A planet of “askers”


Since the human consciousness began to differentiate their capabilities of external events, such as the rain, the sun, the moon, the stars, the night, the day…, since then - without specifying a date- it could be said that humanity began to ask for and asked and asked; and continues to ask. Because after -the initial phenomena- came the totems, gods and other entities: saints, virgins… -a hoard!, a hoard-, who acted as intermediaries for a Superior Force of which nothing was known.

But of the hoard it was known that there were entities, some… that they achieved, it is not know why, and others that already existed, such as the seraphs, the thrones, cherubim, the powers that be, the angels, the archangels… and all the heavenly choirs.

If you think for a moment that it is only us, you are wrong. There is a crowd that has… 

Well! There was a congress, I mean, a "council" -which is different, huh?", in the Church, in which they discussed if the angels had sex or not. The thing was left as… that they didn’t, but with a desire that they did…

In fact, if you look, it is often the case that every individual has its protector:

"No, I am of the Virgin of Chiquinquira". "No, me… my patron saint, San Marcelo, he grants all desires." "No, I believe a lot in Monsignor Escribá". "For me, Mother Teresa of Calcutta…".

We have the antique, modern, contemporary…  all types. It depends on the stories that one has read about them, and of what is believed of them.



Added to this, of course, each one carries -or not; before it was very frequent-, of course, the scapular, the medal… well!, something used to asked for. Well, a planet of “askers”. But, but, but… -note well- big time “askers”! Nothing of asking, I don’t know… "Do you have some pants out there, to give me? I will return them when they are worn out"

I don't know, something like that, right?

Like when the Colombians say: 

-Can you lend me a cigarette?

-“Lend you” a cigarette? How are you going to return it, turned into ash or…?


No, but they are very polite. Very polite. They have managed to combine violence with education, in a way that is unusual.

But all this, could it be because of asking?

Of course! Things became complicated, very complicated, very, very, very, when Christianity came and Christ had the idea of saying: "Ask, and you shall be given".

If before they asked for, from there they called for more! Because then came new saints: Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Lucas, Saint Mathew… I mean, buuuufff! It is sufficient that you look at the calendar of saints: every day there are two or three saints whom we worship, who can serve as intermediaries to ask for, from a boyfriend or girlfriend, to sauerkraut, or continuing with the luck of the lottery.

Apparently, this indicated or could indicate an inability on behalf of the species to manage by itself. But, do you remember that song that says: "We all want more, we all want more, we all want more, and more and more, but much more…".

Well, the "more" goes out of… any limit.

And when I say "all", I did not mean that allas a unit wanted more, rather that "each one" wanted more and more and more and more.


What could occur in the disrupted mind … -well, in the mind; let's see if it is disrupted or not-, what could occur in the minds of mankind, to be such “askers”… to the unknown stratums?

Probably, probably when realizing that it lived -as we live- in an unknown space, that from time to time demonstrates itself with… floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, lightning, droughts… 

That is, it was very conditioned -and still is- very conditioned to the unforeseen, the unexpected….

 With the absence of means to control those great phenomena, surely arose the idea of asking, begging, of ways to pray, to make sacrifices -even human!-… to calm the wrath of the gods.


This continues in some manner, in some way, although really it has been modified in something. 

Yes! That "something modified" is to recognize… -and this “somewhat modified” does not occur in all, it occurs in a small group of people- to recognize that the events of life do not depend on us.

 We were sold that famous elixir that was called "free will"; that totally contradicts with the idea of an all mighty God, infinitely good, infinitely… everything, infinitely. It contradicts because, if so, how can we have free will? "So… we are so much like the gods!?  Or so god-like are we?


It is not difficult to understand, to comprehend… -which is not to feel and assume- it is not difficult to understand that, of course, the "free" and "will", is very good for the personal ‘egotisms’, but that, in practice, the freedom of will has so many vicissitudes that one does not want to happen!, that puts in doubt that fruitful elixir of free will.


To insist in that, it is not easy to assume that…  we are here, here we have arrived, here we have been brought… here we are provided with resources, means, chance, luck, the unforeseen, the unexpected… and here we are given the resources to make them operational and… and to culminate well: "Let it be what God wants".


This situation is lived today, what happens is that with the arrival of science and technology, with its sweeping advances that hijack a large part of the reality, the being has become more self-sufficient, more capable -so it thinks-, and with enough resources to "not need"… except when the child gets sick, except when the melanoma is active, except when there is an accident, except… 

Well!, except… except when they have to save you!

