When a creative artist imagines, thinks, is in the occurrence of a manifestation of that thinking, be it either a painting, a poem, a letter, a pattern for a dress… when you have it in that consciousness, and later decide to move it in to a structured form, of a concrete manner –let’s say "material"-, if it is neat and obedient to its imagination or fantasy, the result from that pattern, of that painting, of that arrangement -can be applied to any activity-, the result is the same as was thought, with the difference that one was not with-form -understanding "form" as tight structures like the material-, and the others, the so-called "material", are there. But they are the same, what happens is that they have "suffered" -between quotation marks that of suffered- a process of transforming skills that have given another performance, another feature to what was imagined, was thought, and even felt.

This is a constant of the history of mankind, which goes from the let’s say primitive hominids that decorated their caves with images of hunting or images of everyday life, up to the modern rockets that reach distances and put satellites in orbit that… who cares?

And this detail, which could be understood, is usually not felt and, consequently, the usual way of conceiving the “way to be” is divided into two parts: the material part and the non-material; “non-material” that can be fantastic, spiritual, psychic, souled... Well! There are different considerations.

One is visible, tangible, verifiable, measurable, ‘weigh-able’... and the other isn’t. The other is speak-able, feel-able, imagine-able…

If we assume this constant at the time of prayer, the message that this prayer -in generic terms- provides us has a realization, has an option, a ‘possibility’ of exercising, in the phenomenal world, in the material world.

And so, we could say that the so-called "spiritual way" or "spiritual life" -as you like- is not separate from the way or material life. This has been a kidnapping to gestate power.

And there have been reasonable, logical, mechanisms produced, so called "intelligent", that have proposed a break, a kidnapping; a separation between some worlds and others, so that we understand each other.

If we have followed the plot of the constant, we will see that this separation is a false vision of what we call "reality".

It is the same as saying -in the correct term it would be-: "This child is the same person as this adult". In saying "the same" we mean that it is a progressive transformation, but it is the same, seen at different moments, angles and perspectives.

This praying vision seeks to put in evidence to those who pray, in relation to what they hear, in relation to what is meant and understood of the prayer, to link it to their daily life, constant, material.

Consequently, if you assume this proposition, the difficulties to unify what is unique are going to be lower than usual. It is true… it is true that, through civilizations, cultures, customs…" –the religions have collaborated a lot in this- they have placed emphasis on that rupture, in this kidnapping. Later, the science and its technology have been in charge of finalizing concepts that hijack the fundamental part, the creative part, and adjust only to the realization phase; and separate this, from the imaginative one, which has not yet taken shape.

And so the being lives ‘dually’, and has -is said to have- a spiritual life and a material life. 

And they manage in that permanent duality, as such the being is never a being with-conclusion, with-flow, unitary… it sways and wanders between the melody and the blow. It sways and wanders between emotion, affection, attraction, the poem and… and the touch and the hug or kiss.

It could well approach this so-called idea of the "prisons of the soul" –what would the mystics say-, and it is what on other occasions has been said and is said: “the thinking, feeling and doing."

And attitudes are made and are realized, gestures, answers, positions that demonstrate what you feel and what you think, but that at the time of justification, they are separated, dichotomized. 

Here starts the discord, there begins the suspicion, there the doubt is gestated, there begins the distrust, there is gestated the "I don't understand," there begins the indecision. And beginning from there, can emerge the voice in “off” or the voice in "on" -with higher decibels and greater forcefulness-. The rupture is made.

Later will come the justifications, the explanations… once again!

I think we all are aware of these mechanisms "one more time", with which one will have the feeling that nothing has moved!; that everything is still in the same position. And, of course, it seems that every day is the same, and so the feeling is that: "Here we go! Just like always!". Yes. Perhaps, more than a feeling it is an evidence.

And in spite of the multiple incidences of the message, of the idea, of the project, of the suggestion, of the mystical, "despite "... it weighs nothing! For that I say "despite", because it is not heavy, it weighs nothing! And the being returns to the same tones and answers, when the messages cease that do not have sound sense. 

"When the messages cease that do not have sound sense".

It is returned to the " automatic response”. And of course, so turns out, every day, almost the same. 

And so, it is that the being becomes bored!, gets tired!, desists!; takes with some enthusiasm some way or some doing, but then looks for a change; a change that does not occur, rather the scenery changes, and it begins to do the same again!

Human communities of civilizations adopted, in the course of history –the same as this-, attitudes that gestate hunger, diseases, disorders… and also gestated means and resources to alleviate, improve, or perhaps cure, this or that alteration. When this was resolved or improved, they returned to do the same -the same as they did!- and they relapsed; and so on.

And he who had prejudice toward women, fell in love one day, and reduced his prejudice because with that woman he felt well, until –as the prejudice was not removed- when knowing her more, he realized that also prejudices hovered over her. So, the rupture came, the dissolution, and the prejudices returned.

