Humanity is convulsed.

Our references criteria are diluted.

The corruption scandal gravitates with a tint of normality, as if it were a defence mechanism, while the powers and the laws enslave, with their increasingly arrogant demands.

Not long ago –we can say last century- we could say that there were conflicts and tensions in in certain places, while others remained… let's not say serene, but stable; let's not say comfortable, but improving.

Well into the 21st century, developments of humanity, which have become globalized, are spreading –never better said- “like wildfire”, since the power of violence marks the signals. And we no longer find –“and we no longer find”- those places where… a healthy evolution can be glimpsed; in any case, a conditioned evolution. Although it is true that there are abysmal differences –that can now be highlighted- in all areas of humanity: in culture, in health, in science, in technology... Abysses!

Such unequal humanity!... that is entering the path of custom that this is how our species transits and, consequently, that mechanism of protest, rebellion... -which, in any case, is reduced to strikes, that produce very significant collateral effects- hardly manifests itself at all.

The resource of the protest use to be –look carefully: used to be!- as something… necessary. Today it is not so necessary. There is a tendency to take all the complaints, protests and disappointments, as the natural coexistence.

As little… little we consider this situation, our sensibility feels somewhere between ashamed, hurt and dis-couraged, in a labyrinth or dead end… where the visible attempts are nothing more than a repetition of others that have already failed.

And it will seem -in this situation-... it will seem that a proposal to heal humanity!... is hare-brained; it will seem that it is something exaggerated, that it is not in our hands!

But the Praying Call asks us: in the face of illness, calm; in the face of deterioration, care; in the face of incapacity, help. All of this is healing!

And each being represents and is the equivalent of humanity.

And if we place ourselves in that proposal to heal humanity, it must be without any kind of leadership, without any kind of importance; but with a convincing belief!, according to which, every time we contact, interact, talk... we are contacting, interacting and talking with humanity. Because each being is the equivalent of that humanity.

And we are faced with the need –due to the prevailing deterioration, due to the seriousness of the patient “humanity”- to act.

And “acting” means listening, living together, sharing, smiling, rethinking, considering, making more flexible, adapting, making every moment creative, respecting!

These are all words that can obviously remain in “blah, blah, blah”. But they are words of exercise, they are words of realization, they are words that, for the praying person, lead to the commitment to heal, to the commitment to heal himself, to the commitment to feel humanity and, as such, to proceed by example, with perseverance, with the attitude of having the reference of that Creator Mystery that... claims us, calls us, tells us.

And that today proposes to heal humanity, as if we were... We are each one of the human beings. We are all at once. We are also, simultaneously, each one of us.

We are... -it is true- a unit that listens, that is called, that prays... and that proposes, that projects.

And so, every time we get in tune with someone, let us put into practice the Prayerful Call to know that not only his symptom, his trouble, his sorrow must be helped, but that we also see an action on the being, which transcends him –a that being who demands.

And when it comes to acting, when helping, when collaborating, knowing that I am doing it not only to that being but to humanity, because each one is an echo, a vibration of all.

And to the extent that we approach one, everyone is affected by what we do, by what happens.

And it is not unreasonable to affirm that our ailments of humanity are the consequence of being, of a way of living, of an attitude of responding...

Consequently, every time we exercise our prayerful position, we will be having repercussions not only on that one, those or this one, but also on everyone.

But consciously, we must keep that intention: knowing that, when I relieve a pain, I am going with the intension to relieve the pain of humanity, of that humanity that groans for... countless causes.

Yes, we can classify it as more important or less important, but each universe of each being… cultivates an ailment. And to the extent that we quench the thirst of one, the thirst of others is quenched.

This process itself occurs: living matter is permanently connected.

But the extra that it now needs… due to the deterioration it is going through, must come from the intention of the consciousness of knowing that one is a universal intermediary… that promotes an attitude of a new consciousness.

A new consciousness that transports us to dignity that human being needs.

A new consciousness that places us in liberated disposition, with growing virtues.

