From a position of humility the way to fulfilment is found


And given the possibilities –at least theoretically- and given the technologies that impress, and given the sciences that impose, and given the social, political, economic movements that surround us, and given the press releases, communications, information... information and information –all of which we are subjected to- the being seeks a position of relief. We are drowning.

Because it is wanted... –because the demands require it- we want to respond to all of that: to technology, to science, to social movements, to economies, to culture, to training, to... What else? We could add judo, karate, Jiu-Jitsu, sentimental inspiration, meaningless orography... I don't know, there are courses for everything.

.- Meaningless Orography? That's a new one.

And prayerfully we can ask ourselves: this waste of options, possibilities, actions, performances...? Which, on the other hand, it has the counterweight –well, at least it is there even if it is not taken into account- of hunger, tragedy, persecution, ignorance, disease, illiteracy, corrupt waters... and a long, disastrous etcetera.

Some people are inclined to help those in poverty. Poverty will continue... in theoretically better proportions, but proportionally the same or worse, because the conditions that have created it continue.

And it is those same conditions that create the bad conscience, so that the subject becomes Robin Hood or Cyrano de Bergerac to solve world hunger.

That way you have a good spiritual alibi.

But in the enabling world, of possibilities theoretically –and we say "theoretically" because they are not within everyone’s reach, far from it, but they are representative of a species- the being tends to want to embrace them all. 

The consequence is: as the saying goes, "he who embraces too much, holds very little".

Consequence: the realizations, updates are made among mediocre ones and vulgar ones, because it has not been hold tight enough.

Consequence: despair, rage and sadness; consciousness of not being worth anything or... or of course, if I compare myself with ‘such and such’... But, at the same time, ‘such and such’ compare themselves with others and the same happens to them.

The Prayer Sense warns that this position is very far from humility. 

"Humility": that condition that becomes indispensable when praying and, consequently, when living together.

Lacking sufficient humility, the being becomes 'supremely powerful'. It becomes, shows itself, and behaves. Then, as we have seen, the result is somewhere between mediocre, vulgar or... with little content.

The Prayer Sense reminds us of something that we must take into consideration and theoretically and it is known, that each being is endowed with resources, with the means to exercise and fulfil a meaning in being in life.

And that puts him in an excellent condition to do what he has to do, which is his job to do, in an impeccable, remarkable way. What happens is that, if he does not humbly stick to that position, and aspires to be what he is not, he overwhelms, becomes depressed, desperate, anxious, drowned.

But since the social, cultural, environmental demand, etc., is arrogant, is demanding –and each one on its own level-, makes the distress prevail as "natural".

Knowing how to gather oneself in humility, knowing that one is in the always possible Eternity, in the greatness of the unfathomable... is the best answer that, in general, the prayer one takes now, and in a general way. And we emphasize the "now", because we want to control and dominate everything –without knowing what the Everything is, of course-… everything that appears.

"Master of everything, ignorant of anything".

And as little as the being assumes that position of humility, that position of evaluating his talents and resources, he will find the way to fulfilment; with difficulties, with needs to organize himself, with strategies to develop, of course! It will not be easy, when everything points in another direction!

A disposition of service contemplates the humility of doing. And this is how we feel or can come to feel the greatness of the Eternal, the care of the Mystery. Because we are exercising ourselves in what we are, and there is an immense space for the echo of the Creative Mystery to dwell in... and for us to feel it, and to live it! If we occupy all the space in our progressive dominance... what is left for the Mystery? What is left for the unpredictable, the extraordinary, and the exceptional? What is left? Is there anything left?

Coming out of any crossroads means assuming humility of the small way, within the infinite possibility.

The smallest doings that correspond to each being has repercussions on all the other infinite doings. 

Consequently, before any doing, they also come to us and we are surrounded by those other "infinite doings". And what may seem to us to be small or scarce, that we do becomes great indeed because it is precise and necessary.

This is how the submissive humility becomes great, without pretending to be so, through the action of Creation: which unifies, places and disposes us in a permanent Creation, in a need –for life to be given in its fullness- of the elements that compose it.

From the perspective of the submissive humility... gestated by prayer listening, the awakened sensitivity of knowing that we are providentially guarded, cared for is possible...

And at the same time –paradoxically- that one is in that anxious turbulence, at the same time it is the best call to warn oneself not to fall into that whirlpool. At the same time, it is the best way to realize that is not the path, that in that path there are cyclones, storms, and volcanoes...

There is no bad moment in Creation. The Goodness, Mercy and Pleasure of the Eternal prevent it. But it is easy, in the personal hedonism, to fall into taking on, dominating, controlling...




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