Observing with our small prism of curiosity, research... we realize that evolutionary or not evolutionary –let have a wide opinion for every one-, significant changes occur after an infinity... –to extend it in time- infinity of small details.

Yes. If we look at the details that the primitive algae had until they became all this biodiversity around us, hundreds of billions of years have passed. But they have been details: now is Oxygen, and before was CO2, and then I change it, now I don't, now I look for alliances with others, and then we become...

Well, it's not hard, today, to read what's been researched. Although we warn again that it may be a very stereotyped and even false view. Even. But it's the version we have. You see. When –you know it- the organism lacks a small, very small substance like an enzyme –very small, an insignificant thing- well, when that is missing –because in the embryological development it has not been produced, due to X factors-, it can produce a spectacular change in the subject: it can be that he does not grow, it can be that he does not develop his intelligence, it can be that he develops diseases early and it can be that his life is very limited.

.-And all because of that tiny little enzyme? 


.-A detail, right? 

.-It was a detail, yes.

We can describe an almost unlimited number of details that constitute a leap, we don't say for or against, but a leap in attitude, in sensitivity. 

.-And it was a detail. Umm! Curious.

But then it turns out that when we look at this human being –from a general point of view- with head, trunk, limbs –that is, complete- with enzymes, with everything, the details sort of... 

Yes! There are still details, of course, but they don't appear as collaborators for an evolution, but they appear as disappointments for a deterioration. 


It is the result –we can say- of the evolution of the behaviour of the species, in its culture, in its education, in its relations, in its conceptions of things. And although one detail led to the discovery of penicillin... And it wasn't Fleming exactly, somebody else had done it before, but as he didn't have the rank, it didn't count. Well, but "one detail".

But if we look at contemporary history as a whole, the details of the being's behaviour have generally been towards its deterioration. And few have been towards its growth, evolution...

Sometimes –think for a moment about what we are going to say, for those who might be interested- sometimes you contemplate, don't you? You contemplate without wanting to! By "without wanting to" we mean without meditating and contemplating; no, you contemplate what is happening and what is going on, and you get some surprises!...

Of course, then it is very difficult –not to say impossible- to check with people and say:

.-Hey, what does this detail mean?

.-Nooooo! That's that you see little pregnant birds.

.-Ah! It's true, they lay eggs. It's true.


Yes. Without pretending to, with the contemplative attitude, we discovered elements that we could not initially conceive of happening. Moreover, they are sometimes so close that, obviously, as usually happens in such cases, well... "It doesn't matter, nothing happens". And so we accumulate corrosive details, residual details, details that spoil ideals, projects... At least they shake them –it depends on how strong those projects, those ideals, those fantasies are-.

And all this is given to us... –it's a known fact; we are not discovering anything apparently- it's given to us by today's Prayer, as... as "talking to itself".

.-Prayer, talking to itself? Like this? 

But it is heard. That is, it can be heard. It's another thing to hear it.

And it expresses us that probably, probably –of course, from the point of view of the listener-, probably, if one had the detail –detail, eh?- of letting oneself be heard, of letting oneself be carried away, of letting oneself –it's a little moment!!-... impregnate by the caller –by the caller: Prayer Call- perhaps our attitude, our position... could even turn around?

.- Turn around? That much? 

Yes. But no such thing is intended. But it could even turn our life's performance position upside down, even of disposition.

By "a turnaround" we don't mean that it's positive or negative. Prayer doesn't understand that. By saying "it does not understand" we mean that it is on another level. Then, for the person it can be negative, and turn it towards something that he did not expect and that he does not like, or, on the contrary, turn it towards something that he did not expect and that is new to him.

But the important thing, in any of the cases –because there are infinity in between- is that it has been "a detail"; it has been a detail of that Call to Prayer, the one that has brought a mechanism of reflection, of comparison, of...    

A wise man said: "Give me a foothold and I will move the world" –referring to the lever-. And he was right: a point; a foothold!

.-A point?

Yes, an acupuncturist might say: “Give me a proper point and you will see how things can change incredibly”. 

.-Just one? 

.-One only! 

