The Prayer Sense is not peaceful


Usually, the Prayer Sense is interpreted and channelled as something... peaceful, soft, adaptable, understandable... But, perhaps, that is because one don’t pay enough attention... either to the words, to the attitudes, to the silences, to...

That, on one hand.

And on the other hand, at the attention level, not enough attention is paid to what happens on day-to-day basis, and what prayer is trying to... reveal us, to show us, to guide us, about the best living position, as beings of Universe.

From the "mournful" point of view of prayers, life is cruel; it doesn’t give truce.

It is continuous in its ideas, in its proposals, in its deceptions, in its tragedies, in its dramas...

Of course, that is when we contemplate prayer as something "plaintive". But if we contemplate it as...  revision, as vision, as clairvoyance, as intuition, as suggestion, it will probably adjust, in its warnings, to that other version of unjust, unexpected, unforeseen, surprising… 

It's curious. To the question:"Who likes life, just as it is? To whom…?”

Everyone complains about it! One because one is tall, another because is short, another because is strong, another because is weak, another because he doesn’t have what he has, another because he aspires to achieve what he wants and does not achieve, another because...

Whole countries!... in permanent complaint.

Yes, of course, there are moments and circumstances of joy. Even "Thanks to life, which has given me so much" is sung. But, while one says it, one inevitably thinks: "what about those who have not been given...", and the truth is that... "debit and credit" is negative.

Only between suicides and hunger, life becomes bitter.

Oh! yeah. International capitalism is to blame, climate change is to blame, wars are to blame, blame... Yes, yes! We know all the culprits!...

But are they really so bad? Or what has made them bad?... Do they hate life?... Did they have childhood?...

And the good ones...? Why don’t they exercise their kindness?

Of course there are exceptions of beings... who like how life is, how life goes. They are happy; surely, with "their life". But life, in general... It's hard to be –right?-... It’s hard to be happy about life.

And we have simply put two scourges: one social and one individual; although both are social. Some die of hunger slowly, and others... die quickly.

Today, in Spain, ten people will commit suicide and twenty will try it –for example-. And it's not one of the most "Aaahhh!"... No.

Clear! It is true, it is true, it is true that, as long as it doesn’t hit you up close, well, hey!: "What a shame! What a rage!"...

If it hits you closely, life will taste bitter. Very bitter!

And today’s Prayer Sense tells all this to us. As we can see, it is not very plaintive. It has never been!

What happens is that... one hears in such ways –of course-, is 'impractical' of those others ways, consequently, everything remains at peace.

But the Prayer Sense is not peaceful. It never has been. It is always a claim for achievements, for differences, for changes, for novelties, for different...

If, in each "dawn", we realize that we are different... –and yet not for that reason we fail to recognize the living, the lived, but we are about to start living with the advantage of all we have lived, with all those warnings, with those baggage-, we could... face the day in a different way, differently, knowing a little, and consciously, the cost of living.

How much is a kilo of cohabitation? How much is the gram of communication? How much are a milligrams of solidarity?...

Really know how is the environment, but in a perceptive way, and interact with it... operationally...

Making a ‘convivial living', a fruitful dialogue, a clear communication, a joyful solidarity; a feeling dutiful and fulfilled... as a tiny contribution to that "to live by living" that we contemplate every day, and that we do not like!, and that we do not want!

But humanity does it, reasons it, seasons it and presents it as... the only possible realism.

No. We aren’t call to pray us to pray for...half measures. We are called to be instructed, to be evaluated, so that we have quality criteria.

No matter how we arrived –whether suddenly, either evolving-, we arrived at an unknown space... in which we had to learn, on one hand, what they taught us and, on the other hand, what we were discovering; and, thanks to that combination, procedures were being established.

 Strategies were established for those who arrived... and it was easier for them to integrate into what is called "life", and to contribute novelties so this life could develop.

If we look... honestly, we are continually –in that novelty of every day- learning; in turn, teaching.

Undoubtedly, there have already been enough layers of humanity that have been establishing lasts in which they have been placing humanities so they do not have to... learn, to discover, but they have everything done.

Living and life is not a final event. It is an "ongoing indefinite"... that has not only the impulse of the beginning, but it has the continuous assistance "enabling". And with it we can do. And with it we can differentiate ourselves. And with it we can... see something different from what is already set, established and ordered.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to remove the legs from the mud.

And the propaganda that affirms that this is the best position to take no risks is becoming more and more insistent.




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