Tian is a "bet" of the universe

The nomadic passing of the being, with its sedentary facets, is a continuous “bet”... to arrive, to reach, to achieve, to get!

A “bet” that many times is charged with arguments; of resources! It’s like an attempt... -sometimes also “desperate”- to choose the best option inside the range of the destiny.

And we “bet” on... whatever possibility. It seems that to be right -as a game- is part... of the entertaining process of living.

Like anxious compulsive gamblers, the beings of humanity look for in the race, to compete, to see who wins; meanwhile, those who don’t have to run on this day “bet”... on this, on that, on the other.



Sometimes, there are things that happen that don’t really lend themselves specifically to reach, to get, to win, but the spectators “bet”... that they “won’t arrive”, they won’t “manage to” they won’t “be able to”...; that “yes, they will triumph” that “yes it will happen”...

A “bet”, like palm readers of life; that in other moments they are said to be wise... and erudite! -Although in truth if the truth exists, they are a long way away from it-.


Happenings and more happenings, of “bets” to outline which is the best, what is the most appropriate. “Bets”, sometimes a hunch!: “I have a hunch that...”.

There are those who “bet”... against themselves, and there are those who “bet” on “the least capable” -in theory!-. Some “bet” against themselves to give pity... and to shelter the “last one”. The “first one” has its talent, and its grace, its reward. Now they will have to maintain themselves, knowing that, in this regime of “bets”, sooner or later there will be someone who runs faster. And so the groaning will come, the sadness, and the “goodbye”.

How difficult it results, to play and “bet” at the same time, and sooner or later, not to lose!

And during the “bets” the participants retire in the last minute for... a lack of training, for a small injury, because they don’t trust in the race, in the race itself -because they were waiting to participate in other better prizes!-. Others retire because they don’t agree with the rules of the race: to some it seems very long... to others it seems short...

In the end... from a lot of participants, later in the race there are very few. The “bets” become lukewarm.

It seems as if the participants don’t have the urge to win, but interest to be there, to participate in this decision of to... “Bet on themselves”; to propose themselves, to give themselves...


One song said:

Although it will cost me the life

I continue to search for your love.

I carry on loving you,

I go asking

Where can I find you


And so, as if without wanting to, in the “bet” enters the “loved”, the sensation of a lover, the inspiration... of love; that although we don’t know well its nature, it inspires whatever tone or song.


It seems -according to what is told- that a few ““betted” on “Christopher Columbus”, that Genoese or Carthaginian sailor... -each one claims his birth- that, guided by power, he went to try out other winds.

 Who “betted” on that?

The fortune... –yes, in the end they were looking for fortune- smiled on them, and the “new world” appeared. Maybe others passed by there before -or maybe not; it doesn’t really matter-. He who “betted” on that got a good reward.

It turns out that, everyone was ‘close’, everyone were ‘countrymen’... sharing the loot. At whatever cost, everything was exploited!

Sometimes the winner is so profane... that after his triumph he is consumed in fickleness, and becomes so careless that he destroys his gains; his achievements. He squanders his good star... and ends up secluding himself in his hovel, waiting for a new “bet”.

As a bad, compulsive, anxious player, soon his intention is seen. And in the attempt, becomes hunted: “hunter and hunted”.

At the time of “betting”, you have to persevere in the attempt to make it a reality; to convert yourself... into the “bet” itself.

And in converting yourself into the “bet” itself... you make a firm decision!

 And in discovering the game of life, the being becomes a receptor of Divine influences that... are going to place the beings in their places -if you know how to observe-; they will make use of the beings, in their places -if they know how to be guided-.

Yes; because the Divine Creation is so subtle that it suggests the path to follow, but it allows... that the beings who understand what is the path, can choose others. Choose what you choose, you will meet the Divine presence.

Believing that they were different, and disobeying the sense of the divine, “He” was met head on. They were left embarrassed and remorseful. But that is not the worst; the worst is that if you don’t know how to rectify, “calamity” arrives.

Yes! It’s difficult to bet on! And to be betted on!...

-They “bet” on you!... Don’t defraud them!...

-Who? Who “bets” on me?


-Who are “them”?

-The others!

-Ah! The “others”. As if I knew who are the others!


After much “betting”, one could with serenity discover, that he who knows how to “bet”, is the Divine. And when I realize that he “bets” on me, I can’t be stingy, I can’t skimp on, I can’t say: “No, it’s that tomorrow I have a baptism”. “No, the day after I have to go shopping”. “No, it’s that the other...”

They have “bet” on you! They have invested... millions of years! –Millions!-.

 They have waited to carve you, and to compose your precious genome, so that you are in this place, in that space.

