History tells us -and it is probably like this- that, in older times, given the limited ability to know that the human species had, anything that happened was attributed to forces or punishments or rewards…, all this coming from entities that today we could qualify many of them as “natural”, and which were then priority, such as thunder, lightning, night, moon, sun…

Even empires were developed around stars that ruled, according to knowledge then, all… or most of the activities of the being. So -so- the responsibility, what caused me to fall, to triumph, to have a good harvest, to reach any accomplishment… everything depended on those forces that helped or hindered; and because of these a relationship was established that soon became a religion and, little by little, in an exchange of favours. Yes: “If you help me with this, I promise you the other.“

Yes. When the being begins to…evolve? -we put a small question mark- and interprets a series of phenomena -called “natural” today, but were religious, divine or mysterious before- in the way it becomes something known -I insist, with current interpretation, or one that little by little has been acquired- those responsible, the cause of good and bad, little by little start to be the human beings themselves.

It is a gradual change. It is a subtle change, but each time it materializes more.

And if the harvest was good it was due to drip irrigation; if there was an accident, it was because of imprudence; if one got sick, it was because there was no proper prevention…

It seems…it seems –curious- that everything is known.     

Reason became preponderant, dominant, inquisitive. And what reason could not sustain, was disdained. Today as well, of course.

Each one, in groups or individually, became…reasonable!; an interpreter, a connoisseur of reality…and, what is more curious, of life.

Yes! Without knowing, in the intimacy of sincerity, what life is, reason plays with metabolisms, hormones, blood, lymph… It makes its composures. And what happens is explained and reasoned…and that is it!

Without a doubt, little by Little -now more slowly, although it seems faster-, new reasons are found: scientific, as the bastion of knowledge; and social, as the different organizations in which the species is set.

As we see in this harsh and rapid movement, the creative criterion, the criterion of love, the criterion of tenderness or imagination, of fantasy or illusion, does not match with the reason, especially when -as it was expected- the interests of each, each group, each country, each…etc., are at stake. 

For example, the news that Europe gives an ultimatum to the United States in the trade agreement. Ultimatum.

The commercial war is not a secret, but there is no affection there, there is no good intention; there is no desire for resolution in any of the parties. No. The rational language already establishes the combat, the responsibility, the guilty. 

If we look “slowly” -“slowly”- between human relationships there isn’t an oily, fragrant, happy fluid… -I won’t continue because it might create a fiction-. No! There is at times: “If you do what I think you should do, and casually coincide in this, then we may have a shared smile. May be. But what is certain is that… I will outline all your faults; I will realize all your mistakes -according to my point of view, of course-; I will accuse you of all the possibilities, in such a way that I will be unharmed by any situation.”

This is done towards each other, and the other towards the one; with which, it is the perfect relationship between two saws. Yes, two saws that… one saw will saw the other. And of course: it nicks, it nicks, it nicks…

“Yes, he is very good. Yes, I love him very much. Yes, but… but… sometimes…”.

Each edge of the saw is a “but”.

And where, where is the complaisant acceptance, for example? Where is the mutual respect? Where is the admiration, and not, the systematic criticism?

Oh! When things are going well, good! When things do not go as I think they should go… well, then I take out the saw. I become a saw!

“It’s clear! It is very clear! If this is like this. If this is like that…”.

It’s curious… -when listening and listening and listening- it’s curious how much security there is going around the world. It’s incredible! At times -at times- one thinks that they are geniuses. Of course! Because they have the reason of the saw.

But little by little, we can realize under the Praying Sense of today that something is missing. At least in principle! To start recovering something! The saw is missing something: oil. Yes, in order that it saws better and without much noise. 

Suddenly, someone was a hero. Suddenly, the Sandinism movement became the crème de la crème of life and the revolution, the beauty and goodness. After a few years -today-, they shout for them to leave, to desist, to… What a horror!

The saw.

But this, put in that example: Nicaragua. But we can put it anywhere. It does not matter!

Man makes of a man a paper god, who is kept for a while and then it is burnt, as if it was unintentionally!...

At times they applaud you and take you to the altars, for having ended a terrible war. And you had the advantage of calling yourself “Santos”. With which, everything was going very well. But, suddenly, the saw came out again -and it is not that he was a saint, but the name helped-. And it does not matter what he achieved! It does not matter what he ‘intentioned’! Today he is an old rag; he might be well known -even a “Nobel Peace Prize”- but among his people, few remain with him. 

This, as news nothing more. Because it illustrates how the individual processes, that we have mentioned before, becomes universal! They are made between countries! They become common. Of course! It is the result of a saw against a saw, of neighbour against friend, of husband against wife, of boyfriend against girlfriend, of lover against lover, of ‘againstronte againstrante againstrinte’…

Of course, the result is: “No! We will not vote you anymore. We will take you to the cemetery.”

How easy! Yes! The saw, the reason, the science, the logic… they make life, easy; because they have the guilty always at hand. And there is no better position… -attention to this- there is no better position than to feel like a judge. Like God. And blame! And punish! Like those gods who punished us with storms, with dramas, with smallpox… pandemics and flu… They were divine punishments. 

.- But not anymore! We have overcome that.

.- We have “what”?

.- We have overcome that. 

.- Ah! It has been overcome. 

