We are called to pray... towards seeking to promote our gifted virtues of the Creator Mystery; those that are intermittently employed...; those that then abuse or become powerful...; or those that... sadden, languish and seem to forget their stellar origin.

We are called to pray... to identify and identify ourselves, before Creation, of our role, of our function...

We are called to pray by reclaiming our ignorance and dissolving our "free will": that powerful reasoning of pride, which seeks to justify the power of one species and the contempt of the others.

We are call to pray... so that, in that ignorant uncertainty, we may be innocent enough to discover the presence and action of that Creative Mystery in us, with us and among us.

We are called to pray so that personal prominence, the claim of merit or the applause of achievements... do not turn us into puppets of our vanities.

As we heard in other prayers: “I have to tell to myself: “I do not belong to me”, I do not belong to myself. I am an expression of Creation, of the Creative Mystery”.

And not belonging to me, I am not a property to be bought, sold, rented, lent, donated, inherited... No. I am a useful messenger who makes itself present in an instant, due to a mysterious need for what we call “life”, and what we prefer to call “species life”.

And so, we feel universal life, and we stop “categorizing” species, classifications, as if we had nothing to do with it, or as if we had engraved with fire the biblical idea that everything is given to us so that we can subdue it, dominate it, control it...

A selfish interpretation.

Everything is given to us so that we admire, wonder, respect, care... and realize that we are, no longer "part of", but constituent elements of the species of life.

We could say at some point that we are minerals, vegetables, animals... And emptiness. And nothingness. All at once. Impossible to collect as 'know-led-ge'.

And that does not imply limitation. It means recognizing.

Recognize that, to the extent that we are subject to our possessive laws, we will be permanent limits. To the extent that we are not subject to laws of possession, dominion and control, we amplify our consciousness and make them worthy of the wind, of light, of the unforeseen and the unexpected, of wonder, of curiosity...; of realizing that we are... entities in love. Yes, that we have been born in love by that influence: loving dawn. We are born for the Love of Infinite Eternity.

And that makes us eternal!

But if possession is incorporated as a “domain of reason”, it makes us limiting, limiters and limited.

We have heard that... “In the Beginning was the Word. And the word was with God. And nothing was done without its resource”.

And we have heard and heard… words! And we have learned languages, idioms... And impostors have passed, those called "times" -which we prefer to talk about "instants"-.

And the Prayerful Call asks us: And what word –what word-… or rather, generously, what words have penetrated our consciousness? So that, with that word   –also remembering: “and one word from you will be enough to heal”- one! -one that is, not only an expression, reading between the lines, of “a single word”, but also understanding the world of words-, that by knowing... or, rather, by being ready to listen, has penetrated us in such a way that, by its sound, by its intonation, by its theoretical meaning, by its strength, by its the echo, by... -the word has so many nuances!...-. Well, which ones have taken roots on us?

And it is important to know it. Ask yourself, rather.

But the Prayer Call takes us a little further. And it tells us: “Well yes, you probably remember this word and that and the other and…”.

And...? And...? Is the quota over?

And exactly -and that's how it is- it usually closes -like the fontanel in a new-born: those open orifices that beat eagerly for love-. It closes. And so, this one's name is Ambrosio, that one's name is Linda, the other's name is... And this one is from Guatemala, that one is from Singapore... All of that is closing, right? This one feels European, that one feels African, the other...

And then, to close it more, one is an architect, the other is a lawyer… “And what are you?”. “I am a health technical assistant”. “I am a naval engineer”. “I am an astronaut”.

And then it closes a little bit more. There is no longer any possibility of any other words entering, because: “I have…”. “Here my son”. “Here my wife”. “Here my husband”. “Here is my home”. “Here are my State Bonds”. “Here are my savings”. “Here is my pension”…

And that can begin –and it begins soon!- the closing of the borders of consciousness. And now each one is categorized in Alcobendas, in Alcoy, in Paris, in Rome, in New York... with passport and all.