 Everything was prepared so that you were the “best bet”, but also your system was endowed with the option to renounce. And the renegade makes his bet. He stands up with arrogance!, with audacity! Intimidates the great “bet” thinking that he is going to win! Soon he will find himself evicted... from his own actions.


Yes, when the creation decides to “bet” on -and it always “bets” on- on each being “specially”, sometimes it’s noticed a lot, other times not.

If you know that you are “betted” on and it’s not the father, the mother, the cousin, the friend but a “special force” –let’s call it that- this is your best credential. There is no better one. You would say that you like it, or that you don’t like it... “I would like to”, “I don’t like to”...

 In the “bets” of life the tradition is always, that the man has done the opposite; because he has seen himself as so... important, so decisive, that he challenges whatever proposal!...

 The “bets” have been broken so much that now not even it seems possible that they do you a small favour.

“I don’t like to”... “I don’t like”... “I don’t want to”...

Small blasphemies of desertion. Life is populated with them.

Much to their regret, there are large “bets”!

 And although they attempt to counteract –put more weight so that the balloon can’t rise, put more weight so that the youngster can’t run, fill his pockets with lead so that they are heavy... although it won’t do him any favour-, when the “bet” is creation, development, imagination, fantasy, ideals!...; when the “bet” is true!, the lead is not worth anything, nor the mistake, nor the outrageous, nor the resentful, nor everything that supposes... retention, braking, delirium...

Like a steed full of spirit, it has the force of destiny. It knows where the target is! And in the length and passing of the way, it knows how to adapt, to live together, to share, to get along with, to confabulate!... and carry the permanent antenna of being in tune with the divine.

Although the interferences, criteria’s and opinions! -that everyone knows about everything! That everyone fixes everything!-... there is something that prevails. And in this prevailing is the true “bet”: to feel yourself covered by the Divine breath; the one that feels convoked!... by the call, without an apparent sense.

And in the passing of events, there won’t be missing -not outside or inside-... the darts, the arrows, sayings, gossips, that counteract; that compete.

When the “bet” “convinces” –that’s to say it defeats itself- and it stops being a “bet”, to convert into a sign, a sense, an orientation, a reference, clarity, healing, in discovering the constant Divine Presence!, he who “bets” becomes convinced... that the Divine was the “bet”: sure gains, without winning; the objective is achieved, without arriving; a permanent sustained vibration!...


And with the effort of “betting” on, and “betting” on, the “bet” is established, it installs. And if it is true, it expands! It reflects! It becomes an invariable centre!... that collects, converts and expands. It becomes a nucleus without benefit. It becomes a lighthouse! A lighthouse... that reflects its light, so that no sailor gets shipwrecked; to orientate he who transits without looking for credit or benefit; with the air to express... the reflection of the light: Which orientates.


Tian is a “bet” of the universe!

From its first manifestation... to its culminating presence, it expresses, knowing how to adapt, to progress, to share, to live together, to get along... and be Faithfull to its proposal; to be a testimony of its presence!; to be always a leader without competition!; to be an impulse without a lever; to be inspiration; to maintain its “original” sigh!... of pleasure.

It has known, it knows!, how not to be seduced by the suggestions, the interests and the human demands; to not fall into the benefit nor the profit but to be always available to the adequate service, to... the constant breath.

Each time that an instant passes, the proposal that the Creation pours down on us is more clear!... over this miniscule presence.

Never it sinned with vanity; and also not with importance. It knows how to look after the warmth and the freshness that gives!... the innocence, the knowledge, the illusion. There is no need to conspire. There is no need to compete; because what is inspired by heaven, doesn’t have this need.

And each year that passes, it seems as if it has arrived, but knowing that it doesn’t arrive; the important thing is to go.

How can you “arrive” in the eternity? How can you “arrive”, in the infinite?

No! It’s only an instance of reflection! Whatever celebration. It is only a moment of collection. The important thing is the “next day”!

Of course! The important is not the signalled day! It’s the next day!: When the room has to be maintained clean; the impulse has to be fragrant!; the desires undefined... but convincing!

It’s the permanent future, which animates. What calls out from these walls is not the sedentary present. No! It’s the future of supplications, of prayers... that expand without measure, because you can’t measure it! Because it shows itself bubbling like springs! They don’t know how to be digested, nor assumed, and least of all rejoice in them. They are so much ahead of the future that, when it arrives, it won’t arrive... and it will become even more future!

But, at the same time, each supplication, each prayer, is a call to the heart; a breath that gives life to the fire!; that reclaims to... the soul, to love more and better! A reclaim, without brakes! That goes under the skin to increase the warmth...and make possible that, the passion!, be a light, soft veil.


In the conviction -without reserves!-... to make us dignified to be... an infinite testimony... of an eternal act of love.



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