And now, each one -“each one”, how wonderful!– can be a judge. It can be, simply, god. 

It has been replaced, over time of evolutions -evolutions?- the Mystery          -which was not understood-, by reason, science and logic -that they do understand everything-. And consequently man has assumed that role of “dear god”, who will always find a culprit…and punish him.

But… let’s look more slowly, the prayer encourages us: With what does he punish him? Ah!... He punishes him with mockery, with detachment, with disaffection, with no greetings, with distance… Aaahhh!...

Other times, yes, he punishes him with the stone, with the lethal injection, with the gun, with the rope… yes. But most of the time, he punishes… not reasonable elements. Reason has led to punishment: “I punish you for this and thisand this.”But, the sentence, he makes the sentence about -this man-god, as humanity- the sentence is done with the affections, the hopes, the fantasies. The sentence is done with the alienation and affronts; with the subtle comments; with the… “I tell you, but I do not tell you, do not understand well, but understand well, understand me, understand it”…

Ah-ah! That sounds extra-terrestrial. Yes. It does not sound as reason. Because the reason, once it condemns, should use a hammer or a blow or… or something that materially hurts. But it’s not like that! That subtle pain is sought out -“subtle” so to speak-: hatred, rancour, anger, accusation, gossip…

And the closest ones become distant because of any small detail. But later they become close again.  

Yes. There has been built -while being destroyed- an experience of species, really dramatic, traumatic, tragic! There is little space for peace. Little place remains… for compassion, benevolence, kindness. Those are not of this world anymore. 

In this world there is only what you said, what you did, how you did it… according to my criterion, in my opinion…; you did not fulfil…

The materialization of any emotion becomes a trial of reason. The materialization of any emotion becomes a trial of reason. “The materialization of any emotion becomes a trial of reason”. And, consequently, the lack of love is the one that marks the beat; it is the one who jumps rope. And you fall, of course.

The lack of love, that gives today but takes it away tomorrow; because, today, the reason saw… Or: “Thinking about it, I think that…; because they told me, because I have seen…”.

.- Have you seen?

.- Well, or I imagined it. It’s the same.

.- Ah! It’s the same! Good!

A cluster… A cluster…

.- Ah! A cluster! A cluster of galaxies is something…immense! It’s…buah!

.- So much?

.- Yes.

Therefore proportionally the being is, in its evolution, its growth, age, becoming a cluster… of reasons, explanations, un-reasons -but reasons- so impressive that only by sighing! -listen well- just by sighing next to someone, that someone will interpret your sigh; it will give it a reason; it will give it an explanation. And will surely relegate you…to a not very beatific space precisely. 

“You are weak. You sigh. This world is for the strong ones. This world is for young people, for warriors. You can’t sigh. There is no time to lament, but to execute!”

That’s the slogan, so be careful not to sigh! It might be a sign of betrayal or of…

The Praying Sense shows us this reality, and calls us -calls us- to invoke as beings product of dawns, that are born to love, for love! It calls us to stop being implacable judges. It calls us to use the reason when we use the saw for a material manoeuvre, but loose it when we go together, with others; when we share something! with others; when, evidently, we are -we are- “with others”. “We are, with others.”

And, at this point, to beg ourselves, to ask ourselves, to demand of ourselves… a testimony of kindness, which is not just saying so!, that we must exercise it. Maybe you’ve forgotten how it was!... And, above all, you feel so little!, that it is not easy. Because at times you can be kind to someone or something, but you can immediately be poisonous towards someone else.

It is not easy, given the path that the species has taken, to collect the vestiges of a cry, the sincere words of a charm, the emotion of a moment, the memory… of complacency. Is not easy. And maybe also because it is not easy!, they are left.

And the material, reasonable, logical, scientific… envelopes and gives reason to live, or stop doing it. 

But… the prayer beats, and the Creation per-sists. And even if the being feels emancipated, detached and self-sufficient, however little he feels -as “little as he feels”- he may discover that the fluid that animates him is not reasonable, is not manageable, is not manipulative. 

The realization of this small -but fundamental and transcendental- situation must be an exercise of daily emotion, of permanent contemplation: knowing ourselves expression -“knowing ourselves expression”- of Creation. And every time reason becomes daring, and materiality becomes righteous, we can sigh again twice to placate… to placate so much current condemnation!... To look for each other in reliability! To grow in confidence. To give “Love” some clues, beyond a daily pleasure, looking for “complaisance”: that creative harmony.

Complaisance…, to know how to see in other, the virtue! To know how to share… the complaisance of others!

And like this, to abandon slowly the dictator handsaw, of evidences, of science and power… without thereby renouncing what we know. Better said: what we “believe” we know.

Life is made of tenderness, emotions, fantasies, hopes…

Everything written with love.

It does not need reasons.

It arrives. It remains. It is eternal.

The saying or sentence said: “Deeds, not good reason, are love”.

If we work on the complaisance and on the virtues that are exponentially capable of developing, we will be able to coexist in harmony and in a balance that allows us resolutions, dissolutions and ‘exemplary’ testimonies that go beyond a fact, in the sense that each fact transcends. 

When we stop blaming and blaming ourselves… and enter into pleasing and pleasing ourselves, the compassion, kindness and mercy become allies, and they become the sparkle!... they become the sparkle of life. 





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