Originality, universal sense and a transcendent position


It is true that each being is shown as an unrepeatable originality; with many similarities, with common signs..., but each being has a "peculiar"… spirit, feeling, and a way of doing.

However, it is also true that it is easy to take refuge in the "originality" that each one possesses -and more than possessing, that it is- and based on this to give an answer that obliges, that imposes, that demands.

This is where the Prayerful Call stress us today, so that we are able to add to this "originality"… -which Creation has wanted to be so- a universal sense and a transcendent position.

"Universal sense" in the aspect of being, of feeling like a member of a species, of feeling part of an expression of life, of amplifying our originality towards new… spaces.

The original is not static. It is usually interpreted as "this is it, and that's it"; and "this person is like that, and that's it". Under that attitude we become deterministic. But that is not the true nature. The true nature, in originality, is evolution, amplification, innovation...

In short, it is Creativity.

For this reason, relying on the fact that "I am like this" has its truth side, but it’s absolutely uncertain side, which is refusing to amplify-creativise oneself in being.

That is on the one hand. On the other hand, the Prayer Call speaks to us of transcendence. It would be the side of being, since we place being in the creative, starting from originality, from exceptionality.

This "being" is made and has the vocation to transcend.

Yes, our transience through different spaces... happens thanks to transcendence. Whether we believe in it or not, it is there, because it is what allows us to awaken...  souled, to admire us... to be amazed.

So, our creative originality is 'con-fused' -in the sense of fused- with a transcendent attitude.

Usually, this word is too big, baggy and… But there is a very simple saying that is said -depending on who, it is said with meaning, or by rule or by habit- that gives us a transcendent touch: when, by doing this or that, or in overcoming this or that, we add "thank God", as if we realised –consciously or subconsciously or unconsciously- that, if it had not been for, theoretically, that “plus” -I say "theoretically" because that is what it is: under our rational point of view it would be a plus-, without that "plus" this or that event would not have been achieved, accomplished, acquired and been possible.

Also, from the point of view of "thanks to", it appears, obviously: "unfortunately, God has not wanted that...", as if the Creator Mystery gives us today, takes it from us tomorrow, imposed on us the day after tomorrow…

It is a primitive and cause-effect idea. But when we assume our originality, we expand our expression in the creative, and thus stand as artists of life, we immediately realise that something more than our abilities are present, and they are the ones achieving and attaining.

To be aware of this is what initiates us into transcendence.

And this beginning in transcendence is what gives us the possibility of making from each act, each action, each attitude..., a unique, unrepeatable, unforgettable moment.

And so, we should be amazed at ourselves, and be amazed -obviously- at the whole environment. And begin to see the exceptionality of each being, the originality of their positions, and interact transcendently; because "this", "that" or "the other" that I like or don't like, is a transcended instance of Creation.

It is difficult to assume certain attitudes or positions of one or the other. But when we are creative with our being and transcend our being... and we feel we are an expression of the Eternal -hence our originality- then we contemplate the others, those beyond, those who are different... we contemplate them with respect, with awe; perhaps –or without perhaps- due to how incomprehensible, unacceptable, terrible that this or that action, this or that being, may be for our conscience.

But when we achieve... -"thank God"- when we achieve, in attitude, that position, we realise the teaching that each being, in its... strict originality, gives us. They are the stepping-stones and the steps that allow us to expand, evolve, that creativity.

The implementation of these guidelines allows us... -in addition to universalising us- it allows us to un-limit; to erase the limit. This universality is not exhausted in our space-time in this place in the Universe, but rather this universality is amplified in Creation.

And in that Creation and in that believing... we enter into the position of Mysticism; of that great Mystery that beats.

With an expansive creativity, with an emotional transcendence, with a creative universality and with a mystical experience of taking on the whole Mystery... with all this we have a foundation, a mould. But that mould is not fixed. It is a mould that can be "moulded" -if I can use the word-; coordinates, in short, that show us what is... what is the dimension of our passing.

That we do not pass for the sake of passing, but rather... we pass with meaning'. "We pass with sense’.

And taken on as mystics... –without comparative spirit, but rather due to the very nature that adorns us but we must exercise- assumed as mystics, we enter into the unforeseeable. But we enter into it with an attitude of trust, with a joyful obedience.

And so, whatever is going to happen, we incorporate it into consciousness, with a "mysticism"... that frees us from the insidious reason of "the whys".

Contemplating our originality supposes an attitude of honesty... in which we refer to the environment and position ourselves in the "duty" that corresponds to us according to the gifts we have received. And from there, we begin to endow our space-time-being, to endow our function with originality.

In principle it should be easy, since if we are original beings -whatever position we are in according to space-time- we must be originally. And so, our doing will be... and will have those characteristics that we endow by our uniqueness.

And so, the creative is wielded and developed.

And when we place that originality in the Universal, at first in our little universe, and then in the unfathomable Universe, we realise the need that we are realising...; for which we are willing. There we feel the Transcendence.

In other words, our originality goes beyond the time and space of the moment.

It is recognised in a Creation.

With that vision, we look at the whole environment and see the transcendence of every event... without disregarding any position.

Open to the possible, we feel ourselves in the Mystery.

We become mystics... without it being a proposal or an intention to achieve.





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