A new consciousness that makes us feel capable of resonance, according to belief, in a Creator Mystery that makes our presence possible, in a protective halo that extends, and in a persevering hope of testimony; that while acting waits; that while acting, knows about pause; that while acting knows about waiting.

A new consciousness emanates from the Loving Dawn.

And with this, it has enough support to feel humanity, to represent it and so that, every time it is projected, shows itself, it does so towards humanity... and through everyone: everyone close to it, every child, every father, mother, elderly, known, unknown...

An immeasurable Love has not brought us to this place in the Universe, to pass vulgarly in a repetition and in an obsession with power and violence!, which already extends, in each being and in each corner, as the best criterion for maintaining order and security, for example.

[1]Is every birth a lie?

Isn't each birth a certainty of a new messenger, who brings necessary resources?

A birth is not a lie.

Consequently, no... it is not humane to allow oneself to be dragged along by the productive, profitable, proprietor, defensive, protectionist claim...

It is not of Love, to be born in distrust, in defence, in slave attitude of the inevitable!

We have not been brought into this universe to be inevitable!

We have been brought here to pass through in it.

We have not been put here to be determinists!... and slaves to opinions that prove, assure, that dictate.

Our ears are not -and should not be- the accomplices of that 'de-crepit' message.

The Universe is not decrepit. Universe is expansive, creative, innovative, surprising, fantastic, and exceptional! And everything that is produced in it is so –and so it is!-.

With what audacity, the human is propagating itself in madness, in imbalance, in rage, in revenge.

“Undoubtedly”, Pity, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness of Creator Mystery is permanently gravitating on over our species.

If it were not so, we would have already devoured ourselves.

Therefore, it is consistent, in the name of Piety, of Mercy, of 'Forgiveness', to assume the role of prayerful listening, to contemplate our healing attitude of humanity. It is to realise that Piety gravitates upon us; that superior Goodness supports us permanently; that Mercy relieves us of miseries and makes us smile, even at the last moment.

That Forgiveness, as an expression of complaisance, as an expression of infinite Love, is there so that we do not feel guilty, so that we do not self-harm!, so that we are faithful to "hope" that is placed in us.

Moments call to our consciousness, to our consciences; moments call, now!, for us to be testimony, to be reflections of a new consciousness... that takes up the Prayerful Call to "heal humanity".

Apologies will always appear; prejudices, excuses, justifications will always appear!... Even so, knowing that they are lurking like ghosts, our consciousness must float above all of it; it must be up to date on its process.

And "being up to date" in the passing of each one, is to be above those considerations of warnings of fear, care, security...

To be at the service of Creation!

And when the being is ready to be a servant of Creation, individual breath becomes fused with the Creative Mystery…, and it is possible to feel that flow that permanently emanates towards each being and that makes the experience of Living possible!

And that, through it, liberatingly, we feel that our presence is permanent; we feel eternity on our backs... and infinity in our belly!

And so, our steps become immortal; and our senses, permanent lovers.

No... no human proposal, however powerful it may be -and that power is given to them by all of us-, is capable -although their attitude is of defiance-... is capable of subduing a creative consciousness, a liberating consciousness. Because any human behaviour that can be considered "perverse" has the instance of the divine smile, has the courting of goodness.

Hence our function is not to judge, but to recreate, forgive, evolve towards indisputable positions. Yes, those that have universality as their backing.

Feeling attuned to the Higher Goodness is not debatable.

Someone or something will say:

.- Ah, well, I don't believe in that.

.- Good.

.- We can talk about...

.- There is nothing to talk about.

When one starts from non-belief, words become treason, they become splinters, they become violent.

On the other hand, when words come out of Creation, of believing, they become collapsible, they become flexible, they become accomplices!

It is not time for impossibility; it is time for permanent disposition, to make things possible!

It is not time for weakness; it is a moment for enthusiasm!, of persevering hope.

It is not a time for "afterwards"..., "later"..., "another day"...

It is time of now! of every day.

It is time to exercise in the exceptionality of a new consciousness

"After" is too late.

"Now"! "Timely"!

Amen, Amen, Amen!!



[1] In spanish, birth is nacimiento and miento, means to lie.



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