The Creator Mystery is not a power. It is a generator of mysteries


And human societies have been constituted in such a way and in such a manner that among their characteristics is to have... -yes, "to have"- to have a divine, superior, transcendent reference... etc.

Let us note that it is something that is generated by social, cultural, economic organisation... It is not something that emanates from the being -with some exceptions- as part of its nature.

Of course, the being has that instance of consciousness of being created, of being linked, connected, with the Creator Mystery. Of course, there is that! Without it, we would not be alive. "We would not be”.

But it happens that... this instance is -so to speak- almost abolished, and has been progressively substituted by totems or figures very explained, very written, with precepts, commandments, and all the smallest detail, from... how to dress, how to eat and eat...

These 're-ligions' that interpret the divine are being constituted; they interpret it, study it, translate it, as if it were another subject of research, of...

And based on this they establish a program, some rites, some initiations, some studied proposals... that show them as emanating from the Creator Mystery, but that in reality are... -it is not necessary to do much research- are proposed by the different societies that have been developing leaders... ascetics... pilgrims... witches, shamans, etc. etc.; this "etcetera" that tries to interpret events from the point of view of "the great creator" who watches over us, who takes care of us -well, depending on its mood-, rewards us...

In reality the original consciousness of feeling affiliated with the Creator Mystery became just another facet of daily living. We are talking about large proportions. A daily coexistence in which, well, you will be -in our environment- baptised, you will make your first communion... and probably some other sacrament, such as marriage or priestly orders...

Everything is written down -it's funny, isn't it- from the tablets of the law, to... the arrival at the cemetery.

And this whole human process has been spreading, trained, accustomed, and repeating…

And look carefully: as it was typically human, and as it is typically human, humanity behaves, well... in the way it has been educated: the priority is to win, to have, to reach, to achieve, to possess... All this, in between some prayer and... some anger at what didn’t work out.

So... the human community has experiences, consciences and references of something that it itself has been developing by the reason of need for a social, cultural, political, economic, religious order...

But all this does not correspond to that original instance of our reference in the creative Mystery.

To the extent that we become aware of this conditioning, which leads us... -of course- to social norms, to what is good, what is bad, to ethics, to aesthetics, all in the name of Creation, of God or of... -it depends on the type of believer-....

Consequently, the Prayerful Call calls us to "remove parasites" from structured, calculated, designed and established human beliefs, which do not correspond to the experiences of the being around the Creator Mystery.

The Creator Mystery, from its Mystery..., is not structured. It has not hierarchy. It has no rules, no norms...

And, as can be seen, the laws-rules that others have usurped, that have "parasitized" the authentic, have "created" -in inverted commas "created"-... have created a community of life, violent, prejudiced, envious, "non-coexisting", in permanent confrontation, unsupportive.

If for a moment those divine laws had been affiliated with the Creator Mystery, obviously our evolution as a species would not have been this one: the one we have now; this one we live now; this one that continually threatens us, among ourselves, with laws, norms, customs, punishments, rewards...?

A society... or societies that claim to be "believers", and they are on the lookout for their profits, their losses, their taxes, their inspections, their reviews, their expiry dates, their...


That does not emanate from the Divine.

The Creator Mystery, from... all parts...

Because He's not sitting up there in heaven, is He? He is not sitting on a throne. All these are models that have been created, anthropomorphic, that in the beginning could be valid -"could be valid"- to learn and educate, but then they become established as real existential patterns.

And hells appear, and purgatories appear, and heavens appear... and authors who reveal that they have been initiated in these perceptions, visions...

And what we really see in all of this is a human hierarchy that is ultimately referenced to Power.

And that is the point on which all the social organisational charts are based: "the great power of God".

Please! The Creator Mystery is not a power.

It is a generator of... mysteries -among them, life. It is a caretaker of developments, of processes. We don't know how, in what way and in what manner. And, in principle, it is not in our sphere.

It's like a newborn child, wondering about the qualities of its father, its mother or whoever is around to talk to it. No... it is not in that perspective. It eats, sleeps and evacuates. It's... it's a tube!... that is becoming more and more complex.

Extrapolating that idea into the infinite Universe... we have to dispossess the Creator Mystery of human qualities. He is not power! He does not exercise His power! He extends His Creation. He endows it with resources. He intervenes permanently, and leaves His traces among coincidences, lucks, unforeseen and unexpected events.

He -to continue with this denomination- has created a Universe for us -where we live- 'im-pressive'.

And outside the one we inhabit, what we can intuit is: "exceptional", "extraordinary"... We are running out of words.

Any attribute of our human words, which we attach to the Creator Mystery, is... not only an offence, but it is nonsense.

Therefore, when He calls us to pray, He enlightens us on aspects that can -and indeed do- help us to change our perspective and our vision of what it is to live, of what it means to live together, of how to assume the feeling... and how to discover his presence in our daily life.

The experience of being attracted by sounds, shapes, colours...

The attraction we may experience towards constituted beings, and towards our own kind, that should give us a clue, shouldn't it? More than a clue, it's a great landing place.

Because, as soon as we realise our attractions, that we are attracted by the sea, by heat, by cold, by humidity, by crickets, by butterflies, by mountain, by the valley, by the...

We are in a permanent attraction.

And it is thanks to this attraction that we go through life.

Is there a place in our body, which is in charge of attractions...? -from a material point of view, of course-.

We will not find it.

Because it does not tangibly condense.

It is expressed in an attractive way -"attractive": that attracts us.

Ultimately -without being an end- our feeling, which is an awakening to an attraction, is the attraction that the Creator Mystery exerts upon us.

Because we are in Him, we are in Him... and we are His expression -like other creatures.

Whatever position we adopt, we are attracted to that position. And so, we see how each being has different attractions.

It is a sign of the Infinite Presence.

And this attraction... what does it generate in our sensitive consciousness?

It generates pleasure, complaisance, joy...

It generates a state of maintaining, caring for and preserving that attraction. And then we see that there are many of them! They are not reduced to an element, a person or a situation, but to a multitude of details.

In all these "attractive" details... the Creator Mystery is reflected to us.

Obviously, this takes away a certain… -well, "a certain"-, total prominence.

But... we have never been protagonists. We have been duped, as virtual humanity, in that saying of "free will"; in that bed that allows us to be cruel, that allows us any kind of barbarism. As we are "free"...

Such a way to interpret freedom!

If I consider myself a being of expression of a Creative Mystery... and, consequently, I feel bound, attracted by it in its infinite manifestations, I do not need freedoms, achievements or attainments.

And when I say "I do not need", it is understood that it is not my priority.

Of course, I will look for the well that will give me water... and I will look for the fruit that will nourish me. But each time I find the spring, each time that, attracted by hunger, I find the fruit, the tuber or the leaves to eat, I will see, in that happening, the expression that... in love... shows me the Creator Mystery.

Yes, if we had to look for a word, we would have to say that the Creator Mystery is deeply in love with life. Intensely and specifically, with each being. It is a mystery, of course, yes, but that is felt when one is aware that the reference of being, of passing, is that Mystery.

When I am able to see, in the face, in the sound, in the signs of another, the presence of the Mystery, which attracts me through others.





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