Of course, you have to believe it. It's a detail. "A detail".

So it turns out it takes a dose of belief.

.-Ah, so it's not intravenous.

.-No, no, no. It goes in another way.


The detail of the believer is that position of knowing that praying is the nourishment. Yes. It's the support. Because it is the resource... –there are others, of course; the Creator Mystery does not run out-. But, within our smallness, it is the resource that allows us to tune in to Creation and give our life a creative, clear attitude.

"Clara": no half, quarter, half of quarter... and quarter and half of truth.

Yes, if our belief is enlivened by praying and we feel immersed in a Creation, knowing that we are cared for, knowing that we are placed in the best positions to perform to the best of our abilities –which we have been given!-, then, any detail –if I am with that foundation-... any detail I have to incorporate, because it nourishes. And by incorporating it, I will like it more, I will like it less... my miseries will come.


Yes: "miseries". Every time a person picks up a prayer detail –if he is a believer- and likes or dislikes what he hears –especially if he does not like it-, he is submitting the Creator to the miseries of his tastes. Yes: to that pile of residues that are left and left behind, and that are not cleared up. Because there will be residues, but I can clear them up, right? But there are left behind... 

Glass by glass, the man is getting alcoholised. And he leaves it and leaves it… I mean, he thinks about giving it up one day, but he doesn't: "he leaves it , he leaves it". And that undermines him, undermines him. And one day he has a slip and falls, another day he has a problem and crashes... Things!

.-Bad luck, right?

Noooo, please! Respect luck. This has not been "bad luck", it has been an accumulation and progressive accumulation of residues that have culminated in blocking and hindering the cognitive capacity of the being.

You will have to get serious sometime. Or not. What for!, no?

But detail by detail, the personal stories travel and become great plot residues, that anything that falls into its sphere is like a black hole: it gobbles it up, exaggerates it, dramatizes it, terrorizes it...

But it's an unimportant… detail.

It is clear that you all know that, on the basis of unimportant details... they cremated, that is to say they burned, and not because of the Covid but because they were Jews, six million. You didn't... surely you didn't count them, did you? Well, maybe it was 5,320,000 –following the tones of the government-. They burned them! But they burned them to death.

.- Really?

Yes. They also wiped out hundreds of thousands of gypsies, hundreds of thousands of Christians... in other words, it was a very expert machine of annihilation.

This was just a little while ago, in 1940 and something. Just a moment ago. It was supposed that after all that... well, everything was going to be much better. "It was supposed to".

 The world was divided up into "small details". 

.-Hey, what's the deal with the Jews and the Gypsies?

.-¡You see!... 

And it is curious, because there is a story –probably true- that Adolf Hitler considered gypsies as a different race, not to be burned but to be cared for. It was a transitory mental disorder, of course. He quickly saw some detail there, some singing, some thing he didn't like, and he said: No! Take these also to the stake.

Then more wars and more wars came, and more killing and more killing, and more walls and more walls, and more hunger and more disease... Little details of immunodeficiency syndrome, little details of Alzheimer, little cardiac details, little unimportant details of tumours... Things of the species!.

.- Really?

Yes. But we've already assimilated them. We've set up centres for treatment, care and... palliatives. Right! Nice word: "palliatives". "Palliative". You don't know what they will do to you, if they'll... that is, burn you alive, but asleep. 

.- Ahhh! Of course, it's very different. You don't notice it

No, you don't. They've put you to sleep. They can burn you or do anything.

Yeah. Maybe we are exaggerating. We probably are. 

Detail by detail, little by little... a civilization has developed that, detail by detail, little by little, has an dark internet where you can rent a thug to annihilate someone, where you can find attractive paedophile possibilities... It's there! It has not been closed, it has not been pursued... However, it is warned that it is dark.

It's a silly example. How many more silly examples of detail can we add?!

In that praying monologue that has gestated today, it is set: "Well, and in my belief, am I an exception?" –the being asks himself-. He may say yes: "I am an exception and I am not in any of those things. I'm not in any of that at all. And I am a spirit... pure or almost pure”. 

It may be. True.

