Consciousness is liberated when we reference ourselves in the Creator Mystery


Countless -by their number- are the details that affect every human activity.

Also, for each being, there are countless things not to communicate, not to speak, not to say, not to express... a multitude of details that, by rule, custom, religion, society... –prejudices, in short - remain entrenched in everyday consciousness.

It could almost be said that the being of humanity is a structure... rather incomplete.

Between what he has to discard, and cannot perceive and cannot evaluate –due to its number- and what he has to keep quiet-hidden –due to his social, personal condition, etcetera-, he is in a situation of container-content... very labile.

It could be said -not as a defence, but as a possibility- that "human beings are not made for this world".

No, it doesn't quite... come together! We historicise different cultures and different events, and it repeats and repeats the mistakes, the horrors, the terrors, the escapes, the failures...

To compensate, it establishes virtues according to its convenience, but... without certainty.

Perhaps we were another reality. And by... mysterious designs of Creation, we found ourselves in this situation: in an incarnated soul that is always disoriented, confused, disconcerted with its muscles, tendons, back, skin and mucous membranes, and its fantastic, sensational, extraordinary, playful spirit... which is, yes, it is there, but of course, when it wants to revive it, live it or expresses it, it finds itself with the elbow, the wrist, the knee... What a barbarity!

That is why it can be said, "we are not made for this".

It's certainly comforting, on the one hand. Yes. And... it is disappointing on the other hand.

How has Creation allowed such a... such a representation of life? That it makes no-life, that it makes no-love, that it makes despair of it.

No doubt it is Mystery. But... it should be -the assumption of Mystery- a capacity to achieve a criterion, a way of living in this... duality... imprisoned! Yes: imprisoned.

On other occasions it has already been expressed: prisoner, mentally; prisoner, emotionally; prisoner, vitally.

And in an apparent life imprisonment.

"Apparent" is an aspiration, but in reality, it is "parole" -which is permanently skipped.

It is a beautiful prayerful reflection to begin a new week... Because it places us, probably, in our most mysterious origins, and it encourages us -"encourages"?- yes, it encourages us to project ourselves...; to project ourselves in such a way and in such a manner that we do not live with an imprisoned, subdued, escaped, unfaithful consciousness.

Perhaps, perhaps due to this condition of not being in our authentic environment, all these transgressions take place, and we accept them as ... "inevitable". And that is a terrible, terrible, terrible word!

When a situation is reached -of whatever kind- and it is considered as inevitable, we have lost the ability, at that moment, to restore, to repair, to improve, to change, to reflect, to rethink, to rehabilitate, to reconsider... ugh!

If we are not capable of living under these conditions, we have to delve into "under what conditions" we are capable of doing so.

The easiest and most obvious thing is to see -and it is not difficult- that we have too much body; yes, that thing which has a head, trunk and limbs.

Instead, we feel, in consciousness without structure, without matter -or what is called "structure and matter"- we really feel... "unbridled", that is, without... without limits. With all the capabilities. Exercising us in consciousness.

This prayerful suggestion allows us... -as beings and as intermediaries- to consider, in all those we meet and with whom we meet, their aspect of consciousness, their aspect of soul.

They are right when it is said that it is the main objective to... treat, improve, alleviate, soothe, calm, protect... the being.

To assume our identity as a soulful, 'souled', beloved nature... and considering our concretization as a... mysterious accident... but which is there, of course!

But an accident can be rehabilitated, recomposed, operated on, calmed down, improved... of course. And that can be done with our... essential and primordial origin: souled, loved, longed for, yearned for.

The Prayerful Call invites us to become "infinite", not to finish ourselves in our incarnation.

If we assume the nature of our soul-consciousness, as the authentic one, we will know how to be present in what "now has to be lived", "what happens now".

And with our souled soul... we will make the incarnated structure docile, flexible, obedient.

What is "souled" is no longer "armed".

And consciousness ceases to be... imprisoned.

And yes, we must take care of our soma, our structure, but based on our soul-beloved consciousness.

When we give structured answers, we are giving concrete answers...; we are giving practical answers; we are subject to flesh: to the orders of the prison warden.

We make ourselves impossible.

And then we fall into... "the determining factors of the form". And we abandon the capacities of the subtle, of the soulful, of what really gives expression to the structured.

But due to the condition of being here, under this representation... the soul, in its desperation, seeks... the protection of its shape...

And it falls into materialisation.

And what was in the beginning "souled soul", becomes a structure that seeks a seat, support, work, performance, production, savings... and a long material etcetera.

Yes: the structure has subdued the souled soul. And when the souled soul is in a process of exception, of novelty, of unpredictable evolution..., the environment, the structure, matter claims its demands: it demands its house, its suitcase, its salary, its... possession!, its security, its partner, its children... all of this is converted into a consummate process that, in short, is born, grows, develops, ages and dies.

Sad story, which is not the story!

But so many times it has been seen, it has been said so many times!, it has been warned so many times!... from our beloved ancestors: fathers, mothers, schools... Trauma after trauma, soul beaten again and again!... to lock it up between muscles and tendons, between viscera, blood and lymph.

And so the soul feels -in the structure- caged, and definitively looks for exists already stipulated, structured. And so, the species goes on.

And for all this, the Praying Sense demands of us again and again... to take up again our affiliation with the Eternal, and to see the signs it shows us... and to stop deciding based on the incarnation of our presence... and to follow the signs that lead us on!...; not the well- known proposals.

Living the souled-loved Prayerful Sense is... to free oneself.

Living the rational-logical framework, expected-admissible… is to condemn oneself.

And it may seem like an exaggerated word. Well!... pay attention to what happens daily.

The examples are as abundant as the incidences we heard about at the beginning.

With great difficulty we rescue some example... some virtuous example that can reference us, that makes us remain in the souled consciousness, and not in the armed corporeality: that which becomes arrogant, vain and... and with the capacity for everything.

Perhaps, in this possibility of... climbing up to our true nature, lies the history of our passing. And I say "perhaps" because... it is of obligatory compliance, in order not to be radical, but with the believing and certain awareness that our nature is beloved-souled. And that in it lies our liberating passing.

The souled consciousness is aware of being loved by Creation.

The souled consciousness knows how to mediate this experience with its capacity as a lover.

And it must do so with the fidelity of what is revealed, in order to be authentic. Without that endorsement, it will be... circumstantial, occasional; subject to the contingencies of the material.

Consciousness is liberated to the extent that we reference ourselves in the Creator Mystery.

To the extent that we hijack our consciousness in face-to-face structure -to that extent- actions will be aimed at obstruction, difficulty, inconvenience....

Opening the window of consciousness, towards the Eternal...

Making our souled presence a priority... with the sensitive prayer that guides us.





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