The obvious socially established mandate of fear -which is a bit more than it was daily experienced- is amplified by personal kidnapping. A kidnapping that can range from structural, domestic, to personal, individual, separation, prejudice kidnapping...

All this leads the being to bewilderment, because if it continues to give way to fear, if it continues to be kidnapped... and therefore already obedient and fervent devotee of the command, of the mandate, it can also cause an escape into any place of consciousness, as anger, sadness or despair.

Obviously, it also happens that, under this characteristic, personal tendencies of worry, anguish, anxiety, prejudice, violence... are increased. The subject seeks personal importance, seeks "his" personal importance to justify his proposals, while feeling guilty. But he also demands -demands- forgiveness or... pity.

A conglomeration of humanities is being made which justifies NOT LISTENING to other proposals, based on personal rescue.

Of course, everyday victimhood is increased by any circumstance! There are no longer any categories of whether this is important or banal. No, there are not. Everything can be very important now. And, in fact, affection, respect and care are being lost very quickly... and each being is sheltered in his ghetto as if he had never heard anything!

It becomes the centre, and everything has to turn around its misfortune, its worry, its obsession or its... tear!

Humanities are incapable of re-emerging, of demanding courage, bravery, acceptance, and recognition... and, from all this, a clear and determining desire for change, for modification.

But it doesn’t. Between the victimhood of some people and the complaints of others, the game of checkers is composed: ready to eat each other, ready to distance from each other.

The outlook is not -and remains very much in the dark-… the outlook is not Christmassy. No, it isn’t. No honour is given to birth; no honour is given to dawn.

The Prayerful Sense describes to us today what is happening, which probably sounds and seems "normal" to all of us, which certainly indicates that we have lost, that true reactions have been lost: those that recover from any discomfort; those that are capable of "respecting" the reaction of others, in the face of our "apparent" normality.

These 'clarifying' reactions that "do and let do" have been lost. And rather, those paternalisms of government and state have appeared, and the being begins to manage it. And that's when the curtain and balcony police appear, and then it is spread to those closest to them.

It is urgent! –the Praying Call demands-, it is urgent to dissolve all these elements and collect all the seeds that have been planted in us! Re-listen to what we have experienced, what made us capable, and enabling, but it was left behind… as if nothing had happened. And it is more about what is happening now. But what is happening now... is a tiny part of what is about to happen.

And therefore... you have to have sufficient expectations of resources from what I know about myself and what others know about me.

Providence places us in situations where our criteria, our point of view, may seem even beatific. And surely it is -or maybe it is- but if it is so, it must know how to listen, seeing the kind of reactions that the environment is giving to us. As we have said on many occasions: the world was not tailor made for us; we have to adapt to the measures of the world.

And we have been given skills and resources to do so!

And the Prayerful Sense, the Prayerful Call is our main guarantee, our fundamental resource.

It is what discovers us, it is what guides us, it is what shows us the courage to make justifications disappear, and we embody every day, every dawn, with a new smile, with a renewing, rehabilitating attitude.

May we be able to show this pride before the Eternal, not before others! In front of others, it's easy! And if we present our pride and arrogance and our personal importance before the Creator Mystery, we will probably end up -almost before we start- dissolving it, repenting, and feeling the forgiveness of the Eternal.

That is where the haughtiness of vanity is to be presented. There: on that stage of Creation, not on everyday stage! There you will always find victims. Always.

On the other hand, when this arrogance is shown before the Prayerful, before the Creative Mystery... first we must "be able" -and it is important to be so- and then it will come... it will come!... the outcome of our arrogance, converted into a calm lake -"converted into a calm lake"- in a serenity... smeared with tenderness!

You cannot give in to traditional inclination and to justifications for maintaining positions of ostracism, of sectarianism; in short, reactionary positions that do not favour coexistence, that do not help sharing.

This moment of humanity requires EFFORT: that we recognise our strength; our strength of Love. Yes, the one we know we have experienced, that we have shared. That loving power that makes us lambs, and not wolves. That loving strength that believesbelieves in others, that trusts in others… even if the results are not what were expected: it doesn´t matter! Trust cannot be conditional. Trust is perseverant... and mouldable.

Do we not, perhaps, give the child that little bit of trust when he wants to help us? Do we mistrust when he breaks the cup or when he hides something he should express? No. We adapt to it. Yes; we adapt, but at the same time we delegate responsibility.

Trust, in no way, can be a bond that takes over and dissipates the resources of others.

Trust is liberating, because it makes us feel that others believe in us, but that we are not forced to believe what they believe, of course!

Coming out of the crossroads with the expectations of releasing the burden of everything we have commented, is the answer that Prayer gives us, it is the implosion that recommends to us to give a qualitative leap in QUALITIES.

As a sign of our prayerful listening, and consequently our attention to incorporate what corresponds to us from this call for attention... we can exclaim:


Yes! Have mercy, Creator Mystery, on the basis of your Prayer Call, on all people who come to your Mystery. We know that there is no need to ask for it; it emanates from You when we open up ourselves.

But we need to remember this, and not be ashamed to ask for it. Because it is not about asking, it is about reminding us that the Mercy of the Eternal is there, ready. But we must come to show ourselves, to tell ourselves, to tell-HIM, what he already knows. But, doing so, we listen to ourselves.

And it is the daily effort on every detail, on every moment, on every opportunity. It is not about the great change, the great strategy... of military command that orders this or that to be done. No! That is again vanity and arrogance.

.- And what can I do in the face of lies?

.- Just!, don't lie! 

.- It's that... -what a sentence!: it’s- it's that the others are lying.

.- Ah! It will be their responsibility.

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop trusting them. I know voluntarily not to lie.

So much pride and vanity for many things, and for the small daily ones: "I just don't know", "I just can't"...

We must dare to give testimony of what we are as a species, as humanity... and abandon daily all that colonial and colonialist vestige of positions that seek gratitude, but on the other hand they attack those who are not on their side.

Painful. "Pitiful".

If we have been brought to life it is because the trust of the Eternal is evident. If they have brought us to life it is because they have given us the resources to be an example of balance, of harmony. If they have brought us and they allow us to live!... it is because they expect us to expand our means, our talents!

Let us honour life, the “living” of everyday... 

Each day that passes without redeeming, is a new weight to carry on... 





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