From the silences... they clamour for the transparent words; those that pierce our being and leave their vibration of eternities.

Yes! "Eternities", because they emanate from that immense silence... promoter of sounds, womb of the born.

And so, when we are called to pray, it is done from the silence of the Creator Mystery.

And from there arise the precise, necessary words.

And so, silently, the listening becomes attentive.

And from the silence we are claimed and asked:

"What is your task today?...

What is the demand that claims you?...

What kindness have you available?...

What contributions do you know that are needed?...

How... how do you visualise today’s world?... So great!... ".

Yes. The Creation offers each being, some of these questions... as a reminder of their presence in the web of life.

From the Creator Mystery, essence, nectar of beauty, we are warned of the need to find the beautiful event –the beauty!- of each day.

And it seems... it seems to be heard in every corner, a whisper that says: "What beauty do you contribute today...?".

And it seems that the environments and all the beings are hungry!, those who claim... demanding you: "What beauty... do you contribute today?".

And sometimes, the beings flee as persecuted; or they think it is not something for them, but for others, and it is for each one:

"What is your contribution of beauty... today?"


Oh! Oh!... It seems... it seems that living is a constant and continuous claim. It seems that life itself does not leave us alone!...

"It seems"...

But feeling that "In the Beginning was the Word, and nothing was done without it"... we are not claimed!, we are discovered from the Mystery! We are discovered. We are not anonymous. We are discovered and point us to the real weft of life, to show our capabilities, our resources needed. And, to look for those we need,... in the adventure of the revelations; to the acceptance of what is discovered.

.- Hey, you, pilgrim! What are you bringing? Where are you going?

.- Who speaks?

.- The Silence. Yes, you are a pilgrim. What are you bringing? What good news do you bring!?...

Did not you know you were an emissary...? That with your being you transported something to give?... Or maybe you thought you were something else?


Yes! "Emissary": the one that emits a vibration that is expected, that is needed.

Where are you going?... Ah! But are you going or... are you carried? Do you let yourself be carried...? Or, before the evidence that you are carried, you propose and deny and protest and rectify and lie and deceive and disrupt your gifts, and the needs that are expected of you do not arrive?

They take me, and I'm discovering that I'm going.

They take me, and I'm discovering that I'm going.

And if that is how I discover me -being carried and discovering that I am going-, the surprise, the unforeseen, the novelty, the different!, the Creation, owns me... and promotes me as an artist.

"Creation owns me and promotes me as an artist".

Thus, in a Mysterious Creation, I become creative. And I believe!... in the believing... that creates me.

And I believe in the believing that creates me.

Oh! With the culminating shadows of dawn, the being -as a chrysalis- stretches out from its wrapping. The light claims it, and the being discovers its wings. And it flies in the sighs, in the imaginations!, in the impossible... that reveals as possible!

Ayyy! Fears vanish before the greatness of the flight!, before the accomplice silence of the wind!... soft... but vigorously supporting our imagination.

'Chrysalis' ready to show... testimony of flight; to reveal oneself as a breath of love!... with the first light, encouraged by the Eternal.

Yes! You are encouraged by the Eternal!...

The Eternal enjoyed your design, and you are enjoyment of Creation. Do not spoil that dream. Do not deny your origin! Discover your encouraged greatness.

"Discover your encouraged greatness".

Assume your Mystery!

Discover your true feelings! Do not camouflage them. Do not delay to assume them. You'll get lost. And, when lost, the Breath will become elusive of you.

In greatness, only the great fits.

The one who feels small in the greatness of Creation generates conflict... under the illusory idea of ​​becoming great. It already is!

They take you; and, thus, you will not get lost.

And in that "take", you will find needs, demands...: apparent stops that demand your attention.

Do not think that you are still; the messenger continues. But his continuity of "being led" contemplates the magical presence of an attention that seems to be still, but in reality, as we pay attention to it, it moves with us. If, on the other hand, we don’t, then our perception will be... it will remained still, "there I abandoned", "I left it there"... Right!

But the one who is taking us has resources to rehabilitate... our arrogance.

And this is how occasions, opportunities, circumstances appear...

In the eagerness of "normality", to be in agreement with the powerful oppressions, the being loses its spontaneity, declines its innocence, sets aside its novel experience... and enters into the unavoidable routine.

The Creator Mystery is not a power. It has no precepts or laws or regulations. It's so big!, that if it had it, it would have suffocated; I would have disappeared 'oppressed'.

And if the creation is great!... why should we be under to the dictatorship of others, the prejudices of others, the punishments of others, the resignations of others... that impose on us?

And in a loving awakening, to admire and admiring oneself, the creative coincidences are made.

But you have to let it happen! It is a claim of life.

Let’s not be an oppressor of our greatness; an inhibitor of our arts; an enemy of each one of our missions... towards where we are led... today.



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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