Give thanks. See the grace. Be reference.


The Call to Prayer becomes the echo of the Creator… that orientates, which suggests, that guides, which warns… the “doings” of humanity, the being of humanity, and the thought and the feeling of the humanity.

In each environment, in each circumstance, in each place… the presence of the human, as an expression of the Creation, has apparently different connotations. And it is said "apparently" given that the interpretation -according to culture, religion, philosophy, lifestyle, etc.- that is made is very particular, very possessive.

The Praying Call of today encourages us to universalize our particular versions of people, groups, communities, and insert them in… other apparent and different realities. 

And they are "apparent realities", given that they constitute the activity of the same species. And, although they are modified by its trajectory and its environment they have the incidence of the Creation that envelops all life.

Consequently, the expression that often is exercised, of: "What do I have to do with it? This is a problem of them, or the other one...". "No. I don't have any responsibility. This is a matter between… Koreans, Americans, Europeans… But I am a Muslim. But I am a Christian"…

Ignoring the dynamics of our species carries with it a demerit; a demerit to our own assessment, an absurd exclusivism and a poor income of exclusivity.

Without doubt, we are not all equal! Each one has and tends to one propensity, because each one has come with a proposal, with a mission, by virtue of the Creation. But! inserted in this life; communicating with all lives.

Can you… can you learn to read and write?

Ah, yes! In a multitude of languages. But it is to read and write.

The fact itself is common. The peculiarity of the language is an expression of the variability of the Creation. But the truth is that I should use the language. I need to express myself… speaking, writing, reading…

It is an example.

We are! capacitated to take consciousness that our actions… don't stay in the yard, in the house, in the countryside, in the town. They have an impact on all of the living nature. "Especially on the living nature". Clearer and more significantly over the humans of the same species.

The universalist consciousness -awakening to her- of our positions, actions, attitudes… also cannot be an obsession, because we will probably not manage to reason… the implications of our being, doing and way to be.

Now, if we know -because they tell us, the prayer reveals it- that our origin is not exhausted in us, but rather it expands and communicates with all of the living nature, little by little, remembering always that sense, we will go in the process of realizing the impact of our acts, our actions, our positions, our silences.

For example: two intense months of activity have passed in this place, in which has been shown, basically, the harvest of a previous time. But, given the sense that each moment has had, and because of the vocation of School in which processes occur, of course what has happened has not stayed here, it has not been limited to the attendees, rather it has expanded to the indefinite. We don't know!... It has had an impact on countries, people… And we are only a miniscule action, prayingly guided.

And the little that each one stops to look at this passing of intensities in different intensities!, maybe it won’t cost a lot of work to discover a Providence that, as auxiliary -even though it is fundamental, but "auxiliary", in order to respect the disrespectable human protagonist-, has made itself present: The Providential.

It is, therefore, proper to say that… looking for, searching for a glimmer of humility!, first comes a "give thanks" to the Providential, to The Invisible, to the Mysterious, to the Infinite, to the Eternal.

And surely, in giving these thanks!, we can notice... all the help! that has occurred throughout this fraction of time, of encounter. 

The chance, the coincidences, the surprises, the unforeseen, the unexpected, the luck, the help, the cooperation, the simplicity and the 'humorization'… have been timely and all of a sudden.

The Providence is tasted, it is perceived by the "details". It is shy in the face of the egotism of man.

And to the extent that we notice it!, we discover ourselves as mediators, as intermediaries, as pilgrims that are carried in arms through the infinite.

And then, this small detail –maybe because of naming it!: Providence, Providential- advises us, -with examples- that it is not that already it has passed: "it passed". No! it continues and, to put it in praying evidence, it promotes us, demands of us, incites us!... to what lies ahead: in that ‘what will come', which is already here, and that already claims organization, prevision, order, activities, projects…

It seems that there is no rest; and like this one can feel, when you maintain the consciousness of arriving, fulfilling and… "we'll see". But if the consciousness is advised that it is a pilgrim in the Eternal, towards the Infinite, it knows that each cycle or rhythm is promotion for other cycles or rhythms that tend, of course, to enlarge our realization, to clarify our position, to 'virtualize' -in the sense of "virtue"- our actions.



Every "thanks" to the Providential corresponds with millions of "thanks" to our human, animal, vegetable, mineral... environment…

And in addition, -and in addition-, those "thanks" should be implemented with the knowing how to see what in consciousness corresponds to us: to see the grace of each one, of everything, every circumstance; the grace, like that flower that opens and shows us its beauty and its perfume. Although, in the rational criteria, it seems like an inadequate expression for some malicious or painful circumstances… 

But, alas!... Oh, what remains to be seen!, that is not seen, and to what one is blinded… by the personal selfishness; by the passing of this sense of Life, which tends to abhor the very life and to use it as slavery. Ay!...

Therefore, even if it be momentary!, to view that grace, that beauty, that uniqueness of each vision that we have of the environment, in people and in any event, is another of the praying calls of today. Just like we are grateful and we universalize, and we feel communicated, communicators, to be grateful to the Providential, implies to thank the small, the close by, the intimate.

To dig in that particular grace is like discovering… -and it is not very faraway- to discover the original meaning by which that being, that detail, that event, is there, has come; what is its meaning in its passing.

Each dawn becomes surprise… because, from the darkness, the clarity allows us to define our presence. And that presence has the impulse, and should be channelled toward the realization, towards the conjugated service, shared, got along with, “collaborating’…

This lookout for of light, which outlines us, allows us to recreate ourselves -"to recreate ourselves"- in the beauty, in balance, in harmony.

Let each one be the lookout, such as the lighthouse on the coast, which alerts. And as lookouts, be a reference of who-knows-what, but placed as a remedy, as an intermediary, as a reference for their good work. 





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