"All to Do" from "the Nothing", simultaneously


Contemplating humanity from the point of view of its passage in this part of the Universe -to simplify the evolutionist and creationist perspectives- is a story of continuous and permanent upheavals.

This would be enough to put something right. But... from the very first moments, the upheaval goes on as if something -from the very beginning- was not properly assessed.

According to Creationism, it's easy to see that Eden, Paradise... was fine, but you had to explore other things! You're not going to stay there, as a heterosexual, without trying other things!...

So, well, between disobedience, concealment... anyway: "disorders". And from then on, comes more… More. Because... they started experimenting, right, and they had offspring. And, to continue experimenting, one offspring killed the other, to see what happens when someone stays still and doesn't move.

Told like this, it sounds like gossip or a joke, but... it is so. It gives an "un-disturbed" tone.

Of course, from then on, "the tribes of Israel", well... it was a debacle: "And this one begat this one, and this one begat the other one, and this one fought with the other one...". Well, well! Right up to the present day, through Babylon, through Egypt... and through the Third Reich.

You see, synthesising is a matter of seconds, minutes... brief! So, what we see in common in all this journey is a disorder. To not call it something else. Because when there is disorder, there is the possibility of correcting, of fixing, of improving…

Now the evolutionists say that the evolution of human beings is already complete, that we are not going to spoil it anymore; in other words, that we are going to stay as we are. They say that based on... nothing. I mean, there is no sustenance. It's as if they said in Neanderthal times: "We are Neanderthals, and there is no more to say". Well, no, because there were others who spoke more. And between one and the other they became disordered.

Seen in this way, it is a bit... -how shall we say?- "demotivating"; a bit decadent; a bit -or very- messy.

The Prayerful Call gives us this introduction, so that we can enter, with this preamble of disorder…

One also has to be careful with this, because one can't now say: "I'm upset!" and the other: "I'm upset, I'm upset!"... Yes, yes, we're all upset, but one can't go down the street, with a flower in one’s mouth, shouting: "I'm upset!”.

Because the disorder is identified -and this is important- with something... something of the mind. A mental lament! Yes, isn't it? Under the disorder, the mind laments. And the mental lament... phew, it makes a feeling so fragile, so fragile, so fragile, that between the mental lament and the fragility of the feeling... more than a disorder, is a tragedy, which can start tomorrow, the day after, the next…

If we refer -as evolutionists say: that we are already fully evolved- to statistics, when we were studying statistics -in the last century, way back in the last century- when statistics started, it was the great weapon –everything is weapons- the great weapon in favour of medicine, of technology. From statistics it was known: "Ninety out of a hundred people are disturbed, then ten are well". But the ninety are the ones that count, or any other proportion.

Statistics, as Mr. Winston Churchill said: "Good statistics are those that I can manipulate; statistics that I cannot manipulate... are not. They’re ‘bogus’”.

So "disorder", "mind", "mental", "lament" and "emotional fragility".

This is what we might say to an extra-terrestrial -as is often told, though less is told now- if it came to visit us.

Or what were we going to tell them? That we have reached the moon, that we have made atomic bombs, that we have a robot that operates, that we run in the Olympics more than before, that Real Madrid has won the League...? I don't know what... what other things like that, worthy of saying: "Ole, ole, ole! For a good job done sometime... ole, ole, ole!”. Maybe the aliens are anti-bullfighting on top of that, and then you are lost.

So, based on all this 'template', human organisation establishes itself unfortunately' 'sentimentally', emotionally, fragile; and for this it resorts -as a remedy for the 'dis-order'- to rules, to norms, to obligations, to control, to law, to order!

We don't know whether that was the result of a general human catharsis, or... or the emergence of Power as the stigma that came to fix the whole disorder.

And if you look closely, we are not far off the mark. Because throughout the stories that we can tell and that we are told... everything has been "fixed" (sic) with revolutions, wars, treaties, pacts, armies, politicians, money... all searching for control. But no... not influencing the ´dis-order 'behind-the ’order’. And for that reason, also throughout “history”, such and such a country was like this but then it was like that...; such rule was this, but now it has changed and it is no longer that one, it is the other...; before you had to wash your feet, now you don't, you have to wash your nose... It is not known exactly why, but they are "ways" -until now ineffective- for the disorders as a species, as humanity: in laments of the mind and in fragility of feeling.

One can opt for a dual sense, the Prayerful Call tells us: either nothing is done      -"to do nothing"- or "everything remains to be done".

What has been done to ameliorate the disorder has generated more and new disorders.

Look at something very curious that has happened in a short time, in a very short time; that normally would take longer: an effort has been made to mitigate a series of infectious-contagious diseases, and to get better and eat a little more, keep a little warmer, clean a little more... and, thanks to that -among other things-, humanity lives longer.

And the temptation is to applaud: "Oh, how nice, what we have achieved". But now comes what I was saying: that, in such a short time, after having managed to purify the water, make it drinkable, eat more proteins with their corresponding carbohydrates and fats, and keep us a little warmer, and a little bit of cleaning -a little bit, a little bit-, channel the sewage... with four little things, the disorder improves in terms of life time. And in that short period of time in which we are going to limit it, now what the species wants is to wipe them out. Heh! It's funny, isn't it?

In other words, we make an effort so that human beings live longer, and when they do so... of course!, we have to maintain them because they no longer produce as much, and then they are a nuisance. And as the Japanese minister said: "Please die, it's a burden on the state". We have seen this recently in the nursing homes, haven't we? To give you more dramatic examples than that... In this country… In other countries it is similar.

In other words, now, after achieving longevity, we have to put an end to it, because it is a disturbance, a disorder, a new disorder. Because, of course, you have to take care of them, you have to attend to them, because they cannot do certain functions...

