There is something else than life


Birds fly encouraged by air.

Fish swim because... water caresses them.

Humans are and remain, because the envelopment of Providence encourages; enlivens.

And it does it in such a way and in such a manner... that it seems to be our "achievement". But there it providentially disposes and proposes the resources, the means to manage to be, to be able to continue, to go on, to pass.

Everything is configured according to a Creator Mystery.

And it is not a matter of belief. It is a matter of evidence... Of how "coincidences" happen... and how shortages and opulence follow one after the other.

There is something more... than life! Much more.

And it's not a matter of belief either! It is simply a matter of realising memories... and what each one imagines.

And it is not a question of scorning belief, no! It is about purifying it, that it is not an obsessive attitude of reward or punishment, of good, of bad... In short, that it does not become a possession... -creative?- of the human. That it does not adapt to tastes or trends. Even less to impositions.

As religions go... They forced us to believe according to a human creed, and prevented us from seeing the obviousness of the Providential

We were promised another life after this one!... but it is not so. "There is something else than life”. It is very different.

In that "something else" is the indescribable, unfathomable.

       "Something" similar to... to a spark of Love, of best one we know around here.

And it is not about... -the Praying Sense tells us- underestimated ourselves or being pessimistic. Or rather -the contrary- overvaluing ourselves, being optimistic, visionary... as recently some Nobel Prize winners in physics were telling us: they had discovered an exoplanet that shouldn't be there! So they say! And due to it, some time ago, they were awarded the Nobel Prize.

"An" exoplanet. Approximately four and a half thousand are described today.

It seems that we have a replacement: this old planet, for a new exoplanet. It's only 40 million light years away –it does no matter!-.

But the excitement of having discovered an exoplanet that "reproduced" -in inverted commas- the conditions of ours, billions of years ago -i.e. a volcano with lava- excites, prioritises the being as a clairvoyant traveller of universes.

Actually, in order not to fall into the thermometer of "the best", "the worst", "the good", "the bad"... to be in the Nothingness. There are no measures, no time, no stress.

It's funny: it's so obvious that one doesn't notice it.

Yes. It is difficult to define Nothing-ness, because it has no beginning and no limits. Consequently, it is indefinable.

The choking rational system -'choking' rational system- buries us in the skull, in the bones and muscles, any possibility of imagining, of... letting ourselves be inspired!

Dramatic, isn't it? Oh, yes! Maybe it doesn't look dramatic when one is immersed in one’s own calf, in one’s own friend, future, and job...

Is it perhaps -but it is true, it is true- is it possible to think that all the events we are living... is just a mathematical calculation of algorithms and formulas and products?

Yes. In the prison of "knowledge", it is easy to put up bars and to brick up the door and windows. To feel oneself to be the only one privileged in a Universe, in Universes, in Multiverses...

How vile to allow oneself to be trapped by oneself! It is the height of self-centredness. But it happens! Yes it happens.

It happens, when the concern is about the inheritance, the shopping basket, and public spending...

It happens when safety is what is important, and one has to defend oneself!... -by attacking, of course-.

On the other hand, if we are Nothing, if we are in Nothingness, we need Nothing to continue.

It's strange, isn't it? Yes, it is strange because... all the effort made to get a pair of trousers, a house, a car, a fridge, a wardrobe, in Nothingness, is useless.

On the other hand, in possession, it is everything. Even if you can't dream.

The being is guided by its achievements, by its conquests...; those that make it feel great and, above all, important! They get on the stand, and argue and fight... with a mean dialectic of insults and nonsense. The leaders become famous. And they lead the herd according to their tastes.

And that is how the herd will never fly. No. It will never swim. No. It will never be a sigh! It will never, really, love! It will be subject to its desires, its tastes, its interests, and its linear future.

Even, like cattle, unable to see that thanks to water the grass sprouts, and thanks to that it can be chewed.

The Sense of the Prayerful Call does not intend to ‘handicap us'. No. It only tries to rock us in that Creative Nothingness from which incredibly… everything arises.

But in order to do so, we have to get rid of the prejudiced horseshoes of tiredness, of "I can't", of "this yes", "this no", "we'll see", "I don't know"...

What boredom!

Yes; living can become a desperate boredom. But also -and life is in that sense- in an unknown... sigh. In discovering oneself and discovering... that I am part -I am part, and I don't know what part- of this Creation.

Discovering that my sapience is just a cage that opens or closes as needed. A net that tricks the fish, moving slowly... and making it feel free, and feeding it to fatten up, without knowing -the fish- that it is already an unavoidable!…catch.

Perhaps, perhaps this is how the being itself has exploited its life, without realising that there is something else than life! And this is, yes, the one that gives rise to this "something else". That "something else", not afterwards or before! That something else that is there! As we don't know, nor can we know in these conditions, is... Nothing-ness.

But no, it is not the possessive Nothingness of the one who says: "There is nothing there". No. It is that Nothingness of infinite resources.

It is... like the air allowing the bird to fly. It doesn't fly because it has exquisite feathers or because it has an aerodynamic design. No. It flies because the air, the wind, the invisible, the nothingness... allows it to flap. And perhaps it is this invisible that really flaps, and in appearance it seems to us that it is its feathers that move.

Incarnation of consciousness of being has been so cruel that it has made living bitterness. Globally speaking! And when it has had the opportunity of having an abundant of tenderness, bah!!, it has attributed it to its gifts and "good fortune". It has given it up in order to get better ones.

No, no, it does not get carried away... It does not get carried away like the bird in the air or the fish in the water. And so, the conscious human withdraws, twists and... and becomes a "problem".

It becomes a fearful problem... anguished... defender and attacker at the same time. This is how authority appears: that pantomime that the flock gives to the shepherd.

Yes; as if the sheep did not know where the green grass is, or did not know how to look for its resources.

Man converted his life into an eternal sacrifice.

And so, authority and sacrifice are established as inevitable.

If we give authority a chance, it points at us, it threatens us, it disturbs us, and we fail to see that it is we ourselves who have created this image, this reality that frightens, that enslaves, who puts the bell around our necks to know where we are and what we are doing. And it is ourselves.

And we make ourselves, in life, blood, sweat and tears! The best recipe to survive... ignoring daily that there is something else than life. And without really knowing what living is about.

Search within us... Searching and searching, and realising that we are apparently full, but really we are empty. Just like all the emptiness around us: ready, like Nothing-ness, to give everything!

That spark of Love, arising out of Nothingness -or not, of course- is the flare that lights us where we should go, where we should let ourselves be led.

If we let it put out as if it were ours; if we let it extinguish... by holding on to it; if we extinguish it simply because it is a conquest, certainly one less star will be in the firmament.


Yes, there are so many that it won't be noticed. No astrophysicist will notice.

But the radiance of that Love which arose out of Nothingness... is the Providential covering of our living.

And it calls for alertness to maintain it. And it asks for enthusiasm to continue it. And it demands to Nothingness for creativity to... promote it. So that, with its light, it carries us and we let ourselves be carried away.

Opening ourselves to the doors of something else, suggests today's Prayerful Call. To maintain the light spark of Love, thus the Universe will not be extinguished!

Is it possible to aspire to anything else?






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