It becomes convenient to develop a conversion


The profiles of our species are cut, constrained, prejudiced, vain at times, intemperate, profitable, lucrative and abusive possessives.

 All this gives us a sample -without being catastrophic- of a community of life, disturbed, confused.

And also, without any moralistic spirit, and even less judicious -of judgemental- the human community is presented to us as... clueless, without clear paths, with ever-controversial ideas, oscillating between the most frightening alarms and the most wonderful achievements.

"Manic depressives" would be the simplified name; which is neither good nor bad, it is the description that helps us to know how to place ourselves.

The Prayerful Call shows us, in these brief words, the general situation in which we are all immersed. And "being immersed" obviously does not mean that the different vicissitudes described above happen to us, but it does, "at least", splash us.

To remain in the serene equanimity of affection, solidarity, communication, tenderness, dedication, passion, enthusiasm, is not only… not easy, but also not very profitable, in this time of economic humanity.

The Praying Call asks us if we really feel that this whole profile is natural evolution, or rather -without excluding that natural evolution- we have taken, as a species, the path of power, dominance, control, manipulation... as the most prosperous, most profitable and most beneficial style. Not for everyone, of course, but for the most powerful, in the broad sense of the word. And this is probably the case.

The Prayerful Call urges us to see the perspective; the perspective of eternity. And as it is obviously too big for us, at least the perspective of... of two moments: the immediacy of the instant, of now, of the day, and the perspective of the year, of the years. Without losing the idea of infinity, of eternity. An idea which, if it is incorporated, encourages us, helps us, relieves us, since it places us in a process, in a development... where there is no rush, no acceleration, no delays. There is no time. And by saying "there is no time", it's like when we talk about: "Well, it's been 2.5 billion years since...”. "And it's been... no, no! it wasn't 1,500, it was 3,000 years ago that...". It seems -doesn't it?- that there was no hurry. It also seems like yesterday, because it's not that long ago. Or maybe it's a lot.

But maintaining this consciousness of Eternity provides us with the service of establishing the rhythm that corresponds to us... with the possibility of correcting, rectifying, changing, converting...

 Because something that is there, and that is a sign of this human course, is the repetition of attitudes, projects, errors, criticisms... This is repeated over and over again. And it makes us think, like the famous Matrix film: "Some things do not change".

On the other hand,… our structure, our perspectives do change; although, obviously, we can continue repeating the same proposals we had when we were young, when we were mature or when we were traumatised.

Politicians, economists, scientists, wise people... they all talk and they all include the word "change" in their jargon. Perhaps they are all aware that we have to change this, that, the other...; change ourselves for others.

Then there are apparent changes, and then there are suggestive changes, and then there are changes that force others, which is an indecent manoeuvre: if in order for me to change -or to change- I have to disturb others and prevent their changes and their projects....

It doesn't seem, "it doesn't seem" that the word "change" has the root of modifying, of rethinking, of... But it does help us to see that there is a need, and that we are aware of it.

The Prayerful Call is inclined towards conversion: 'with seeing oneself', with-verse, with conversing, with poetising, with discovering oneself, within the magma of life... and expressing oneself as a liberating, contributing, helping element.

That conversion presupposes an intention, an attention and a sincere evaluation of our impact where we are, of our impact on our environment; to evaluate our contributions, our testimony; to place it in the orb of fantasy, imagination.

Forget about time, about "I can" or "I can't”... and about the justifications that delay us.

Knowing that we are in a panorama of priorities, without feeling important, decisive, exclusive, although we are indispensable and necessary... due to our being, simply because of our being.

But it is easy to fall into the vanity of the protagonist, the owner, the boss, the director, the... of that pyramid of power.

On the other hand, it is difficult -in everyday consciousness- to enter into the swell of the sea, in which the waves spread out in thousands of forms, in infinite ways.

No wave feels more important than another. They do not compete in reaching the shore.

Yes, but the effect of "personal importance" is... very competitive.

So much so that beings refuse the idea of discovering themselves in their rightful place and try to usurp -perhaps without being aware of it- other places that belong to others, which belong to other actions of other beings.

