The activity of the more or less known Universe is vertiginous. Speedily expansive. Without showing any tendency to shrink. Although... the mobile elements concentrate and contract towards themselves, but they distance themselves more and more from each other.

In other words, we could say that, from a global perspective, our expansion at an exceptionally exponential speed, continuous, is very evident.

And at the level of our closest conception, the closest elements tend to come together; perhaps as a result of expansion as well, but it becomes attraction.

And so our Milky Way galaxy cluster is predicted to merge with the Andromeda galaxy, which is much larger than ours, in a few million light years. They follow directions of approach, but they are basically directions of expansion, which means that in this expansion some elements meet others. And everything suggests that this will not be a Big Bang, but a progressive integration of some elements with others, forming –and they will form it- a large galactic cluster.

This... we deduce this from what we can observe and contemplate. But notice: what we can observe and contemplate has already happened.

Yes, to be more precise, the information we have about our world is luminous information, that is, information that travels at approximately 300,000 kms per second. This means that any phenomenon that we observe here today has been emitted by a celestial body that probably no longer exists.

We could say that we are living from the past... right? Because the original one is no longer present. So, our present is past, and at the same time continues. Because in our luminous world, the strip of light, moves in a space that we could say is "small", because it barely occupies one to five per cent of the known Universe. The rest is an absolute Mystery.

We could say: "What does this have to do with us?

If we are in that Universe, and that is what we deduce from our systems of observation and contemplation, then yes, "it rather does have to do with us".

The first thing we can deduce is that many of the attitudes, gestures, ways of approaching things, etc., are inherited, are from the past: from the father, from the grandfather, from the great-grandfather... right?

That is to say, it is like that light we observe now, which no longer has the emitting focus. It emitted a light, and it travelled... and that light came to us. Just like grandfather or great-grandfather who had the tendency to this or that, and it was formed luminously into adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine... and there it came to us.

.- Wow!... And so, our present...? 

.- Our present is... fictitious. Yes. It is a passing of the past.

.- And our future? 

.- Well, our future is... "Chasing the light". "Chasing the light". 

.- Difficult task, isn't it? 

.- Oh, yes! Difficult...

But if we feel light, and override the time factor, but place ourselves in the past that we inherited... and see that it is so, we could amplify our consciousness and try to –so to speak- "remember more things". And... above all –above all-, as that light of what we have observed –past- continues to travel, we would become aware of our pilgrim situation; thus, any sedentary problem does not cease to be "a non-existent problem". "Pure fiction".

.- Wow!... Right.


The Prayerful Sense reminds us today that we are not problems; but we are solutions. We are not realities we are fiction. That we are a luminous transit. That we come here because we are from this Universe, to bear witness of Light!...; without this meaning that we want to put an end to darkness, because darkness allows... –look closely- "it is darkness that allows light to be evident". If there were no darkness, there would be no evidence of light.

This leads us to think that this Creative Mystery, Mystery of Mysteries, makes our presence possible and gives us the quality of "Light"...



As if we were trying to light up all the matter and dark energy. 

–I said, "we were trying", nothing else-.

It is 'un-lightable', but thanks to it we exist as light. And as they say, or as it is often said: "She has given [1]light to a boy, a girl...".

"She has given light (birth)"... It's not because the child sees the light when he comes out! No, the child sees nothing when he comes out, he is still in another world. But it is an expression that a new opportunity is being given.

Each new born being is a new opportunity for the living system. And every day that dawns is a new opportunity for the living beings.

The Prayer Sense, therefore, guides us towards the idea of being illuminators!, of being luminous and clear. And to that extent we will bear witness to the Creator Mystery; of that unfathomable darkness.

Every vigil, every sunrise... is an invitation to us to be emitters carried by light and transporters of light.

Let us illuminate with our intentions, imaginations, fantasies, illusions, and actions... everything that passes through the luminous time.

Surely... –surely!- that when the darkness of night arrives, in the dream, the Mystery will take care of renewing our resources so that we have, in the next dawn, new, unforeseen, unexpected and surprising possibilities.



[1] In Spanish “to give birth” is often said “to give light”: dar a luz.


Den bön som vi utövar är inte begränsat till någon religion. Vi tror att bön kan vara en befriare och ett helande instrument. Vår bön hänvisar till skapelsen, till de olika krafter som uppmuntrar oss utan att gå till ett specifikt namn eller trosuppfattning. I tron att bön är en väsentlig faktor för oss, har vi skapat en plats dedikerat uteslutande till bön: "Huset ljud av ljus, i Vizcaya i Baskien, norra Spanien. Här möts vi dagligen i bön och spirituell retreat .


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