So then, apart from the fact that you are a good surgeon or a good… if you also, by the way, make a novena… or one octave, or pray the rosary, or any other practice of any belief, "it won’t be bad".



Now we have to realize, beneath the direction of the Praying Sense, of a… more than a curiosity, an evidence, that usually is not taken into account. 

 Yes. We have arrived to such self-sufficiency, right? And there is running water, there is heating, there is food -well, where there is-, there are planes, ships… there is even football! 

And faced with that, appears something which, I insist, is not taken into account; and it is that, with so much tradition of asking to the Superior -that continues to be done, although sometimes hidden, because of shame-, in the face of so much egotism, in the face of so much pride, in the face of so much personal importance, it turns out that, in the face of so much of that, the being has forgotten… -forgotten?; no: it is an act of pride- to ask to the one beside him, in front, the one over there…

It is curious! Yes! Each one has felt so… so… so… so… that later, in the moment of the day-to-day, … "I need a pen", for example…

Well! A pen!... To ask for a pen can be easy in some places, but in others it is not so easy. "And if I ask for a pen…?" Of course, normally, the one who lends the pen to you says: "Hey, with a returning character if you don't mind".

Because there are also people who ask many times for pens and they keep all of them. Since we have put this example…


And we can say:

"Hey, and when Christ said 'Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek and ye shall find', did it not also refer -at the time that we ask- that what we ask for, from each other, what we think, what we feel that we need, and the other one… knows, has, and has the knowledge?".


The egotism, the personal importance, the idolatry, converts the being into… "despicable".

Is it a lot, "despicable"? Let’s change it: "unbearable".

It is clear that, to the extent that neither it is asked for, nor it is known how to ask, then it is not given… nor do we have the need to do so.

We can assume for a moment -only for a moment!, right?- that, in the terrible, terrible differences that there are!... between human continents, if the being trains a little, properly, to ask for and… obviously to give…

 Because to give depends on "knowing how to ask"!... and constitutes a double gratification!: for the one who receives and for the one who gives.

But imagine for a moment that some know how to ask, and others, inevitably, know how to give.

As if by magic, those who did not eat, ate; and those that did not drink, drank; those who had no remedies, have them; and the rich are still rich, the poor are now not so miserable, they are no longer cannon fodder… with which they are more productive, more profitable, and produce more profit for the rich… and, by the way, gain some resources for themselves.

This, as a precautionary measure.


It costs! It costs to ask for, as if it were a failure, as if one were clumsy… And we all need to ask for!, each one in their environment, in their own level, in their...

Ah! But no! It is much stronger -"much stronger!- that absurd hedonism… ! And we say "absurd", because it does not produce gratification, it does not produce well-being, it does not produce joy or pleasure!... Which in theory is the natural tendency that one has, for the fact of living.


We are in the magma of a Creation. A Creation of Mystery… that shelters us, protects us, that provides for us.

To be aware of this -"to take consciousness of it"- is to feel alive!, really. It is to feel protected. It is to feel being created… daily!


No, it is not pointless to raise our troubles to the Creation; but not to search for benefit, but to show ourselves in our peculiarities, in our weakness, in our clumsiness.

The Mystery of Mysteries does not permit blackmail. It does not admit home deliveries. It doesn’t forget, and suddenly remembers "that"…

So many human egomaniacal qualities -is a transfer, isn't it?-, have been given to the Mystery, to the Creation, that it is converted into a very powerful human. And the only thing that we are doing beneath this criterion is… to extend even more our vanity.

 It’s ok to raise our concerns, our restlessness, to the plane of the transcendence, but not to the level of the resolution.


In this time, it is not easy to coordinate the needs with the sermons; the experiences of unusual presences… "mystical" - which we could call-, in the day-to-day proceeding. That seems to be different!... and is the same.

But since the reason became proprietor of the discussions, of the "truths"… how horrible!

Maybe that was the worst horror, from which we continue to live: when the reason became "truth". What terror!

And nowadays, of course, the reason is adorable!, respectable!, admirable!... "The truth." Which is the same as saying: "to live in the horror."; but without realizing it; or realizing but… wielding the sword of justice that the reason supports.

It is really dramatic. Although, usually, consciousness of this is not taken.

The reasonable contributions have been important enough faced with the absence of faith, which have become arrogant. So arrogant!...


It would be necessary… to assume our needs, to share our gifts, put them in transcendent evidence, without bearing the sign of an asking for, a calling for…

It would be necessary for the reason to take up its position, but that it could become sensitive… -is it possible?- faced with the emotion.




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