In the course of human relations, almost immediately the search for privileges can be perceived.

It would be difficult to know when these interests, these positions of an advantage of some over others began to develop; but what is certain is that it is there, beating in a constant way.


The custom?, is so generalised that… as it extends to all social structures, nobody -except exceptions- seems to notice; therefore, in not noticing, the correction is difficult. And when somebody complains about someone acting beneath the privilege of… their culture, their power, their customs, they don’t… see it.

The privileges separate the projections of future; the privileges destroy the intimate relations; the privileges make the being absolute… and they let him see his situation, but he doesn't put himself in the situation of others.


Still the species -as species- has not noticed that, in the sphere of life, the human species is a privileged species. As a consequence, it shouldn't look for privileges… but, maybe because of this idea of a “superior species”, it doesn't have enough with the dominion of all of the surroundings -and of everything that it can-, but it always wants more!...  Like this, the being becomes, an insatiable privileged.


Without doubt, in the actual style of life, to occupy a privileged position, does not only generate power, but it also projects influences, manipulates, alters… and dominates. It is clear: each one in their way, each one in their sector, each one in their cast, each one in their country or in their neighbourhood... or in their house.


It seems to be inevitable that the privileged ones be envied, criticised, sometimes hated... and this feeling in the surroundings makes that the relations between the most privileged and the least privileged are difficult, not very exemplary, and loaded with interest: searching for benefit, comfort, well-being; normally using the manoeuvre of the lie… and the “it's not important”, “it doesn't matter”, “okay, okay”... as a postscript or an instrument to avoid conversation; to avoid profoundness.

Like this is installed a human community that fights for its privileges; that, for moments, it settles with them and uses them to their maximum, to look for all of the possible benefit!

A community species, very violent ignorant and vulgar.

In all of this, of course are situated… the privileged “wise”, the privileged “technicians”, the privileged “musicians”, the privileged... -the idols; the idolatry of the privileged itself-; and also, the development of the cast of the “spiritually” privileged: they search to domesticate God, they look for favours of God, they look for the Divine privileges, they meditate many hours, make all of the techniques and tactics possible to be seen, in front of God -this God that each one creates-, dignified of receiving some privilege.

“Ay!, I am anxious and anguished! I'm going to meditate deeply to see if God takes it away from me!”

This is the very usual, eh?

Later it turns out that, the majority of times, God is occupied… and doesn't respond.

Sometimes it coincides that… yes: it is part of the personal deception; really, the Divine did not intervene.

Sometimes –sometimes- it is possible that some human beings notice that all of these strategies that the humanity has developed to obtain Divine privileges… have failed! Nevertheless, they insist; they search for this space or time where they can dedicate… some grace to the Divine, so that, before him, we occupy a privileged position.

Really, to see it like this is… is grotesque.

But what… what… what idea do you have about the Divine?!”

The best idea is to not have any idea. In the moment that the being has an idea… and thinks that the Creation and the Mystery work in a certain way, he would search for –obviously- the privilege in the cathedrals, in monasteries, in prayers, in meditations, in yoga, in... whatever!

“What a shame”

But it's certain that -on the other hand- when he doesn't have this opium, he has withdrawal symptoms; and humanly -as he is very ignorant- he handles this badly! And what he uses is… the anger, the rage, the complaint... -the permanent bad mood-.


The option of transiting in the knowledge, in the discovery, in the understanding, in listening… is not easy because also is looked for the privilege of knowing “more than”...; discovering “more than” the other one…; that they tell me things in another way “better than”… it seems as if we are surrounded and it is impossible to take another trajectory. And, certainly, some of this -or a lot of this!- there is.

The dominion of the privileges extends almost in a congenital, genetic, hereditary way...; and, except exceptions, the handling of these influences is what gives the advantages and the “best” states of experience. So, trying to search for other circumstances without privileges is not very attractive!... Rather it results to be uncomfortable, because... the difference is noticed, with those who are privileged; with those who are carried or helped by their position or their condition...


Each position of privilege emanates certain instants of power and fear.

It is a way to... to maintain yourself privileged.

If we want to choose another way, we should realise… what is the privilege of those who surround us, to evaluate their power.

And later -very important- take away the fear; which a large part of this is what oneself generates, for the fear that the privileged, with its power, punishes us or persecutes us or tricks us, or...

Evidently, also, you have to look for the way to not exercise any privilege. And when it appears -which can appear in whatever moment- to know how to modulate it, soften it and that it disappears.

Certainly! I can’t negate my knowledge –small, narrow- and offer it and communicate it, but without a privileged position. The fact of being Spanish or Italian or German does not signify that I know my country -the politics, the economy and the sciences that have developed in it-.


As a consequence, don’t attribute privileges to yourself that… that don't exist! At least, focus on those which are evident.


Life, as an incredible and unpredictable event that appears in the Universe, without doubt is… a magic event! And, evidently, the human being did not gestate it. As a consequence, we have to approach “life”, beneath this sensation of astonishment, of surprise; being an “ignorant” who wishes to come out of its capsule; as an innocent that accepts what they show me. And, in this dynamic, maybe could be experienced other viewpoints that are not the privileged.


It is usual that... the privileged -in whatever area, to be able to distinguish it- defends with nails and teeth its privilege, and gives it a Divine nature, or stately or governmental -or whatever type of influence- to justify... the unjustifiable.

This attitude clearly denotes that the privilege is inserted, and difficultly it will vary. Everybody can explore themselves...


If you choose the way to dissolve this… “Privileged favouritism” you will be in conditions to dissolve the conflict and the permanent complaint. And we will have a consciousness of a healthy wait; of a doing that... is cared for, and in the care, it serves! And this service never is based on the destruction of others.

Based on this, very probably the being will discover satisfactions, enjoyments, pleasures... simply because of giving testimony to the flow of life.



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