And one wonders -the Prayer Call asks us-: And what happens with the other words, after you are all that?: naval engineer, health technical assistant or... influencer -to catch up a little-. Once that, what? The other words, what happens to them?

Oh ok! Today, in the current time, they become Twitter, Instagram, Telegram... or any “am” that may arise. Which is even more dramatic.

So, you could say that there was a time, when the baby said “mammy!”, that was really…like…

Just to put an initial statement. But then, with the fontanels closing and the spaces closing, the famous “family,” for example, was created, which was taken to the category of “sacred”. Amazing, right? Incredible!

Yes. Incredible, because the attribute of “the Holy Family” turns out to be –apparently- its founder –who did not found any family, by the way- because he never spoke about the family. What's more, he was a little detached: “Woman, what do I have to do with you?” –he said one day to his mother-. That seems rude, doesn't it?

Then, in moments of trouble, it seems that he said: "Well, there you have your children... Anyway, I'm busy with other things". And to each one who followed him he said: “You, leave everything. Leave your father, your mother, your businesses. All. Leave your dead ones. Leave everything. Come with me".

Where is the family?

Did Paul of Tarsus invent it, or some others interested ones? By the way, the concept of “family” was typical of slaves, in the Roman Empire. Only slaves. They got together, of course. Slavery, hardship, tragedy... brought them together.

And how did it become so much so that it even became sacred, and became –this is an example- “the most important thing is the family”?

And it is amplified, because not only does it remain in the genetic family -which is worth the joke of saying: and who knows! -, but it is amplified: "the Seat family", "the Spanish family", "the Argentine family”...

But... but what is this? How has consciousness, the pore of the skin, closed so much? Openings to amplify and merge with stardust.

“No, it's just that I have this character... It's just that I had this trauma!...”.

We are all “traumatologists”. Of course! Because we all claim to have traumas:

“And that trauma marked me”… –as if I were a cattle that was marked with the owner's stamp-. “It marked me”…

And well, weren't there more words in between, and things, to remove the trauma? And weren’t there ointments for trauma, or syrups or incense...? Apparently not.

And then come historical memories, dramatic memories, bone memories, fossil memories...

Then, life becomes a trauma. We should all be traumatologists, of course!, to see if at least some 'ar-ti-cu-la-tion' can be fixed.

Ah! Such word! Yes. The articulation is something that unites some things with others, right?, maintaining the property of each of the parts, but having a harmony of solidarity communion, so, for example, the knee moves. But the femur is the femur, and the tibia and fibula are the tibia and fibula. But one cannot exist without any of the others, neither the capsule, nor the synovial, nor the cruciate ligaments...

It is beautiful! Isn’t it?

Well, it seems that there are many mental cruciate ligament tears. And they began with words, with sound events...

But what happened next? –I insist-.

Prayer seems to tell us that we have become deaf. Deaf, not only hearing: external ear, middle ear, inner ear -that is, deaf in the ears- but deaf in the skin!

Millions of pores – as many as neurons- flood our skin, but…

How many poets! How many songs! How many writings! How many lectures, how many sermons, how many prayers pass and have passed, and it seems –“it seems”- that beings... repeat themselves and repeat themselves.

And in a way it is like that. And in the brief history that each one remembers...

Not only yours!, but a little more: the environment. There are truly other continents. That other people exist. True. Really. That it is not necessary to have the power to know, to know that they exist.

Well then. It seems that deafness took hold of the species, based on the fact that the species took hold of what it found. Ah! It made it its own, and only listened to itself, to secure what it found... and make it its own.

Of course, from then on, the fontanels definitely closed and the pores became impermeable.

Oh yes. It is true, it is true that, as the song would say: “in a corner of the soul”…

Yes. There are corners... -that are not known and we cannot locate them, because they will not have space as such- there are corners that are permeable. If it were not so we wouldn’t be, in consciousness, alive.

