Humanity... finds itself prey to its own ego-idolatry. It is necessary that, with precision, "we rectify".


The species has created like a fence, like a barrier, like a wall... from which you can not get out; with some laws, some rules and some... accessories. All without an option to rectify.

Prisoners of wars, of economies, of food, of health, of cultures, of norms and norms and customs!...

 Where are the exit spaces in that wall!? The areas that... do not need borders...

Any... any suggestion that in "domesticated consciousness" arises, is subject to evaluation, correction, adaptation; to a series of securities to obtain the corresponding ego-idolatry: see benefits, profits, privileges...

Rectifying all this process seems... mission impossible.

The wall that our own ego-idolatries have put on is immense! And at the same time it's fictitious!, virtual! But it is adorned with so many legends and events and developments, that... the walled species feels secure in its ghetto of states, countries, and communities....

 They do not dare!... to get an interstellar idea -interstellar?-; they don’t get used to consider an idea of Universes.

And so much so that, recently, a celebrity: the professor of astronomy for 30 years, from Harvard, expressed the proximity of an alien ship, quickly other wise men fell upon him, accusing him of... "protagonist."

A man with more than seven hundred scientific works in thirty years of professorship... is looking for prominence?

Yes. The idea seems... -under the egotism-idolatry outlandish!: "What! Is there anyone else besides us? It cannot be!... Do not even think of coming!"

Everything -generically speaking- is under control.

The very one called "God" is controlled in the temples, in the norms, in the laws, in the commandments, in the scriptures… That’s why the faithful war and fight among themselves and against others...

Everything has become a cheese ‘fondue’, in which everything is greasy.

Religious philosophy, which could lead us to other consciousness, is full of personal interests. So full that... penalizes any idea that is not previously written.

The Creation, the Creative Force has been sequestered in images, in totems, in scriptures, in sacred books... And the only option to enter into another consciousness... is death! The only possibility of crossing the borders of the walls, of the reasons, the logic and the established concepts... is dying!

Yes. The species has been able to hijack life. To create a bubble with a virtual wall -but... felt- that, without a doubt, is -under that state of consciousness- responsible for anxieties, anguish, loneliness, sadness, manias...

The Creation, kidnapped. Life, imprisoned!... And all well secured with armies, laws, magistrates...; weapons, if necessary...

 If little by little -although a little becomes a lot- is rectified, it is possible that the wall of the "domesticated presence" -that virtual, but existing wall- will be melted by some... orientations, and let us see the "Creative Consciousness". We can wrap ourselves in the Mystery of Eternities. Make the words that seem inaccessible be felt in the everyday: "immortal", "infinite", "eternal", "creative", "loving".

Yes; what looks like speculation and insanity -like the arrival of extra-terrestrials- becomes an... evidence.

And to the extent that I rectify my limits -I 'un-limit' myself-, my Being becomes... Universe. It is different, different from the domesticated. And hope is sighing, without... without doubts!, about it.

Hope is sighed without doubts! about it -hope.

It is enough to look at any small decision, in any small action that takes place, so that we realize the pressure, the constraints that gravitate... between person and person! Between people and people!


But, yes: when the ego-idolatry is well established, all that oppression feels like normal; logical. "This is life".

That life that travelled in eternities and that, among other places... of infinite presences, also in this one fructified. What strange seed germinated and gave this species... that curled on itself and dragged everything it found?

And it became powerful... It became powerful, violent and fearful!

And so it maintained and maintains the mass of species. The masses move inside a container. And that container is the barriers and the walls...

And under the idea that "it is the best, the only thing, what suits you”, the mass allows itself to be moulded... and becomes a robotic experience of stimulus-response.

And so, the violent power, generating its fears, does not see; no... it does not contemplate rectifying.

 It is afraid.

But here it is that... infiltrated follies that have remained, that go and come to other dimensions, alert us to the indispensable, necessary and urgent rectification.

Let thought become illusion! Let ideas brush fantasy! Let the impossible cease to exist! That the solidary action of discovering... make an impression, not by our abilities, but by the very Creation that lets itself be discovered.

       Let the consciousness be rectified in the idea that "life is me and depends on me", and be aware that life is infinitely expanded... and I am an equivalent of life! An equivalent!

And when I live it, and I live like that, then I get in tune... with the solidarity living, with a complaisant living...; without the opportune fears that block laughter, humour or fantasy!

Without fear of power, with its violence... that threatens, threatens, threatens again and again!

It scares us!

If, to the extent that each being is rectifying its experiences, he submits them to the "universal presence", he becomes aware and wakes up to thanks, thanks, thanks!... to the Mysterious impulse, the days are made present in life Without it, it is not possible.

Yes. There are consciousness that come and go from the walls.

And so it is warned... in the Prayer Sense! And so life becomes Universe. And it stops being "planetary" of this place!, and becomes "universal" of all the ‘multiverses’.

Everything that is accessed to contemplate... is created towards complaisance. Not towards kidnapping... and the fake custody of power and of 'self proclamation' of authority... Even, of Divine representation!

We are equivalent of an Infinite Creation. And we pass through infinite worlds. There is no "outside" or "inside". We are ... "in".

And to the extent that we rectify towards those positions, the kidnapping rinses... are weakened. And we will not drown in a glass of water or with a glass of water! We will not fall into the trap of manipulating our consciences... and live, any event, with a drama, with a tragedy, with a despair... typical of powers, violence and fears.

And thus, arriving, being, leaving and following... it is possible to rectify, it is possible to be aware of the vigilance and the oppression.

And so arises the intention, the vocation and the need to rectify what has been imposed, bound and... forced with intimidation.





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