But it can also be –and probably is- that most people say: "Well, I certainly slip here, I slip there, I bump here, I bump there"... 

And without any intention... of drama! No! Drama serves to exaggerate a situation and make the person aware of it. The Greeks already did it with their tragedies, and well, okay. But day by day, day by day, it doesn't help us –ahhh!- to shout and say: "Such a horror!”. Nooo! They have given us talents, they have given us resources to –yes- to alert us: "And this? And this behaviour? And this attitude? And this closeness? And these words? Oops! What does this mean?”.

.- No, that's a minor detail. There's no...

.- Ahhh! 

How easy! –is it not?- it is to see the speck in someone else's eye –and the Christ had full contemplation- and how difficult it is to see the beam in one's own eye. It's incredible!, but true.

So, I can accuse this one, that one, the other, of having a straw in their eye, and demonize everyone without seeing the beam in their own eye. And if you even think of hinting with your straw: 

.- Hey, what about you? What about this detail?

.- Noooo! You're going to think I'm like you!...?

.- Ah. That's true. No.

Mental radicalisms have little creative capacity, let alone belief capacity. Consequently, they will not change their coordinates. They have allowed them a group of friends, of relationships, of tolerances and tolerances and tolerances that have created a micro world, and the rest is... the rest. The rest is... disgraceful, isn't it?

Like when you hear a politician speak. He talks about his project and his things as something absolutely beatific. But he is incapable of recognizing anything in the other one. He is incapable –of course- of recognising his little straw, assuming it does not have a beam.

We can certainly –as you can see- accumulate detail residues and make throwaway bombs out of them. Yes. Or we can continue to sweep them under the rug. Also. We can demonize the rest of them, other than our friends and ourselves. And our families, of course. Family and friends are untouchable. The rest is... psss!... psss!

The song is beautiful: It's a wonderful world. Yes, it's a beautiful song.

But it is better to keep it to listen to in better times, when we are in a position to feel that we are participating, acting, feeling, living... creating!, creatively, a better world. Then, when that happens, let's bring the song out. In the meantime, to the archive.

 It's not a wonderful world. Not now.


Speaking of details and following with them, obviously, as they are details, they splash out. I mean, it's like they come out and bite. 

Yes. And it is easy to... Like an anecdote that happened during a meditation day in Medellin: after a day, a person came to ask us why we were talking about him in public. I told him that I didn't know him well enough to talk about him in public, but he took it personal... But then another person came, and another, and finally we laughed, of course, because there were about 15 or 20 people who had taken it very personal. Because it seems that we belong to the same species and same or similar ravings are committed –so to speak- and, of course, everyone interprets this: "Ah, this is said because me”. "Surely, this has been said clearly without saying my name, but...".

Pay attention –for anyone who might take it personal- at the detail in It's a Wonderful World. We were thinking about a woman who had the idea that, if she ever had to leave this plane, on the day of her funeral or burial they would play her this music: It's a wonderful world. And the twists and turns of life: one little suicide detail, and they played the music for her. Of course, it was her wish. What a thing, right?

It is good to be satisfied, to congratulate oneself or to rejoice in beautiful, joyful, attractive situations. Yes, it's good it's good. But... without undervaluing that experience, we should rather worry about our impeccable, pleasant, clear contribution, so as not to give rise to...

And that we can really observe, what we really see –because you can see, you can contemplate- that what we are doing, that what we are promoting, that what we are saying has a pleasant, pleasing, even smiling result. And not that tension, that discussion that buried finger on the trigger that, in the face of anything, shoots. It shoots at an impressive speed! Impressive! Faster than “Billy the Kid” and these gun-toting celebrities. Impressive. I say something, and then they come: Brbrbrbbrb!... Okay, okay, okay, okay!... Impressive, the ability a human being has to shoot when he doesn't like something! My God!

This is the world –right?- that is manufactured, but another one can also be manufactured, which is the one that "in detail" the Prayer Sense is insinuating to us; in which we do not have to bark, we do not have to shoot immediately, but to wait... to contemplate... to contribute...

So we could end up saying, "One detail please. One! Only One".




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