And that is why prayers, meditations, contemplations are maintained and preserved. Because… although times and centuries pass, the being feels, “in some corner of the soul”… –as the song would say: “I still keep the memory that your love left me-, your love of the Eternal.

Perhaps in that corner, where the inspiration of the Creative Mystery flows, and which allows us to live, we can transform, we can make our condemnations for traumas flow; stop being traumatologists!; to move on to another specialty... quantic! –because it is so small that you don't even realize it-.

Ah! “Change specialty”… Ah! Alright.

And yes, it will be said immediately:

.- But there are things that happen, there are things that happen that cannot be forgotten.

.- And who said “forget”? What is memory for...? But, without forgetting, remove the mark. “Remove the mark”.

.- The thing is, after that, already…

.- Yes, okay, it's normal! You were very scared, it terrified you, yes, now stop now... but it’s been 36 years since then!! And still “it” marks your character and marks your mood… Please!, please!, enough!, it's time for… that is there and you know it, but… but other things came! Ah! But you didn't listen to them. No, no, no.

The Prayer calls us, it touches the pores of our consciousness.

And I'm not going to stop loving and falling in love, because a paedophile priest persecuted me when I was a child, at school! No!

.- But that did happened!...

.- Yes, and...? He was unlucky. He didn't achieve it.

.- But it happened, and you were scared and…

.- Yes, yes. But then I became brave! And I fell in love twenty times!

.- Yes. And then you were abandoned.

.- Well, yes, so what? But when I look at the stars at night, I see them in their place; they are faithful. And when I perceive how the life of the beetle, of the ladybug, of the lettuce, of... the air! vibrates, well, all those burdensome and scabby and traumatic experiences become like... small learning lessons.

“Little learning lessons.” Not small traumatizing traumas.

Yes, yes. The Prayerful Sense gets everywhere, it intrudes into any corner of our soul, because it is the vehicle we have to refresh... global warming.

Yes. The Praying Call knows how to smile. The Creative Mystery is not a powerful sniper that torments us and persecutes us.

It is a Merciful and Kind creator of eternal lives.

Yes. As some astrophysical scientists now say: “It seems that the Universe is intelligent and evolves”.

Oh! Oh! They have been slow to realize! The Universe is intelligent!… And where is the brain of the Universe?

It has also been discovered that plants are intelligent, and they also do not have brains.

May be those with brains are the most incompetent? Ah! There are samples!, eh? Yes. But it's not about beating yourself up, no. Far from it.

So, we say to ourselves: “Where am I...!?”.

And what can we answer? Well, the most logical answer is:

.- Why are you asking me that, if you know that I don't know where I am?

.- Man! You are in a place in La Mancha.

.-Ok, ok. Leave La Mancha alone. Who is asking me? Is the Creative Mystery going to ask me: where are you!? Please! I alone ask myself: and where am I?... I don't know!... Floating in the Universe; with the consequent law of gravity, because I can be pollutant, a polluter.

But well, our little blue ball is there, apparently silly; it tilts for a while, turns on its axis, goes around the sun again... and all those things that we have been told; that seems insufficient, don't you think? Will there be anything else...?

And so, returning a little to today's prayerful manifestations, if “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and nothing was made without it”…

Some human communities warn that only that which has a name exists. What has no name, has no sound. It lacks... that: it has light, but it lacks sound. Because perhaps in the beginning it was “Light and Sound”.

Perhaps, “the Beginning” is too short, don't you think? Yes, because if we say “beginning” it means: “Ah! Well, 20.2 billion light years ago…”. No. “Beginning”, no. Eternity has no “beginning”. The Infinite has no “beginning” or “end”.

It is difficult to assume that, in pragmatic, practical consciousness.

You have to enter another state.

Stop being a “traumatologist”, stop being a “psychologist”… and become anonymous, porous like a sponge… that lets itself be carried away by the swings of the songs of the wind that it perceives with each breath… and that… smiles with every sigh… Ayyy!



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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