And it is easy to discover to what extent, to live implies -nowadays- to be under pressure, and at the same time, to exert pressure. And it seems that the gravity of the planet that we inhabit has become larger.

Because, certainly, with that word -"gravity"- we can classify the status of that pressure that, with thoughts, words, deeds and omissions!, the human species exercises on itself and everything that makes up its environment.

It seems as if it was a categorical imperative, a need to live, to pressure… to the point of -often- oppressing, coercing, punishing, prosecuting, imposing…

So, it is a… "duty of honour" to assess oneself, in regard to the pressure that our doing can generate.

Ah! And do not forget the self-pressure. The pressure that because of… conditionings, culture, learning, environment… is promoted and is done more or less continuously. This desire to reach, achieve, get, dominate, control… ugh!, that is pressure.

Of course! At the time of evaluating, it is important that one notices that the self-pressure, sooner or later, ends up splashing others. It is not only "my" problem, it is "the" problem that I can also generate by my self-pressure.

All the world seems to say that they want a better world, something better, something better!… and, sometimes, with so much "something better", so much pressure is exercised that what there is of "better", looks so demanding that it is cancelled.

It seems that nothing can be achieved, if it is not under pressure; pressuring. 

And yes, that is the day-to-day, but… what is -and here comes the exclamation of the Prayerful Sense- what is the price that generates that state of pressure? What is the price on life, on its quality, on its charity, on its mood? How are the emotions, under pressure? How are the feelings, under pressure? How do you find the joys, under pressure?

And as they usually say, "the pressure tends to come out in some way". And, of course, it comes with defiance, imposition, demand, reasons… More pressure.

The Prayerful Sense warns us that the nature of life, and its expression of Universe, is not achieved or can be achieved by the initiative of the pressure…; rather, with her one becomes depressed, sad, because it ends up no longer finding a way out.

And instead of waiting, observing and contemplating the signs that the Creation marks in its Mystery, and to follow in obedience… sometimes liking it, sometimes disliking it… 

But with the certainty of feeling, of thinking and doing –with it- there is no need of pressure, self-pressure. And any pressure that approximates upon the true meaning or threatens it will be diluted.

The daily situation, in permanent pressure, becomes a prison. Who is free? Who is outside the prison… that has created the pressure?

And while the species consumes itself, permanently pressured and conditioned by the acquisition of its accomplishments -not by the expression of their capacities and magnificence, although there would be exceptions-…, while all this is happening, the Creation continues without pressure, without obstacles!, its expansion and its generation of new spaces… 

It is born every day. And puts us every day in different perspectives.

The index of consciousness sometimes does not perceive it, and believes that all days are the same or similar. And it turns out that during sleep we have travelled hundreds of thousands of millions of kilometres, and we have located ourselves in another dimensional perspective. 

Meanwhile, the ordinary consciousness persists and remains in the pursuit of its achievements… pressuring!

What if -says the Meaning of Prayer- and what if instead of pressuring, we impress

What if we change the pressure for impression? And instead of putting pressure on ourselves, we are impressed and look for ways to impress, like a balloon game in which each one displays the larger or smaller, or the redder or greener or bluer.

And we impress each other, not to scare nor to mediatize, obviously, nor to put pressure on ourselves, but to show our skills, our capabilities, our virtues, like the little one who, when seeing us, exhibits its half-word, its smile, its movements -the small repertoire; for him, the great repertoire-, and we are impressed.

Hence, there is the vein. The vein: be it the originality, the singularity of the being.

To Impress… 

Without pursuit of profit, but as an expression similar to a great show. 

"The great spectacle of life!: Enter and impress with your singularities. Nobody, nobody!... has yours. Only you will be able to express them. Do not try to imitate, don't try to compete, do not try to impose… or win.  Impress with your goodness! Impress with your ‘doing’. Impress with your being".

If we take a look, permanently, in any place where we are -"if we look"- we are impressed.

And we are impressed with the mist of a wave; and we are impressed by the late dawn mist; and we are impressed by the sunset along the river; and we are impressed by the singing of the goldfinch or the grace of the wasp.

If we pay attention, it is possible to turn many pressures, in impressions.

And many theoretical impositions, in expressions.

If we seek the way of expressing ourselves, impressing, we will be in the attempt and careful way to be in a relationship, relationships that always promise and always comply!, because they are expressions of the impressing talent that has every expression of life.

The exercising of the expression that impresses shows us the talent that has every being, and gets us out of the prison of the pressure.

It is a continuous doing that nowadays we must… strive to do so!, because what comes out is the pressure. That effort -as a force that we are-, soon, when the exercise is practised, would no longer be an effort, to become a state of liberation; to realize how pressured one was… and how the Meaning of Prayer impresses enough to warn us!, guide us!, show us!... what is our true nature; that, with the force imposed on itself, ceases to remember its essence; it becomes clumsy and obsessive, indecisive and violent.

The surprise, the fantasy, the trust… that adorn this passing in this stellar time, favours us in that impression -fantasy-, in that surprise –expression-, in that talent -confidence-.

If all of this is shaded with the influence of the place, the space, the possibilities, the resources, there is no reason to avoid the expression that impresses; the talent that is displayed.




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