Well, well, well, well, well!...

Is the species disturbed or not?

It's an example, it's an example, it's an example. But right from the outset, from the start, based on a certain physiognomy you may have, a certain appearance, they already look at you with a face like... you are completely disordered. Yes, and you go to the ophthalmologist and he or she asks you:

.-Ah, but do you still drive?

.-Well, yes: you engage the clutch, then move the lever, go into first gear...; when you see that the car is going to explode, you engage the clutch again, go into second gear....

No time to explain all that, but...

It used to be said -at another time, of course, as everything is changing- "By their acts, by their deeds you will know them". Not now, not now. Deeds are... "leftovers". Deeds become "leftovers".

Ah!... In other words, there is no need to act in this or that way in order to improve this or that situation.

That there are several millions, between this month of May -the month of Mary- and next month, who will die of hunger and thirst...? -for example; curious thing, isn't it?

They say it's due to climate change. Look at the mental disorder there is –such lamentation!- And they say that, of course, because of climate change, it hasn't rained; and as it hasn't rained, there hasn't been enough harvest.

But it's also Putin's fault because, since there’s a war, prices have gone up a lot. So those poor Africans don't have money to pay for seeds, to pay for cereals, to buy water... No. Then they will have to die! But climate change is to blame.


It is devastating. Yes, the disorder becomes devastating.

"Do Nothing", or "start doing... again". It is dual.

This is nothing new: duality has confronted us.

But... -a favourable "but"- but the Prayerful Sense calls for a fusion between "everything is yet to be done" -and to raise it in our daily actions- and "counting on Nothingness".

.- Ah, that's good! But how do you count on Nothing?

.- Man, but if it is already said that "Everything is still to be done", it means that "Nothing is done".

Nice play on words, eh?

"Doing nothing" implies... -and it is already known to the Taoist "instinct" (let's call it that)- to contemplate how things happen. Not to intervene in what is proper to a process; or -we could say- to intervene as little as possible in the life of others, for example.

This is a practice of Nothingness: I intervene as little as possible in your journey. I can go with you, I can accompany you, we can accompany each other... But to intervene? It already means modifying your position, your attitude, your development... Ah! No. That's for "doing it all over again, because nothing is done".

So, if we start to go…-look carefully- if we start to go without intervening in the other, if we start to get together, to travel in communion, in community, without hurting each other, without prejudice, without prioritizing one over another, we will be in the conditions…-notice how the two things come together- we will be able to do something… new. Of what is all to be done.

Why? Very easy: because, until now, everyone has interfered in everyone's life. Until now, the government has interfered in our lives, the law has interfered in our lives, my father has interfered in my life, my brother has interfered in my life, my sister, my neighbour... everyone! And we -everyone too, of course- have interfered in each other's lives, in the other's, the other's and the other's! And because of all that, we are a permanent disturbance.

So, if we position ourselves in non-intervention, and under that premise we propose our doing... and simultaneously we do not intervene and we do                        -"simultaneously"-, we will have the possibility of gradually wearing away the disorder, and really become a "reference wheel", a something that turns -like the dervish in trance-; a something that is like the potter's wheel, and that allows us to embed our fingers and modulate  clay, to make  a vessel, to make  a standard, to make an ornament.

In this being of the mind as a lament, and of fragile emotions that become torment, "not intervening" and "proposing innovations", leads us to enter into a balance -through this simultaneity of attitudes- between "Nothing" and "Everything to be done".

It would be -so to speak- a quantum proposal: not "this or that", but both at the same time. Search for the unicity of this "wheel".

And in the Nothingness, and from It, the Creative Mystery is inspired to... create. Simultaneously it is Nothing and it is Creation. You see, the model suggested by Prayer is the "behaviour" -in inverted commas- that we intuit and that is revealed to us by the Praying Sense.

Out of Nothingness, the Creator Mystery creates. But it is continuous. Just as the Universe expands and creates new spaces that were not there before.      

Yes, the Praying Sense calls us to replicate in the wave of the Divine. It calls us to act as what we revealingly intuit it to be, in our miniscule capacity to understand, to know. It is an inspiration lest disorder leads us to destruction; and, to a lesser extent, to discouragement, to discredit, to sadness, to apathy, to abulia to despair, to....

"A plan without a plan”, if you notice. For we have said that, up to now, that disorder has been maintained and has been gestated on the basis of impositions, on the basis of power. But the Praying Call suggests to us a plan without a plan. There is no power!, because we are in the Nothingness, and there is nothing previously done, because there is Everything to Be Done!

And you can say, of course: "And what do we do with what we have done?”.

To see -in what is done-, to contemplate -in what is done-, how it is designed to be "discarted".

It is designed to be "thrown away", to continue production, to continue profit and disrespect.

And to the extent that we contemplate from the Nothingness, without intervening, we propose, because we know where the disorder is... of this little thing, of that one, of the other...

And when looking at the expense and the stipend -in general!- we can propose... "Nothing".

And under that heading, add: "And what to do?“. And the new proposal will emerge.

And this applies to any situation.

It is, therefore, a procreative Nothingness from which something is obtained: that something that is intangible, that can be conveyed... Not as if it were another entity, it is the same, but diversified in order to understand it: the Creative Mystery.

Does that Creator Mystery not respect us, in our actions, in our disorders? That is "Nothing"; "the Nothing".

But is it not also true that it appears... miraculously, by chance, circumstantially, and subjugates us, encourages us...?

It recreates us daily. It lovingly “births” us. It “rebirths” us.

"All to Do" from "the Nothing", simultaneously:

The model of the Eternal.





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