The prayerful call becomes a refuge and a haven of conscience


Similar to the wind that passes... and that outlines its words, with haste, so the species of humanity now crosses this time of agitation, of consumerism, of powers that are exercised blatantly in violence, traps, lies...

A complicated network difficult to unravel, because its effectiveness lies in the entanglement.

The different groups of species incite -by their interests, their perspectives-, to partial or total domains and, consequently, to judgments: to the idea of ​​judging; not to the evidence of what happens.

Moreover, before the evidence, according to interest, these are valid or... or simply refused.

And so, the generality of beings is inclined to judge, to condemn, to punishing.

One might ask: is that a characteristic of humanity? Is it... perhaps, as humanity, are we judged...? -from Creation, from the Universe, from other places-.

If that were the case -"if that were the case”- the species would have been doomed long ago. Maybe it is, and we are not aware of it.

But the evidence tells us –as far as our conscience reaches- that we are not an object of surveillance, prejudices, punishments, judgments, convictions...; rather we are... frameworks of a Universe called "life", which is continuously recreated, cared for, helped...

We could say that this Creator Mystery is condescending.

We could say that it is comforting.

The generosity of resources for living is unfathomable. Is that a sign of judgment...?

Then, in correspondence -without effort-, unless you want to impersonate the very Creation, any prejudice, judgment or condemnation... "it’s not like it", since the lie hovers through its vanities, and seeks “its affinities” to create confusion, straggle, with an intention of winning, triumph, seize, and so on. It is a discourse already very repeated, that annuls and tries to annul the evidences... and it easily convinces by its proofs, that more and more it is seen that they are elaborated, manipulated, and that in the great majority of the cases we do not have access to that procedure.

Consequently, we must resort to perceptual, circumstantial, occasional evidence... that give us a criterion of value on which we can inquire, about which we have access... under the optics of non-condemnation, non-judgment, as thus the Creation treats us, as "life".

It is not difficult to start at some point!, in everyday life, with the coexistence that shows itself as elusive, fearful, qualifying...

Many times the being is lost in the great events, and he does not realize -or sometimes he does not want to realize- the small events: those that need help, comfort, understanding, listening...

As we can perceive, in the coexistence of information we are in the greatest misinformation that we could be, since everything can be manipulated, orchestrated... And the situation requires that we be specially alerted, that we are especially alarmed to be able to distinguish straw from grain, lest we eat straw... and we lose vitality. And, consequently, without it, we are fuel for any tendency, opinion or way.

Sapiens, by corrupting their wisdom and administering themselves under violence, and incarnating themselves in “economies resource managers”, seek their rents. And, for this, the consciences must be easily manageable, and easily manipulated.

The Prayer Sense calls us for a position of Universe, a disposition "without judgments", an attitude of knowing how to separate that straw, of the grain...; knowing how to place oneself without prejudice, but ¡carefully! Otherwise it is easy to fall into the... not only "ignorance" -that we all are-, but into a manageable and easily manipulated ignorance. It is easy to fall into the past, into the premises that did not work, into the nostalgia that hurt.

It is also easy to ignore and be warned of the simply everyday: "cannon fodder", easy to be duped.

Numerous environmental rings contour us. And at the same time, if you are not alert, we can also be rings that contour others, and so on. And each one, with its singular power, constrain the possibility of evidence, of discovering for oneself what really alerts us, concerns us, hurts us.

At the same time that we are living truly incredible events, at the same time, that incredibility that reminds us of fiction -but that is no longer fiction, and in that sense we are exceptional witnesses-, at the same time we are in a boiler of excitement, of pain near to extermination, of a globalizing “big brother” who, on the one hand, has enveloping aspect that makes us communicating vessels, but at the same time it has the subsequent manipulation that tries to turn everything into vulgar, distinguishing a few that handle the means that make this apparent universality possible.

In spite of belonging to a Christian spirituality in which it was “wielded” -as past- "do not judge and you will not be judged", "with the same yardstick that you measureyou will be measured", despite the evidence of that origin, just the opposite is done!

Fear, as a vehicle of repression, of self-repression!, of justification, has already become almost a protection.

Fear itself uses, when it is established, resentments and mistrust.

And of course, History -ay!-, with its fallacies, with its half-truths, with its suspicious lies, with its radical changes, with its incredible manipulations, is setting a  trajectory difficult “to apprehend”. Because, if you pay attention -look at a very simple detail-, any history has some “reserved matter".

Isn’t that something! How historians arrange things to reconstruct the history if the documents, the facts, the circumstances that were involved, are "reserved matter"? -by governments, by States... -. What history are they going to tell us?

Poor them! Something has to be invented, or something, "officially", has to be affirmed.

There is a permanent judgment in everything. For example, now, after 40 years of "desmocracy", they allow certain documents of the Civil War -which occurred in 36: 1936-1939- and of almost 40 years of dictatorship, now they allow some documents to be consulted. For historians, of course. They declassify some documents. Then, most of the time, those documents are of very little interest.

So, what History...? Why this hijacking of events, of what happens?

And what does the individual have to do or what does he do? Well accept what... what is most prominently said, or the version that argumentatively is stipulated that it must be believed.

Again, the winners write the History. And the losers have theirs, so that the reciprocal claim is given and the dispute is maintained continuously.

Sad! This is not how each dawn treats us. This is not how each season shows us, with its cold, its springs...

This is not how the waves reach the shore.

This is not how the creature begins its first steps and is amazed by its first teeth

 It is not like this that life becomes rapturous... Neither it was nor it is. But the ones who hijack the obvious and make it irrelevant want to “tell us”, we will be defenceless, but at the same time... selfish, self-centred, egocentric and self-saving egoisms will be generated.

Oh! It seems there is no possibility...

But when we are called to pray, everything is different. Besides making us to see, under the Creative perspective, what happens, -“the call”- reminds us that they call us to guide us, to remind us, to insist on our nature and origin of Mystery, of envoys, of ¡intermediaries!..., of inter-pendent relievers who become one with everything…

The Prayer Call becomes a refuge and haven of... consciences.

Soft, the dawn slips... with the whistling of the wind... clearing the cavities, the obscurities, the obsessions and the conflicts.

The light discovers us...; it encourages us...; it makes us conceive the living… sigh.




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