 We cannot usurp the indispensable and necessary position of any being. We are close, we are in contact, we collaborate, we share... That's as far as it goes. And it is not a limit; it is just simply a balance. A balance that facilitates of the other..., and the other towards one and towards the other, so that we can give full realization of our gifts, fulfilment to our actions; to the reason why we have been brought to this place in the universe.

We have not come here of our own free will, no matter how much free will is wielded as a spearhead of freedoms. We have been brought for a "be and being", for a "doing", for a "testimony", under a Creative Mystery... that, if we are ready to feel it, we will perceive its coincidences, its opportunities, its unexpected, unforeseen points... which do not correspond to human calculations and plans, but rather they are coming from those perspectives.

But it is true that, in that profile in which the Praying Call has an impact, the species boasts of its achievements. Achievements that are labelled as such by the powerful: to see who has the strongest rocket to go as far as possible, to do as much damage as possible; to see how we can achieve the drug of drugs of drugs, to make us insensitive, to alleviate our burdens and our discomforts.

Now, precisely in this example, that designer and non-designer drugs enter science as helpers in the disturbances of our consciousness.

And so, little by little, we will be able to numb ourselves with resources that avoid us -and we can already see in daily practice- any discomfort, any inconvenience. But that at the same time allow us to robotise our actions in order to make our presence profitable.

In this conversion we see ourselves differently, in another way, with other attitudes, with other expressions. And if we see ourselves, it is because we are there and that is where we must go.

Our consciousness, in the Prayerful Sense, is permanently assisted by the Creative Mystery.

And the resistance to that idea lies in the personal hedonism that our consciousness is our own elaboration, the result of a personal history. And, yes, of course there are details we can count, but as we were saying a moment ago, we didn't come here on our own, we are not here or there by our own choice. There has been a need for us to be there, an incomprehensible need, that on the one hand we think: "The Creator Mystery needs us". No! Absolutely not. But it expresses itself, in its infinite Love, by making us present; by allowing us to act.

It is... -if I may use the comparison- it is that director of the stage, of the libretto, of the music, who is behind our acting; without that inspiration we would not be able to act. The thing is that the performer soon becomes hegemonic, and no longer heeds renewal, and repeats and repeats himself... in his vanity.

On the other hand, if we assume this "filiation"...

Which is not a question of obedience, nor a question of submission... in the sense of "being submitted", as the religions put it: "Submitted to the law of God"! No! Please! But immersed in that Creative Mystery of which we feel part, expression of it, without explanations; except for mystical moments that can and do occur in any being, that allow us to babble that expression of the Mystery.

We can also, without that surprising, mystical expectation, situate... -which is also mystical- the Mystery that we are, that we are "allowed" -if I can use the word- one day, and another and another and another, to act.

And that it has not been -"and that it has not been"- by our will, by our consciousness. No. It has been by a Mystery that has decided so.

It becomes convenient, under... -without implying submission and obedience, or any restrictive words- it becomes convenient to develop a conversion. To get rid of all those elements that we dislike, that we don't feel as our own. To get rid of those appearances, of those compliments, of those hidden ones, of those prejudices, of… -in short- of the crust, because underneath them the tissue is ready, it is clean.

But if we remain crusted, permanently conditioned by the infinite factors that surround us, we will always be stiff, tired, confused!

The saying goes: "Hope is the last thing you lose". Yes. By losing it..., it has been lost, the being has been lost; it's gone.

This hope beats beneath every crust. It aspires to gather the clean air of sincerity, expressiveness, concord, harmony.

That hope that, in addition to hope, we project: it helps us to project that hope onto the whole environment. Because we are shared intimacies.

Life is unitary. There is nothing outside it.

And it is not a matter of opinion: whether we believe, want to, or not; but that we form, each being, a unity of species with everything that exists, plus what we don't know exists and is there. We are connected!

And any thought, word, deed or omission -right?- is transmitted to everything.

And so it is that the cultivation of hope leads us to contemplate our presence, our being, our responsibility. And it is the daily encouragement that keeps us on our guard, to be truly the lookout that warns of... possible stumbling, but at the same time, they indicate a sense of being and doing and going.

 Hope: a lookout to not get lost, to feel oriented, to place oneself dedicated.




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