Or those of that woman who had her special moral, with which she tolerated all -especially if they were unknown-, but she kept the well-known in line, not that they are going to think “that"…; and when the situation was unsustainable, she started again. And like this were chained together the repetitive stories. And although the calculation of probabilities, of possibilities, was responsible for displaying other options, oh!, no, no, no, no!, the mistrust was effective; there was a lot of mistrust, so much that he who did not dominate or control, was not wanted.

"Discouragement". Yes!… The Discouragement goes a long way and fills the human being with panic, given that their images, their ideas, their idyllic proposals, are carried suspended in a balloon…, and at the same time it wears shoes, socks, skirts and trousers, as another thing, unable to unite them.

And when is said to unite them, they distort them; and they put the head on the feet, the feet on the head, the hands on the legs… A monster.

So much? Yes. You could say, in calm and colloquial terms, that the human being today -generally speaking- is a monster… that possibly at some point acts as such. Or not!: it is left latent; their prejudices remain latent, their rage, their hatred, their desires, their punishment, their judgements… 

And like this they consume and are consumed millions, on a daily basis.

All, all have a betrayal to tell. All have some disappointment to tell. All have some big lie to tell. All have some delusion to tell. Doesn’t it seem suspicious… to have so much to tell that is hidden!?

And, of course, like this it is possible that the being moves in a misleading way and acquires several personalities; and in the work it is in one way, in the so-called "family" it is another, faced with the intimacy it is another… So many, so many and so different!, that they do not fit, they don’t join together.

Hence, the dissent, the contradiction, the friction, the confrontation. There can be no other thing!

And like this any story seems so similar to another story!...; when the correct would be that any story would be so different to another story! It ought to be so, when that duality is not established, when we do not live in that distortion.

It could be said -in a softer tone, removing the monstrosity- that we play with tricks, with marked cards.

Everyone has their tricks, of course. And each one naturally denies them. There are exceptions, oh, yes! Yes… very few, yes. Yes, yes. But there are. This may save that we can keep on praying, on the basis that a drop of virtue can dissolve an ocean of evil.

But also on the basis of this proportion, the Sense of Prayer establishes faced with that call that makes on us the Creation from its Mystery, to give us clues, to give us suggestions, to give us guidance that we can exercise! Or, at least, to incorporate the idea so that it is fruitful in the realization, that is if it has to be realized. Avoid the fracture, avoid this separation between that which is called "spiritual" and that which is called "material".


It discourages, at least a little, to persevere in the content of the soul, in its residence with the spirit, because it seems to speak in foreign languages which, he who waits with his material arrow shoots, faced with any option and possibility. 

There will always be reasons that destroy illusions. There will always be motivations and justifications to do away with emotions, right? You will always find an explanation for a decision that hurts, because the pain and grief become material, and then give the feeling of dominion and power... right?

But usually is not arrived to this consciousness, rather the being is left gratified with its predominant position, arrogant, and decided, to establish a line and a way in the... "Well, yes, but… no!".

What a shame of pleasant memories! When put into practice, they do not have the influence that they had anymore. And a being is able to live years and years in a fantasy… and in a few months, destroy it and turn it into a pleasant friendship.

What cold ice! What a moving way to turn off the lamp!... it shone and it shone, but the hand and the blow challenged it… and only was left, of her, an increasingly distant image of faint smoke, which is how was announced that "there was"… 

It is often said that "everything can be fixed", right? Surely yes, but… do you want to fix it? Or do you want to fix it with a magic wand that comes to solve it? But are there any living personal proposals willing to change?, or everything is already prejudged, tried, and sentenced? But the dissimulation is made that there is nothing fixed. And there is only a transfer of interests. Voila!

The Meaning of Prayer shows us, today, a transcendental facet, as is this dual experience that does not correspond with the intimate reality! And that it is urgent!, because the exceptionality still exists, there is an urgent need to be exceptional. There is an urgent need to promote oneself in virtue.

It is a necessity of survival. To survive… in that emotional, sentimental, vibrational crash.

No, no. There is no drama or tragedy, there are evidences… which are knocking at our door so that we open, we open the windows and doors so that the “Creator Breath” ventilates the stagnant presuppositions… and the real events arise, whatever be their consequences; if not, well!... everything will continue the same!

And it seems to be so important that everything remains the same, that we defend so as not to lose it! 

- Wow!... but that is a treasure or a residue? 

- It is a residue

- Ah, it isn't a treasure? 

- No. Because if it were a treasure it would be logical to defend it; not to lose it…

Only the exceptional waits for to follow the true sense. 

To lose that train, is certainly… a suicide. 

To Gain and defend the vulgarity… it is a martyrdom.

The light returns to offer… "to be born again to Love": "born again to love "

It could be a journey “not to be lost”.



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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