Each being awaits what each of the other beings must do


Our way to be and being... is a daily consequence of each ‘loving-dawn’: of being born each day as a consequence of the love of Creation, of the Creative Mystery.

 If we think about it, we will be able to discover the suggestions, references, orientations by which we must develop our capacities, in order to fulfil the duty of our creation.

Created as a necessity of a Mystery of eternities, each being is an element of conjunction integrated into the Totality.

And yes, it does happen that every being asks itself: "What should I do in the face of this sensation, in the face of this situation...?”.

 It turns to its ‘knowledge’, to its understanding, in order to find the best answer.

 At this point, it becomes a sectarian. Yes. Under these conditions, it ceases to consider itself as a permanent creation.

And so it is that the Prayerful Call conveys to us the need to place ourselves in the creative dimension, in the face of the continuous response that we need. To realise that our response will have an impact on everything. It is difficult to assume this, isn't it? But even scientifically... -which is rudimentary- even scientifically it is proven that a fluttering here has an impact on a vibration over there.

However, selfishness, the cultivation -over generations- of the personal importance of "my name", "my surname", "my country", "my culture"... all this baggage acquires such significance, such meaning, that it almost erases our position in the universe.

And we say "almost" because we are still here.... And, consequently, there is at least a halo of universality, of Creation, in our presence, which we must promote.

It would be to say, "each being awaits what each of the other beings must do".       

And thus, to be able to realize… each one’s identity.

The evidence that we are needy beings ratifies this situation.

It often happens that -in this direction- the being wonders: "And how... how can I know what plans it... has?”.

Do not go on. It is the wrong question to ask. This is the typical hedonistic, arrogant and conceited question: "How can I know what Creation wants from me?  Element, material, methods".

A solemn silence will certainly cloud any kind of response.

On the other hand, if the being places itself in the humble submission of listening, of emptying itself of acquired, inherited contents, of environments and interests, a sign will emerge -of course it will- a sign, a something that, as they say: "I wouldn't have thought of it. I don't know how I came up with this or that idea, or this or that project, or this or that attitude".

That is the side of our nature, that sustains, maintains and entertains us, and which comes to the surface when we put aside our self-importance, our constant criticism, complaint and prejudice.

To stop being an island and become a sea.

And that is how the sea, loving... makes it easier for us to swim... and leads us to wander on dry land, without accommodations, without property...; with the disposition of that Mystery that sways us; that calls our heart; that makes it realise a transcendent loving-love.

We are under the influence of "The Liberation", of the hexagram of the oracle that marks our "transfiguration".

We can leave it as exciting or even fantastic words, but that do not belong to us. They seem to be reserved for leaders or people of special consideration.

It is a way of evading the answer. It is a way of considering that... "this is not for me".

On another level it would be said that it is a cowardly attitude.

If life and living is a value of constant courage to make the journey of immortality, cowardice is the worst villainy. "This is not for me. "It not my business, it doesn't affect me. "It's not my problem”.

 It turns out that everything is our problem. It turns out that everything is our business. And as a result of that, every being has to open its senses... to feel where the liberating signal is coming from, our position; what our attitude should be.

And in that question comes the specificity of the answer: "by being transfigured".

Yes. You… could say that, well, that's part of the miracles, mysteries...

Good! That's a good answer! Yes!, yes! And if one applies it to oneself, you can realise that you are a miracle and a mystery; that each one of us is a miracle and a mystery. We don't know why we have been brought here, but we discover it as we listen to our Origen.

And that transfiguration is the attitude with which we present ourselves, the word we use, the sincerity with which we express ourselves...; the response... -and this is an important detail- the response "on the spot" that we give to warnings, to situations... or the responses that we give "by instalments".

If we do it in the "spot", we transfigure our position... without the heaviness of "the pending", without the cloudiness of "looking good", of half-truths or white lies.

That "on the spot" is the story we tell as servants of what we feel and aspire to for the needs of Creation.

Forcing, forcing -forcing, eh?-... forcing a lot, we could say that the situation is very simple: either we submit and enslave ourselves to our genome, environment, epigenome, laws, norms, customs, habits, interests, proportions, proposals, interests, profits... and all that correlate already so crushed, or we submit to that -and we more or less know what the result will be- or we enter into another attitude, to which the oracle refers us: we liberate ourselves.

This does not mean that all the environment, all my history, I am going to destroy it, I am going to... No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I am going to pass it through a sieve: the sieve of faith, of Creation, of believing; the sieve of sincerity. I am going to pass it through that sieve.

And perhaps -and so it is- the distillate is different... from the imposed obedience or the imposed violence that the being exerts on others.

Undoubtedly, it is a simplification; we could even say "grotesque". More, more... more it serves for -as the French say- the "prêt à porter", the "day by day", the "what shall I wear, what shall I do, what…

Not to wait for the great ceremonies and the great moments to say and decide whether or not to do this or that. Every inspiration is a great moment! Every exhalation -that is what we do- is another great and transcendent moment!

The minimal wait is... the pressing need to culminate, inhaling and exhaling. It is the hope that animates us.

Yes, hope that animates us: that mysterious influence that awakens us, pushes us, places us.

In this transfigured, liberating being, time is not there. This means that we cannot postpone, we cannot submit, hoping, to the waiting that ends in despair!

It is often said that we are children of our time, of our history -in which we appear-. It is a way of evading our timeless universality.

As we have heard before, we are intermediaries, messengers of a need, bearers of resources, because we belong to a unity, even if it appears to be separate.

Life expresses itself, and is given, because it is unitary, because it -life- is a need of Creation.

"Life, a need of Creation", which... which for us is an envelope of Mystery.

And that it is necessary to assume the Mystery, without the prejudice of ignorance, without the prejudice of incapability.

Thus, the evolution of the being allows it to discover the influence of that Mystery and non-need to discover it and to know what it is. I can do that with secrets. To realise that living with the Mystery implies a daily impulse towards the unknown.

 It is the possibility of "discovering"... and not getting caught up in reason, guilt, prejudice, etcetera.

Each being is an exceptionality within a unity. And this allows us to generate respect and listening. It gives us the convivial impulse to discover our expression in the Whole, while simultaneously developing our contribution, our special service.

We must place ourselves in the exceptionality of the extraordinary, so that there is no doubt about our quality, our warmth, our charity…

Let us not to question each other's tastes, but feel the certainty that we are being led... mysteriously.




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