for this exercise to be transmitted to others, and thus generate continuous difficulties; which, if we look at history, there are few that have been eradicated. And now, in this time in which we are, they are even more evident.

And so power becomes predatory, the boss, the owner, the father or the mother... And the most worrying thing: oneself.

Because we can run away from the boss, from the ruler. We can hide. We can... even fight it! But what about ourselves? And when we hurt ourselves, we punish ourselves, we blame ourselves...? For being clumsy, for being slow, for being quiet, for being loud, for...

It was said, "know yourself"; not, "beat yourself up". That's important, right? Sometimes there are errors of interpretation.

But later came the criterion of “end the self", "deny yourself," the analysis of our clumsiness… -as if others didn't have them. But little –little- development of our virtues.

And when it comes to applying solutions to these positions, it is not easy. Because the very nature of the being... denies it. And if someone is told: "You have the virtue of communicating stories, of communicating knowledge"... or any other theoretical or possible virtue, most of the time we will get the negative answer: "No. I don't. It's very scary for me. I don't like it. No...".

Yes, it is true -it is very true-, that sometimes egos arise and tread on their own tongues, and stumble and fall over, and they think they are omnipresent and omnipotent. Yeah, but those are the little or big dictators who... who pass by. But the anonymous ones -the majority- we are the ones who are there and who give structure to the species.

And it's not a question of making an altar to the ego!, but of seeking solutions through our virtues, through our very small capacities. Maybe it's hard for us to be bullfighters or firemen or architects. But maybe we can be nurses or electricians or painters. 

And this does not mean that we cannot contemplate the bullfighter, the fireman, the architect, as exemplary actions. That's where the solutions begin.

The Prayer Sense reminds us that each being appears, in our orb called "life", with some capacities, with some talents, with some possibilities. And their living consists of developing them, exercising them, increasing them, communicating them! Amen to learning, discovering... and inventing ourselves day after day!

Yes, inventing ourselves. We're an invention. How nice to think so!

That would show that in our abilities and in our resources we have discovered something.

"I have invented myself today in this poem. I have invented myself today in this song. I have invented myself today in this feeling. I was invented because I was told, because I listened, because I learned, because I read".


If we pay a little attention we realize -and this detail is very-very significant- that every morning, when we wake up, yes, we know ourselves, yes, yes...; or no, sometimes. But yes: we do know ourselves. But if we increase a little -once the sleep is cleared- our being, our feeling, our perception, isn't it true that we will realize that we are a bit different, something distinct? Something! Isn't there something that has changed? Is it that little invention that the Prayer Sense tells us? Isn't it true that throughout the day we are surprised by small details that are not the same as the day before? Or big details?

Without us doing, without us having done anything consciously! But when we inquire about what we know about ourselves, we see that there are little things that are different, that have changed, that have appeared... and that are not a product of our capacity.

We are invented daily by Creation. It gives us that detail that "solves", that has the function of solving our myopic vision.

It's as if they said in a low voice: 

"You are capable of any realization, because you are an expression of the Creator Mystery, because you manifest in the Universe and have the heritage of all creation. Do not 'underestimate' your resources. Attend to the suggestions of your discoveries, those you have not realized.

And with those different little details, invented by Creation, start promoting your abilities. Make friends with yourself, but improve it. Make balance with yourself, but be careful not to fall. Make the best version of your judgment!, so that the whole environment is nourished by it”.

Because to the extent that we know how to nourish ourselves from others, and at the same time we nourish others, we are able, as beings and as a species, to stop being our own predators. We are capable of giving solution to the obstacles, through solidary creativity and with the sufficient, wide and available consensus.

Fear, arising from the repression of ourselves as predators, has frightened us into exercising ourselves liberally, libertarianly. And the being chooses to depredate and 'disable' itself, and thus to be less participant, less capable. And the truth is that we are before a Creation of unlimited capacities and resources. Yes. To put it softly. There is no reason to exaggerate when you live in an infinite Universe: it is already exaggerated.

And to make it clearer, the strange thing is that this criterion that we have just said has not been believed. One doesn’t believe in it. It is so strong and selfish at the same time the repressive system, of each individual, that this evidence of belonging to the Infinite Creator -and therefore being an expression of it, and therefore being endowed with infinite resources-, is even barbaric to say, or it is thinking egocentrically. No.

Of course, you have to practice. We must leave aside the self-prohibitions, self-punishments, the inabilities that we ourselves have created or that others have created for us, and we have believed them. "No! You’re not good at it." How many times have we been told so? And how easily we believe it. And with such difficulty our infinite capacities are assumed and accepted.

From the infinite, being infinite, the solutions suggested by the Prayer Sense are also infinite. And we go through them when our consciousness becomes amplified. And we are capable of choosing the best, the most adequate ones in each moment, and permanently with a sense of Universe, without losing the creative identity of each one of the beings.

And in that magma of solutions, of inspired creations, fear should not be present. The handicap must not be summoned. Neither should supremacy. Believing humility, yes. 

And, with it, we will give and give ourselves a real image. We will give and give ourselves the most kind thing... at the same time as it is the most novel and creative thing: the new invention; invented.

They call us to pray to remind us that we are constant, renewing, invented solutions, with the constant support of every day.

We are not called to be a problem, to become a problem, to make ourselves imposing, dominant, demanding!

We are called by the Creator Mystery to be believers in our nature, in our divine origin; and, consequently, to exercise ourselves liberally.

Let's stop being our own enemies and stop being permanent enemies.

Assuming each Prayer Call in this way, gives us the perspective -whatever the call- of knowing that we are being sheltered. That, indeed, our safety is not in us. That such a story does not exist. That the care and texture of our existence lives in a permanent Mystery.

To exercise liberally is to become air and wind that blows, and that does not disdain any obstacle, but that evades them, surrounds them, abandons them... and continues to encourage them.

"Encouragingly encouraging".




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