The human being is a pilgrim of Universes


To the extent that human species establishes itself, controls and dominates its environment, it acquires customs..., it develops routines... and seeks securities.

Its sedentary lifestyle leads it to... stockpiling, to a greater or lesser extent. That's why it must maintain its distance. Consequently, he becomes suspicious. He takes power of his place and establishes defences or attacks to achieve what he needs.

When contemplating this very short and brief panorama, in a time that cosmically is almost inexistent or despicable –despicable in the sense of too short, that seems not to have any influence in the rest of time-, it seems that the species has already culminated its evolution.

Yes, it recreates and improves and "perfectionate" –in quotes- what it already has and how it has it, but it seems to have reached a limit. "Limit", obviously imposed by himself, by his style of living.

In this situation, the Prayer Call asks us to realize and respond, each with their response, as to whether he has... or feels already accomplished, fulfilled; that he has already reached its maximum. This is thinking that we are Gaussian curves that we reach our maximum and then we decrease.

Or, on the contrary –which is the Prayer Call: it claims and calls at the same time-, we can see that, at least, there are still processes to be carried out; we can still feel echoes of novelty.

It seems that when we approach different areas of human activity, they are already full, overflowing. Obviously, in circles where one is preponderant; in others it aspires to achieve that preponderance.

The millions of illiterates aspire to read and write, for example, but they do not aspire to clairvoyance, intuition or a visionary attitude...

Another characteristic is that it seems that the path is already marked. And since it's already marked, all that remains is 'routinize', to repeat... 

The continuity of each repetition means a small deterioration over time. It's like saying, "Oh, like my grandmother, no one made the fritters”. And after two generations: “No one made the fritters like my grandmother".

You lose the characteristics of the grandmother who made the fritters. And finally –to put an end to it- the great-grandson makes fritter’s pastiche. It's difficult to maintain the same way. 

That is to say that by repeating and repeating, one sees that habit, continuity, routine, repetition, makes any process –fritters included- lose its nature.

So let's look at something very striking: it's about doing and repeating and repeating what is theoretically better or what one thinks is more appropriate, but it has already been done. It is quite clear that, as the saying goes, "second courses are never the best".

And so, little by little, what was originally intended to be an apex is degraded and becomes an appearance.

At the same time... trying and acting to maintain what one has, what one feels, what one thinks, the subject repeats over and over again: "I am like this, this is my character, this is my way"...

And in addition to resembling his father, his mother, his grandfather –not only genetically but conceptually-, he tries to maintain his own achievements; with which he establishes two routines or customs: the one that he tries to maintain –through inheritance, tradition- ways and customs, and the one that he needs to develop in order to have his safety.

And of course!, here we can –with this simplicity- see or ask ourselves: 

Where is the original? What is the evolutionary, new, different contribution? Or is there really none, because everything is occupied by the continuity of what happened and the maintenance of what we have?

It is assumed, under the creationist criterion, that each living being, that each being of humanity brings a different code and, consequently, a different information and capacitation to contribute to the needs of the evolution of the species, and of this one in particular: the human one.

And we can say that the changes and transformations need hundreds, millions, thousands of years!...

It's okay, it's okay. But look at something significant: if this question is asked, this so-called prayer claim, is because enough novelty that implies an evolution, that implies a novelty, that implies a creativity, that echoes the journey –because we are on a journey- is missing. And although partially, in the infinity –infinity!- of our consciousness –we could say "in the smallness of our consciousness”- we are "sedentary", the Universe is not. And we belong to that Universe.

The universal 'nomadic' consciousness of being should make him think about his belongings, his possessions, his character, and his obsessions... And knowing that he is a pilgrim of Creation, it is inevitable since he has already lived it and is repeating it too much – to adapt to the new conditions. 

And to do this he has to 'get creative'.

And you'll say; "Well, there's already been a lot of change, and people have adapted"...

Oh, yeah? What changes?

Let's see. When the being insists –because of his capacitation- on controlling, dominating, possessing, keeping, reserving... and that does it generation after generation, yes, it modifies the electric fence, it modifies the firing system, it improves the media's communication capacity... Yes. To all that, yes. But all that is circumscribed to the same thing: Power.

And that repetitive circulation around a powerful sense that repeats and repeats to become more forceful, seems to be approaching its own... destruction.

It's obvious that it comes out: "Well, but it's... inevitable. And the path that has been taken must culminate in a global holocaust”.

Under the power thinking system, yes, it is true. It's the best way to end up. And yes: power is achieved, reached and then... inherited, transmitted, supplanted by other powers, and so on. But the end is set up. It has a standardized ending. And that is established as a law of life.

That's not what the Prayer Sense shows us. The Prayer Sense shows us the human being as a pilgrim of Universes; that he himself has discovered that he moves, that they move him! And that small and significant changes in the environment announce... not the end, but rather they announce mutations, they announce revolutions, they announce indispensable changes... of positions, of thoughts, of attitudes.

The Universe, in its eternity, only transmits eternities

It's eternal. And in its –impossible to measure- expansion, it shows us the need to recover that nomadism of the Universe that makes us new every day, that gives us the opportunity to gestate in another way that is not to repeat and repeat and repeat. To then use that repetition to say: "See? Things are like this and like that and like that".

Of course, under the conditions and under the references of achievement, attainment, power, control, management, etc., yes, indeed things are like that. His sedentary 'possessor' attitude does not allow him to see anything else.

But the Prayer Sense calls that being to amplify its capacity of perception. It calls him to stop being, every day, what he is, in order to be a novelty that is continually being developed.

This, no doubt –or this posture- generates discomfort in the established; for the established, and for the one who moves in the terrain of a pilgrim of the Universe.

But let's look at something significant: when the consciousness of being is to go on a pilgrimage in the Universe, and consequently to be continually 'creative', it does not pose a danger to the established; because it is not a power that moves it, it is a belief, a sensation, an emotion, a dream, a fantasy, a love… which projects.

The repetitive eagerness of "the established" is not moved; uncomfortable, at times, but... moved? It has everything already won and lost at the same time.

Therefore, by declaring oneself a pilgrim of the Universe and a permanent creativization, respecting without a doubt the great power that human beings have acquired for their own species and against others –"against others"-, perhaps in that moment of creativization the push of custom, of the norm, of imposition, is overvalued. And the being does not realize that the one who 'normalizes' and the one who imposes is rooted, and the pilgrim of the Universe is flying.

Yes, he will try in some measure to bring that flight… to his control. But also... –convinced as he is of his possession-... he will not pay too much attention to it. He has much to worry about in order to preserve his securities, his pensions, his earnings, his traditions.

And since the objective of the pilgrim of the Universe is not "this world", but the worlds that are coming, those that are already there and in which we have to participate... you should not fear any of them: nor those who have remained in the exercise of power and control, nor those who have decided to take and amplify their consciousness in order to drink from the winds of Creation!

Some will culminate their journeys in cemeteries and recreate living matter underground... 

And others... will merge with the winds. They will become intangible food. They will become eternal sighs...





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