Life demands diversity


It is obvious to see -depending on which facet, it doesn't matter- the repetition of attitudes, of proposals, of -let's admit- mistakes or successes... -they are fallacies, but let's also admit that for the moment.

And these recurring situations leave one… to wonder:

Is it... is it the nature of living to repeat incessantly... mistakes, terrors, fears... and so on and so forth?

It is true that to master certain activities it is essential to repeat and repeat the exercise, the diction, the attitude, and the posture... And to play a melody well you have to repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat for years and years. And the day you don't repeat... it shows.

This, on the one hand, almost condemns us to the idea that if there are not enough repetitions, there are not enough qualities. But it can also be interpreted in another way, and that is: the being rebels against repetition, and when it goes beyond the "predictable" -in inverted commas- it produces handicap, contempt or error.

If we look into another aspect of the repetition, it turns out that in our genome -in our genetic code-, repetitions beyond what is stipulated by "X" law of the genome, produce serious alterations in the global composition of the being: see consciousness, movement, attitude...

On the other hand –since the genetic is mentioned- when certain cells decide, for some strange reason, to mutate and become... independent? -just to say- regarding the whole, and it is accepted by that whole, we have a problem.

It seems then that if it is repeated too much, it is not right; if it is repeated very little, it is not right either; and neither it is when it does out of order. It seems as if the balance and the scale are on another plane.

If we pay attention -following these criteria- to our environment, whether it is bigger or smaller, we will see that... I was going to say, "it is very difficult", no, it isn’t: it is that we do not find repetitive phenomena. "Similar". No spring is the same as any other; no winter, no autumn, no summer. No sunrise is the same as any other one; no sunset is the same as any other. They look alike, yes. No flower is identical to another; nor its perfume. “They are similar”.

What we call "biodiversity" is infinitely nuanced.

So much so that we can't find a model like it... Not even one drop of rain is the same as another.

It seems to say that what we perceive, what we notice, what we evaluate, what we assess, what we value, what we think is diverse; so diverse that it is... always new.

So, one might ask: What are they doing, repeating and repeating facts and events, in a Universe that is changing, changing, changing, changing, and changing?

What prevents our happening, our living, our daily being... from becoming new, creative, and not being busy with its reason, its preoccupation... and like this over and over again, one year and another year…?

The Prayerful Call makes it clear that, precisely the being –the being of humanity-a Creative expression of the Creative Mystery, it is not in our nature to be repetitive, racist, radical, imposing, obsessive and accustomed.

But once upon a time -perhaps- the being of humanity saw it could pluck a flower, absorb its perfume and... plant another! And the seed obeyed, and a flower appeared again. And lo and behold, this being, these beings believed themselves to be creators of flowers, creators of perfumes..., when they were simply thieves.

Surely, any similar comparison would be valid. The introduction of "thieves"... might have more effect.

Yes. The Praying Sense, the Praying Call, warns us that we become thieves when we stop being creative, when we stop listening, when we stop learning, when we stop adapting, when we force ourselves to command, when we impose our rules....

We steal... the essence of our nature. We become thieves of our possibilities. We steal ourselves. We steal to ourselves that verse we wanted to have said, we rob to ourselves that illusion we wanted to have expressed...

We steal to ourselves... so many things!... that, perhaps due to that personal fiasco, the being amplifies its theft, and steals from the earth, steals from the air, steals... from everything it finds, in order to possess it, control it, dominate it, manage it...

Because in addition, he has turned, its thefts, into achievements! Incredible, isn't it: "The thief who turns his theft into an achievement". From crime to virtue!

And of course, putting it like that, it is difficult for him to rectify. And if he himself discovers that one person in five will die prematurely due to pollution, and in general it causes about eight million deaths a year -that's estimated in low figure- it doesn't seem to disturb the normal "functioning"?... of the dynamics of life. No!

.- Let's see: who?, where..?.

.- Yes, listenIt's just that this has been verified and.... and it's not breaking news -although it's always topical, of course-, but it's something obvious.

.- But... that's not all of a sudden!


And yes: indeed, the repetitive habit of stealing what is one’s own, what is natural, what is balanced, what is available... becomes the norm.

.-Yes... Something should be done.

And, to mislead, some particularity is created: Well, more than two million have died due to a... pandemic? –yes?,oh!- and everyone is in turmoil, in despair!

.- Listen, but... eight million people have died....

.- Well, well! Don't distract me with nonsense, please. These are two million! 

.- Yeah, but what about the other eight?

.- No, it is due... to side effects of the industrial era... They are natural things...

.- Ah!

On top of being thieves, they are cynics!


That, to put a comparison; that is not open to discussion: it is evidence.

The Prayerful Call urges us, to interpret this diversity -which is obvious in ourselves... and evident all around us- as the sample... the Creative sign of the Mystery, called "life".

To dwell for a moment on our individuality, honestly! To see ourselves in our diversity; to reclaim that diversity in our performance, in our exercise! To stop intimidating each other.

This fear of "I don’t want them to find out", of "I don’t want them to know"... "uff!, watch out!”

That rule, that untouchable law...

To make us diverse; to stop being thieves of our history, thieves of our environment; to stop being hypocritical speculators of profit and loss, for the mere and obvious fact that we are diverse, different.

And life demands that diversity! And life, as an expression of the Creator Mystery, from Existence, manifests itself with a resounding and persistent permanent change.

And it seems as if human beings insist on slowing down and slowing down, and letting things stay the same.

It is possible to see the flower without plucking it. It is possible to inhale its aroma without... without keeping it, without possessing it.